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  1. Try to lobby the issue in the Discord server. We're usually troubleshooting there.
  2. There isn't a technical example unfortunately. The closest I had was that co-op footage that featured Scorpion Hunter
  3. It was used for the Co-op game mode, which is actually still not complete just yet, but available since the Survival mode branches from it. If I remember correctly it's used in conjuction with a certain actor in the Actor Browser which defines what kind of objective it is
  4. Understandable. At this point we probably should just keep our mouth shut about possible release dates. We're really terrible at sticking to it (That wasn't sarcasm btw. I did feel that way)
  5. A date and estimated timestamp would still be helpful to track down the event. I know CT at least kept a lot of demo from time to time. From there, I can ask if the demo is still available. Otherwise, there's no proof to warrant ban. I'll make this clear : We're not going to invoke ban based only on word or majority community vote. Imagine if a lot of people dogpile on you by claiming that you're cheating and we simply just take their word on it without making any investigation to clarify the claim. In this case, that report never came to us... until now that is. To take action, we need concrete, undisputable proof. UDK is, as you already realize, a janky mess. It really blurs the line between glitch, engine quirks and actual cheating. It's especially the case in netplay EDIT : The CT administration said he wanted to post himself or let someone post for him
  6. I've seen at least 2-3 reviews that were being screened by both CT and TA moderator team myself. I was involved heavily in one of them as N3tRunner would be able to attest. Do you have any video or timestamp on when that happened? This one never reached TA at the very least. The first part of moderation was usually done by the server's own moderation team, and if deemed serious enough, would be forwarded to us. I do know refill crates and client lag exists, but better context is needed. These are really the server owner's problem. Player behavior in community-run server usually falls out of our jurisdiction. If that does happen in the TA's server, do report that to Roweboat. If it happens in community server.... well, we can't do much because if we get involved, people will start saying that we're abusing our power. CT and FPI have their own site and discord server to complain to, so those two problem, you should talk it out with them rather than us.
  7. I can attest that Poi is probably one that CT disliked a lot. I've played with Poi on Left 4 Dead 2 at least and I can also attest that Poi's aimbot-like shots also translates to that game closely with high percentage of headshots. Would you like to suggest that they also downloaded a cheat for that game.... which only comprised of the two of us at that moment might I add? Jpj, I know a bit less, but I do know Bred mentioned that he's also very good at Planetside 2. I also know he was accused for hacking in Osu and I was given an explanation that I cannot disclose due to it being rather personal. All that aside, we were still crosschecking demos and streams and there's still no solid proof. This was also backed by MathDotPi, one of our lead testers whom I might add, was wrecking people in the alpha testing sessions with his sniper plays too. And if you would like to accuse him of hacking as well during our test sessions, I'd like to hear your explanation on why he'd sabotage an ongoing game development All in all, I'm sick and tired of all this accusations that we were defending certain players in the community. Just so you guys know, I developed the bounty system specifically to target people like Poi and jpj who always had humongous K/D, and I've already lobbied it (multiple times even) and was given an ok by the community. I dunno, perhaps it is time for you to realize that some people are just in a whole different league than the rest. This game doesn't have matchmaking after all, so don't be surprised if you meet some 5000 rated players fighting against 100-1000. Edit : I will also add that I don't even know if these reports should start getting taken seriously anymore. It has gotten to the point that even BlackHand12412, I believe, mentioned that he was also being accused of hacking one day. He wasn't even among the infamous people who had massive K/D. I really don't know what to tell you all, but I'd appreciate of you would bring us a solid proof for once, without sugarcoating it as 'blatant hacking'. It is starting to become clear that some of you are also starting to become heavily biased. I'm heavily disappointed at that, personally
  8. You already have Field X, we don't need more Field reskins. The point of having multiple maps is to have variation in gameplay, not adding duplicates. One of these days you gotta get off the baby home turf and start fighting in the jungle for once.
  9. As much as I'd love this, I don't think it's possible atm. ladders are already finnicky and I can't figure anything out about making a dynamic one where you can latch on it. I mean, you've seen my attempt of reinforcements in Survival map
  10. I think we tried to have this at least in the internal closed alpha, but I dunno if we've ever added it to Renegade X (I think we have?). Even if we did though, the whole replication issue that makes this so inconsistent is a pain to deal with. We'll try to get around this, somehow The detailed explanation of said issue might be far too complicated, but it bogs down to this : Your weapons only exist in the server and your own client, and completely absent to anyone else.
  11. I dunno, I still feel like the map promotes too much stalemate and careless gameplay
  12. CNC-Field is such an overplayed map, and I'm starting to become sick of it. It's time for the players to play maps where they don't have to hide behind advanced defenses
  13. I really don't think there are server mods that forced map-change to Field. We do know it's the default map so there's that. Force-change can be indicated by suddenly getting into the end-game session without being able to chat or vote. If you got disconnected, then you can be certain that the server did indeed crash It's not as obvious when the game has ended and then the server crashed tho As an addendum : I hate Field and how it's being overly used. If there's any map I'd force-change to without being given any instruction, Field and Under would be the last map I'd pick
  14. So, late update, but Rx_HUD since 20th of May was already changed to do so. The soundbug still occurs Also, to note : This happens a LOT in SDK too, and at times you don't even need to playtest the map you're playing. The sound just pops randomly
  15. Yeah.... that's definitely a no go. It's not exactly possible to stock up vehicles like that, and the UDK's quirky physics will not allow it.
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