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  2. Welcome Back Commanders! This forum post will cover Reservoir rocket rush spots (from a safe distance, mostly) from start to finish for both factions. While your standard PUB (public games) are different from your PUG (Pick Up Games) experience, please use these spots wisely! Remember to communicate with your team and be mindful of your surroundings. You do not want a Stealth Black Hand (SBH) to triangulate your position to their team to ruin your teams rocket rush. This forum post will be edited/updated if the spots get removed, and will provide a link to other maps in the bottom of this post. Will make a all-in-one video soon covering this as well! 1. Reservoir Nod Side - Able to target GDI Weapons Factory from Silo Vehicle Path Note: Walking/running here is risky as you will be spotted. For a faster (and possibly) sneaker way use APCs. Nod Side - Able to target GDI Refinery from Silo Vehicle Path Note: Walking/running here is risky as you will be spotted. For a faster (and possibly) sneaker way use APCs. Nod Side - Able to target GDI Weapons Factory from DAM Infantry Path If the Weapons Factory has too much repairs in there, pushing onwards to the Barracks and Power Plant could be your best move. Even though your rush is very likely to die from the amount of infantry/snipers, it's still worth to try. If there is a chance that there is no infantry/snipers on DAM, here are the targets you can hit. GDI Side - Able to target Nod Airstrip from Silo Vehicle Path Note: Walking/running here is risky as you will be spotted. For a faster (and possibly) sneaker way use APCs. GDI Side - Able to target Nod Refinery from Silo Vehicle Path Note: Walking/running here is risky as you will be spotted. For a faster (and possibly) sneaker way use APCs. GDI Side - Able to target Nod Hand of Nod from Hand of Nod Back Infantry Cave GDI Side - Able to target Nod Refinery from DAM Infantry Path If the Refinery has too much repairs in there, pushing onwards to the Hand of Nod and Power Plant could be your best move. Even though your rush is very likely to die from the amount of infantry/snipers, it's still worth to try. If there is a chance that there is no infantry/snipers on DAM, here are the targets you can hit. ----- END ----- Arctic Stronghold: https://totemarts.games/forums/topic/79499-arctic-stronghold-rocket-rush-spots-tutorial/ Canyon: https://totemarts.games/forums/topic/79500-canyon-rocket-rush-spots-tutorial/ Cliff Side: Not yet available. Complex: Not yet available. Crash Site: Not yet available. Daybreak: Not yet available. Desolation: Not yet available. Eyes: Not yet available. Field: Not yet available. Field X: Not yet available. Forest: Not yet available. Goldrush: Not yet available. Hourglass: https://totemarts.games/forums/topic/79505-hourglass-rocket-rush-spots-tutorial/#comment-190995 Islands: Not yet available. Islands X: Not yet available. Lake Side: Not yet available. Mesa: Not yet available. Oasis: Not yet available. Outpost: Not yet available. Reservoir: <--- You are here! ⚠️ Snow: Not yet available. Steppe: Not yet available. Tomb: Not yet available. Toxicity: Not yet available. Tunnels: Not yet available. Under: Not yet available. Uphill: Not yet available. Volcano: Not yet available. Walls: Not yet available. Whiteout: Not yet available. XMountain: Not yet available. Want to skip all these forum post and go straight into it? Check out the all-in-one video here: Not yet available.
  3. Hi there I am writing this due to the that I try to make a name variable that deals with mouse positioning which is successful but Unfortunately as soon as I Plug it Into the Boolean It comes with a Cross and then the Seq Var changes which stops the Script from working. If anyone Knows the What the proper Boolean name for Mouse Position It would be appericated. Here's an example
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  5. Firestorm does not exist. Developers have been promising one version or another for years…literally the definition of VAPORWARE…
  6. I’m having a different problem with the launcher…maybe 50% of the time I use it to launch game and…nothing happens… I use binary directly and it works…. help me NodSaibot—you’re my only hope—
  7. Regarding taxi in general, it's not quite as useful as one may think. A taxi has use when there's infantry in base that needs to get to the front lines and waiting for the taxi takes significantly less time than just walking or is significantly safer. Infantry inside a taxi is useless (slight exception: chinook where two passengers can control guns) so walking / running to the destination has the benefit of possibly doing something useful. As a rep it's often the case that I can repair tanks I pass by bit, offensive infantry can often attack enemies while getting to the front line. As for safety it's not common for the walk to the frontline to be dangerous as enemies tend to focus on the reps at the front. Often a taxi isn't even needed, if there are frequent enough tanks going to the front it's easy enough to hitch a ride with those. Even on walls jumping into an orca/apache is a decent alternative. In contrast a vehicle standing around in base is actually less likely to receive passengers as it's not clear that it's a taxi waiting. People buy fast tanks for a lot of reasons and some like to stand around in base shooting at enemies. Getting people to recognize a vehicle as a taxi actually requires a fair bit of advertising or a strong convention (chinook in middle of base on walls, probably a taxi). In some situations a taxi is actually even harmful. It's one less vehicle slot that can be filled with useful tanks. Now, granted, most vehicle slots are not filled with very useful tanks (mammoth tanks, artillery/mrls and stealth tanks are not good general purpose choices but are popular) but still, it's one less vehicle slot that could be used to assault an enemy base. Looking at Walls, why taxi's work so well there it's a combination of these and other factors: A chinook takes something like 10 seconds at most to get to plateau from base whereas the long way around takes probably about 30 seconds. The infantry path to plateau is pretty dangerous due to having to cross field and the center of the stairs. Plateau is a key area, anything that helps take and hold plateau helps greatly to win the game. Because of all this the presence of taxi's on Walls is standard so people wanting to go to plateau are more likely to look for a taxi. Minor bonus: a chinook can be somewhat effective at suppressing infantry before landing, helping with taking plateau more directly.
  8. I think you're overestimating the value of a few VP and the cost of an advanced engineer here. Reps ("meds" means medium tanks in game lingo) tend to be flush with cash due to repairing being very profitable so having to rebuy after a base breach is not very important. A few VP (rep kills give on average guesstimated 4.3 VP, light tank kills 8.3, medium tank kills 10.5, mammoth tank kills about 17) isn't going to change the match. Meanwhile if I'm there having no real purpose and someone shoots at me at least they're not shooting anyone who can stop the rush. In case of base breach the survival of an engineer is of least importance. That said you're driving an APC past reps in an active situation. Our instincts in that case are not self preservation but protecting something else, be it buildings or sydneys or that APC that's taking fire and can take out enemy infantry. Btw, you're missing the worst part of a rep getting shot: the time it takes for the rep to get back to their position and the resulting vulnerability of tanks. Much less of an issue when the fight is inside the base but it's really the major reason reps try to avoid getting shot in the field.
  9. Would you please consider Bots?
  10. test server. saw you playing Canyon. tried to join 2x . fail
  11. Firestorm needs someone who can finish…most players can’t finish…Shoetim can’t finish….roweboat can’t finish….Nod can’t finish…
  12. Repping is +-fun and generally easy—you’re helping without having to be responsible for any actual strategy…getting into the apc is a big risk—generally doesn’t work out—and you have to think/probs get yelled at by shpetim
  13. I suppose that if you showcase some gameready models (PBR-textured, unwrapped, with normal maps for the Unreal engine), i guess they would be more likely to respond to your request. Like idk, a new Obelisk of Light design for example. Or a popup laser turret that can be airdropped or something. Or some building that builds itself like in the game (would propably need several shapekeys though). Its not something you do quickly, like in a afternoon.
  14. I voted Taxi, because im pretty much the only one that buys APC during the match. Though people rarely want a ride. So instead i provide support fire against infantry, aircraft, artillary and suppressive fire against snipers. The vehicle is pretty versatile, due to its good health pool and because the gun can reach certain angles due to its gun position. You can reach where no other infantry or tank cant. Very usefull when getting camped. Meds don't seem to have much of a surival instinct. In one match i was at GDI wich was camping Nod's entrance. Nod managed to break through by destroying some mammy's and at that point i was in a APC, shooting snipers and sneaky Noddies. And for some reason all the meds where just standing there, looking for tanks to repair. But noone got the idea to get into the apc, get to base and like, save money and not giving away VP to Nod. People is med form are strange beings. As if they are stubbornly roleplaying bots.
  15. Tried to launch the game directly from 32bit executable file ( without laucher ) and it seemed to work, after that laucher works fine as well. Weird stuff, posting the laucher log here, can't understand anything from it and it's kinda long but it might be of some use... Rgrds Launch.log
  16. I think taxi can be fun everywhere, and on every map There are players who drive humvee or buggy through the whole match, looking for a passenger all you have to do is to just get on their vehicle, they will get you where ever you need to be, without even asking you a single thing They are the loveliest players in the renx
  17. Haven't heard of other users having this issue, seeing the logs could provide some insight. You can find the log files in the UDKGame\Logs\ directory of your install location. You don't need to post the .dmps, only .log
  18. Hi again, Was using the new launcher without any issues for a couple of days then startup crashes started to happen again.... I install the game and it runs just fine until I shut my pc down, after I open it up when I'm back home it just kicks me back to desktop on the server join screen. A fresh install seems to solve it for now but is there any way to break this vicious cycle? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks... Rgrds
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  20. Actually nvm, i let it run for a while at the background and it worked like a charm, game actually runs now, even smoother than ever, thanks a lot!
  21. just came home from work, I got like 900gb disk space and trying to give the new laucher a go but whether i try verify or install doesnt matter, it always gets stuck at around 40%...
  22. Make sure you have enough disk space. If that doesn't work, you can try our new launcher. https://launcher.totemarts.services/Totem-Arts-Launcher.exe Once this is installed, go to the Renegade X tab and select your current install. Then verify again.
  23. Just tried this, getting below error while trying to verify: RenegadeX could not be verified, the following exception occurred: data error, cyclic redundancy check - I hope this is the correct translation of the error btw, it doesnt say that in English unfortunately
  24. Try running launcher as admin, open settings tab then press verify game integrity.
  25. Reset the windows and tried again with this, no luck. Still getting the same error msg on the logfile as well... Launch.log
  26. Try installing this. If that doesn't work, the launcher is probably not downloading all files correctly.
  27. JimJ


    I think I got that version from here, I deleted it to start again. I clicked on the link above, for the fresh install, it part installed, but then the launcher doesn't work to do the next part of the install?
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