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  3. Remix of the theme song of a 1994 hit game
  4. i will always seek out E.S.T servers and pings that are good for N. America. Never give up hope..........
  5. Last week
  6. Hell, sign me up! (Rhetorical, I already did)
  7. @roweboat Thanks for the guidance, that seems like a useful resource, I'm gonna check it out !
  8. Sup. I've been playing Renegade X since Open Beta 1. Now I've noticed that every Nod infantrymen that has gogles which colour is supposed to be red is looking more orange. In Open Beta 1 the colour was fine. If developers can change that it would be awesome. Peace through power!
  9. The EU Totem Arts server is having some connection issues on all the servers on it and I haven't had the time to figure out what's the issue, so server is offline now.
  10. Field with the Barn would be great =D
  11. maybe the server was undergoing some kind of reset at the time?
  12. This is basically what has to be followed these days: https://www.ea.com/games/command-and-conquer/command-and-conquer-remastered/news/25th-anniversary-modding I can't speak to any other specifics sorry
  13. Some relaxing music for doing relaxing stuff:
  14. Still requires discord. Also just wondering will Firestorm Assault will be apart of this beta testing group or just the full game? Anyways I also have a little experience of beta testing medical software mostly on the UI/UX side of things so if you need a tester for that and if the discord requirement gets lifted I'd probably be of some use.
  15. Speaking is not required, just being able to listen
  16. Well as someone who absolutely despises discord and made a personal pledge to never use it, me joining is completely out of the question. Also doesn't help that I don't have a microphone.
  17. You Dont like my video Title obviously
  18. What are the times for testing? more towards the weekend and when does the process start. I'd apply immediately but unfortunately soon for me a time is coming where I can't be 100% sure to find the time for testing. Too bad this didn't start a couple of month earlier, I could have tested for you almost 24/7 in the last couple of month.
  19. Hi ! I got some questions that I would be happy if dear developers help me about them. 1. How was the situation about copy right laws when you started developing renegadex? Did EA have any problem with it? 2. Can other fans use renegadex stuff (models, musics, maps, story and ...) to make another fan made game which is based on renegadex? something simple, like a 2D renegadex game Well recently I'm learning game development, and I thought it would be nice to work on some renegade related stuff. But I'm a noob in copy right laws.
  20. Tonight i tried to join the Totem arts marathon server, but was unable to join game. twice attempted. I seem to have bad luck trying to join empty servers during this time of the night, ( aka John Carter! ) and other examples. Is there some weird lock out after 12:00 edt? ... or my bad kharma that I often fail ?
  21. I thought this was City!
  22. Earlier
  23. Indeed. I have always favoured forums. I'll try to keep things more updated.
  24. Good luck looking for good testers. I'd apply but my english is broken.
  25. But this answer will be kept here forever but on discord the answer would be lost as tears in the rain.
  26. Fully agree with point 3. The best original renegade maps are simple as fuck just see under, field, walls, city, walls, island. Those are almost simmetrical and easy to undertand. Where's city in ren-x? T-T
  27. Trance w/ great vocals seen him live Main Stage at Trance Energy 2009 in Utrecht, Netherlands
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