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  1. It's still in the games' directory, don't worry.
  2. If APCs were a bit faster, particularly the GDI APC, that'd be neat tbh. If there's anything I miss the most from OldRen, it was the usefulness of APC rushes. Especially after you killed the WF/Air, the APC rush was essentially one of the best ways to get several players in and deal considerable damage to the enemy team. APC rushes feel non-existent at this point.
  3. You can B2B rockets the ref and possibly the PowerPlant and HoN/WF. Fog is a bit too dense, toy around with it because it's nice to be able to see the water material. Not sure how easy you want a rocket-rush to be able to destroy and entire enemy base but that's doable from one of the corners of the map (outside the bases) I like the infantry route through the middle under the bridge, you can also use the fog to play about with how the colours/lighting a tad as well. A colour offsetting from 'white' [as in a very, very, very pale version of a colour] can make the lighting less bland. If you want the map to be overcast, 'bland' is how it will appear. There is also a way to alter the highlights, midtones and shadows in the map global properties <- Which will definitely give you a bit more breathing room to make colours seem sharper and improve their contrast. It's a nice arena, you could also always replace the PowerPlant with the Repair Facility if there's not going to be an AGT/Obby. It would be interesting if this was a flying map which could also be an alternative from the PowerPlant, so long as the maximum height for aircraft doesn't go above the height of the tallest city building your map could manage quite well as a flying map. If you've not considered this, could be worth playing about with the idea. The layout is nice, just be aware that rockets have a practically infinite range, so try to obstruct the view of the bases from one another as best you can.
  4. Apologies, this thread is very out-dated. But if your install hangs at about 90.5% your only option is to give it a few moments whilst its at that percentage, then try re-downloading it again [it supposedly saves some or most the download progress] which shouldn't take as long as it would have the first time. Turn off your VPN whilst downloading, just for good measure if you are using a VPN. [Typically shouldn't make a difference but the current build of the Launcher gets quite unruly with different peoples' internet connections sometimes, especially if below a certain internet speed it sounds like its timing out. Just try and try again.] Edit: It would seem https://renegade-x-download.net/ no longer provides a full 7z package of the game to download and install anymore, i.e. the website is broken.
  5. In the past when the player count for a server is lowered this doesn't seem to enable population of a second server, different players have their minimums it would seem and won't join unless their personal minimum is met sometimes, is all I can conclude There's definitely more than 70 active players, I've seen 64/64 and 23/64 at the same time last Saturday, the players are definitely there. Curious if timed matches might become a thing again, in the past the biggest issue with timed servers was a lack of in-game notification reminding players how much time was left before the match was over which is quite vital for a timed server. A timed game of an hour per match would definitely push games in their alt-traditional 'All-Out-War' style again and opens the game up more to people who may or may not be fed up of a 2-3 hour game that not everyone will see the end to. Players just need an in-game 15, 10 and 5 minute notification if Timed Matches are to become something. [Currently, they just abruptly end which is awkward and frustrating all things considered]
  6. Are the GDI bikes GDI coloured?
  7. Or asking them to respawn themselves and save mods the time
  8. In the past few years, maximum of 2 servers [outside of seasonal times] - before these past few years? See above.
  9. Madkill40

    Player Cards

    RenegadeX the Gathering; players idolized through banterific tomfoolery.
  10. Those limits existed in OG Ren, so... what are you saying?
  11. In case you didn't read between the lines, it was possible, it was happening, technical difficulties i.e. [DDoS] completely killed RenX the moment a 2nd server started filling up at long last on both occasions. Weird coincidence, right?
  12. "hardcording" changes doesn't refer to the Commander Mod? Not sure what else that could refer to that is a noticeable ''hardcoding changes'' Technical difficulties killed the servers, [due to one user] once the difficulties had passed were sorted there's been a struggle to have more than one server going at a time and the moment two servers have been filling up the technical difficulties returned once more. @Snow. I dislike throwing out the derogatory term of "herd mentality", I don't think that's true because if it was filling up two servers would be easier because of "herd mentality". There's a lot more competition out there, what with other free to play multiplayer games, launcher download timeouts whilst downloading the game and a low patience threshold when it comes to filling another server. There is a CT NA server, but the attitude of some players involves players harassing NA players to keep playing on the EU server regardless. Regular players falling into the burnout pit and ruining the vibe during games, just because they're bored they nasty things or act inappropriately despite being regulars/familiar to a lot of players which also hurts the game, which hits harder on a game with lower numbers and 99% of the time one server to enjoy playing on. The repetition of going from Field-X to Field then two maps later back to one of the Field's, which is why I would hope more and more that players would think to fill a 2nd server than just stop playing entirely. The attitude of voting for a map change the moment a map is changed to another one after a round is also quite a sour approach by some players - again, its regulars that commit this moreso than other less familiar players, which they shouldn't do just because they can. One time on FPI's server they forced a map change from Lakeside to Field, the Lakeside game which had just started, and there were roughly 38 players which is enough for Lakeside game but it wasn't a majority that got a choice - because the ones happy with Lakeside were playing rather than spamming the chat. But rather than FPI encouraging players to fill a second server the FPI admins just listened to the one or maybe three players who spammed chat for a forced map change because they didn't win their vote for 'Field'. Justifying it with "Field fills the server" is bogus and a poor excuse to deter people from leaving when those players who complained could have just as easily encouraged playing on the CT server or any other server to play on. CT has always tried to encourage more than one server to be filled, be it their second server or the EKT/FPI server if CTs server was full. You can't fill a second server if a minority of players expend their energy to hamper migration attempts rather than use that energy to encourage filling another server or migration attempts.
  13. The most played maps are Walls, Field(-X), Islands, Tomb. Sometimes a few others. The maps have set player-amounts for the post-game map vote, so at this point a 40-pop max server will enable what it deems appopriate and likewise, with 64-players. Unless I misunderstood and you weren't implying a 64 player slot server just shouldn't have 'OG' maps in its rotation whatsoever? It could be trialled, just not at the cost of there being no 64 slot server. Have both, fill both, it's doable, the amount of users are there. And yes, a max of 40 can have certain larger maps stricken from its rotation. Could be done. But reassurances need to be made, gather people willing to participate.
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