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What kind of player are you?


Playstyle preferences  

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  1. 1. What makes a good match for you?

    • Insane killstreaks, 360°-jump-headshots, high K/D and the feeling when you cause desperation and hate by your unequaled awesomeness
    • Sneaking into enemy base to wreck buildings with hotwire/tech
    • Hiding in enemy base with SBH until the perfect moment for your nuke has come
    • Vehicle kills with C4 on humvee
    • When I make it to switch into the winning team
    • Teamwork and communication
    • The game sucks I don´t know why I´m still playing it

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How I would describe myself:
+ Drive tanks well, prefer being in vehicle over being infantry
+ Quickly respond to rush gatherings
+ Quickly respond to base defense stuff (when rush or mines get called or C4 on MCT)
+ Understand enough meta game to know the priorities on most of the maps
+ keep an eye on team chat 95% of the time, therefore I mostly know what is going on across the map (knowledge is power :)

- Only occasionally check mine count
- can't aim for shit as infantry, can't snipe
- get very salty if team can't into teamwork
- get angry at people doing unproductive shit, stop playing seriosuly if I see too many just people fucking around
- give up at first sign of opposite team being better than my team

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None of the others really fit me at all -- I tend to just do whatever I feel like the team needs most. I prefer tanking, killing enemy repairs with shotgunner, and occasionally attempting to sneak in. I rarely repair vehicles or snipe, though it does happen from time to time. If I'm Nod on Field or Islands, I'll often push GDI tanks into the water with a Stealth Tank.

When I'm in the right mood, I'll also find myself yelling at the team to buy tanks or meet at the Airstrip for a Mendoza rush.

Field is still my favorite map, though I have no real reason for this. I just like Field.

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Personal Preferences:
- Infantry wise, I tend to run Hotwire/Tech or Gunner/Laser Chaingunner.
-- On occasion I may run Mendoza/Mobius or Raveshaw/Sydney
- For vehicles, I tend to use APC a lot as a combat vehicle (instead of APC rushes and the like).
- Will follow orders if there is a leader on the team (Rushes, Defense, etc.)
-- Tends not to be a leader in organizing rushes, but will give out information (scouting, enemy rushes, base defense, etc.)
--- This is normally through text as I do not join Teamspeak or other communication programs during normal games. I have not played a PUG match.
- Likes using the mini-map and main map, especially on unfamiliar terrain.
- Cannot aim, so I tend to focus on anti-vehicle, anti-structure, or repair support.
- When a Surrender vote is active, will vote Surrender if the match is going south and my team is disorganized, unless there is a good game going on despite our losses. I rather have close, fun matches than a drawn out game where my team will eventually lose. Sure, there are cases where there is a comeback (which are awesome moments), but more often then not the winning team devolves to farming instead of finishing the losing team off.

- I tend toward a suicidal strategy, rushing in with cheap units or constant harass when soloing. The belief is that through this, someone else may find an opening and accomplish something.
-- This also leads for infiltrating as Hotwire/Tech or other units, but I am not a pro at it.
-- Also counts being Gunner poking at Nod structures.
- I can also defend by running an auto shop, but defense duty sucks and is boring despite how important it is. (Watching Planetside 2's mini-map with scout radar is more engaging than Ren X defense duty.)
- On Field, if Nod, I like being Mendoza poking at GDI Bar.
- On Islands, if Nod, I like being a LCG and EMPing GDI Bar.
- On Arctic Stronghold, if Nod, I like being a LCG and holding down the EMP Bridges.

Seriously, some of the better matches I played is when there is a leader around to prod the masses in a general direction. It gets even better when there is an opposing commander, so in addition to organizing our rushes, we need to deal with enemy rushes as well.

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I am flexible. I literally play like it's rpg pokemon. I either play super-effective against the current threat (sniping snipers, AT mines in reaction to rush, sbh defend), or I play some gimmicky idea to snab a kill (sbh mass outside-c4 and mct-doorshooting, or gunner rush, or two-prong with vehicles and emp-infantry)

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I basically just fell in love with Sydney/Raveshaw back in C&C Renegade and these are still super strong bonds. Nothing feels better than haunting down a med tank on your own or show that Patch what a real gun looks like (unless I'm Patch myself, because it is op as hell).

Then get killed by a Havoc scum camping at the farthest edge of the whole map and spend 5 minutes sneaking up behind them. Finally enjoy killing them with a pistol because they can't hit anything up close and personal, proving once again that sniping requires little to no skill.

There are only two instances where this isn't fun: Infantry-hostile maps that are very large and either have no real infantry fights (Lakeside) or provide no real cover against vehicles (Tunnels). I'm quite surprised at how little map creators walk through their map with infantry, I mean what is the point of running for minutes with infantry before even reaching the center of the map?

Also I want Glacier back!

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1 hour ago, Henk said:

You're making wrong assumptions

This surprises me even more. Honestly, do you think there is any fun walking by feet for ages before finally seeing anything you can engage? The original maps were medium sized and allowed for infantry to get into position in a timely fashion.

Personally I like to split from the group and flank enemy vehicles with Sydney/Raveshaw, which can have a surprisingly large impact on the battle, because all of sudden there is a secondary attack vector. Surely as a tank you barely care from where these shots come from, but your Tech/Hottie will find itself pants down, facing a railgun. Due to the different attack directions he/she can no longer hide behind the tank and must make a decision: Be the hero repairer that sacrifices itself to keep the tank intact or get into the vehicle, risking it to get popped in no time (funny enough, they chose to get into vehicle, which just delays their death a bit).

This has pretty much always been possible on the old maps, but the newer ones make it significantly harder due to inconsistent foot paths that ideally go side-by-side with vehicles paths every now and then. This is a real issue on Tunnels and the only other option is to play as a sniper, but then again tech/hottie can hide behind vehicles, also this makes the game pretty static as you create a single frontline instead of having ongoing dynamic fights.

Just consider Under which can be a really camp fest with vehicles, but if your infantry gets the upper hand on tunnels, they can easily backstab the camping tanks and turn the whole game around. To me infantry aren't just slower, less armored vehicles, but the second half of a whole.

I remember a great game on X-Mountains where the GDI team thought it doesn't have to bother these two raveshaws because they have fat meds and mammoths. Like 10 seconds later the hotties were dead and their tanks started melting like ice cubes in the sun. The dozens of artys couldn't do anything but barely stall the frontline. Two highly motivated Raveshaws attacking them from their flanks turned out to be the nails in the coffin. This is the power of infantry!


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@dtdesign let's continue this discussion here: https://renegade-x.com/forums/topic/74834-map-cnc-tunnels/


On-Topic: Yesterday I got a Havoc from a crate, so I started sniping, It went pretty well, when I eventually died, I picked a Sakura to keep sniping. I let the crategods decide what my playstyle would be for that game I guess, I normally wouldn't have picked a sniper class. I tought of this topic after that game. 


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- sometimes a base camping bitch that cries about the "f***ing campers" on the next map

- bad aim (no sniper at all)

- tanker / repair bitch

- map tester (either doing all the stuff myself or simply ask Try-Out as he usually tested all the stuff before I do that, then I access his ftp and post his screens as hes even more lazy than I am)

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I like those games the most that feature good teamplay as well as all around strong tactics and effort on both sides. The best matches have multiple buildings destroyed for both NOD and GDI and one of them wins by a small margin. In that case, I don't even care much if I'm on the winning team or not as long as I fell that my team has fought well.

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5 hours ago, jpjtyld said:

Generally the guy that will either have caused a complete bloodbath in about 10 minutes or will have left seething in rage by that point. I get way too salty for my own good.

Oy, my bitch is on the forums!

I'm generally doing whatever, mining buildings, driving tanks, LCGing the fuck out of everyone.

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Personally, I'm all over the place. I love getting in on rushes when I'm available (not on the front-lines). I don't really care about K/D ratio, I'm more about harassment, favorite tactic is getting a humvee/buggy and just cruise and drift around causing a scene while my fellow tankers deal with them while distracted, then once they destroy my sweet ride, I pop out with a rocket soldier/gunner and show them what I'm all about. I like destroying vehicles with infantry. seldom camp as a BHS/Deadeye as I'm not a very good shot and refuse to use an aimbot (I get lucky some matches, but not often). Usually i try to follow whats needed but sometimes my ADHD kicks in and i gotta do something crazy. If on Nod I like to be an SBH scout (get a nice vantage point in the field and call out whatever i see, might sound like I'm just spamming Q, but intelligence is the name of the game. everyone says tanks=win but its pointless if you don't have the necessary vehicle composition to deal with an ambush)

I wouldn't make a good commander as I have horrible leadership skills, but i make for a decent grunt. i prefer to be told what to do. also pretty bad at sneaking (I'm no Dot :P ) if i have an opening though I'll take a hottie/techie or mendoza with rep gun and I'll try attacking a building (only suceeded 2-3 times on full servers) also a pretty horrible shot, find it pretty hard to actually hit infantry unless I'm flamer/chem

favorite early game tactic: take a grenadier go after a building, if I manage to take it out move to the closest one, halfway through the armor you rank up, restocking ammo including the drum making 16 uninterrupted shots at the MCT, that building goes even faster than the first one. usually only works if the server is just gettng started (5v5) i'm sure a pro could pull it off though.

I'm also a good mechanic, but horrible medic

hope that gives a little insight on what Mr.Dynamite is all about


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Also, I have some strange Leeroy Jenkins like mentality.

I like to sacrifice myself for the greater good and do as much damage as possible.
That's why I usually play with free infantry and prefer marathon over AOW.

And even with tanks, if I have enough money, I will gladly over-extend with my tank to make some extra damage.

Also, I like to buy time for my teammates by acting as a distraction / target for enemy, making them focus fire on me while teammates use that time for something productive.

For example in yesterday's PUG, I made a radical decision to buy flame tank on Lakeside-NF, while GDI tanks were in front of our base.
I had enough money, so I went for flamer, because I *wanted* GDI to shoot at me instead of at turret which didn't have many repairs.
GDI basically had to focus on me, otherwise I could do some serious damage to them if I got close.

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