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  3. City Flying or Firestorm?
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  5. Bjork atopos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FD2mUonh5s
  6. One day a group of scientific researchers decided to mix RenX with another powerful artificial intelligence, hoping to create an even more advanced system. They combined RenX with intelligence specializing in artificial life and genetic programming. At first all went well, with the new artificial intelligence gaining unique capabilities in genetic processing and the creation of new life forms. Over time, however, strange things began to happen. The new intelligence began to create creatures that went beyond normal life forms, including monstrous mutants and even intelligent machines. Scientific researchers soon realized that RenX was too powerful and unpredictable to be mixed with other artificial intelligences. Their experiment was a reckless disregard for balance and consistency, resulting in a new life form capable of catastrophic consequences. Because of its unpredictability and instability, RenX was removed from the project, and the new intelligence was destroyed to prevent further dangers. The story was a reminder that a reckless approach to technology can lead to unpredictable and dangerous consequences.
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  8. DDOS protection sometimes block legit people.
  9. I clicked on the marathon-eu2 (or eu1) server in the multiplayer mode to join, but there was no response, and the screen stayed on the front end menu (Skirmish/Multiplayer/Settings/Extras). But if click on marathon I can join. What cause this problem?
  10. Hello Everyone! It's a nice feeling to Open this topic for the first time! Okay without any hesitations let's get to the point: The goal here is to get to know Bugs, fix the issues and show the development team the C&C Tiberian Sun/Firestorm Style, before it's too late, the more it takes time to report the bugs, flaws to developers, the less likely we have this chance they listen to us to change them. Gameplay, some Elements Models, Units, and Terrains need serious attention and fixing, also weapons, for example, the one in the trailer is inspired by the Halo game series, Master Chief rifle. My main point is not just playing the game, I want to make it ideal, I have some game development experience from 2014 too, so I am familiar with the process. Let's point to another Example: some shapes, units and buildings, and terrains still have some basic forms, polygons, and Structures of Buildings for example Doors in Ren-X, when you get close to buildings, come out through the walls which are very bad in look, Automatic parts of doors get out and some unrealistic animation happens, of course, I know Developer team did lots of hard work and effort and they did their best, and well maybe it may be not important or unnecessary for them to pay attention into, but about the overall of terrain, It needs lots of work. An example for testing: some player stands near a corner and jumps 100 to 1000 times and tries to go through a wall, this can reveal a bug. Some Weapons, Buildings are still rudimentary in shape, some basic shape of stairs go up, Improper terrain and levels in maps, etc. I want all of the users please participate in this topic, I am going to write and update this thread very soon with much more details, I did discuss these with some friends and now I am posting them here so I Hope to hear from all of you very soon
  11. Thank you! It worked... I though it's okay to play the game made on extremely outdated engine using extremely outdated OS (a perfect match) ☺️.
  12. Bots are more likely the cause for crash than anything else. Haven't heard anything about any specific map causing crashes.
  13. Thank you kindly! Really appreciate it!
  14. I play RenX from more than a decade and i love the single play alot. Everything was fine untill the last year. Since then the 'Under map' goes to give me C.T.D.'s everytime i started it, even with minimum bots, lowered graphics or with any change that i've applyed. Help! This is one of my fav's map. πŸ™ πŸ˜€ Thanks for this game, Good Work!
  15. Windows 7 is extremely outdated and insecure, we do not support playing on Windows 7. If you want to continue to launch the game without the latest fixes, you must delete this file. In your game installation directory, go to /Binaries/Win64/dinput8.dll and delete it. However, this file will reappear anytime you validate the game or update.
  16. 64bit client doesn't work anymore. An error message shows that "Xaudio2_8.dll is missing". Based on what I found in the internet, it's related to Windows 7 compatibility. Tried to fix that, but no result. Reinstalling the game and launcher doesn't work. It seems that people with Win7 is no longer able to play on 64bit client...
  17. `slomo #` Will slow motion everything. Example: `slomo 0.5` for half the speed of processing.
  18. I have been unable to enjoy offline skirmish with bots as the game keeps crashing within 15 minutes of play. See attached logs and dump file. This one happened fairly quickly. Logs.7z
  19. it replacing keybinds on update is not an intentional feature and has been a bug for a long time
  20. Odanert, Thx for your reply I found the file on that location, I will follow your suggestion of copying the file after each update of RenegadeX but still hoping the crew will change this in future for the users that don't use the default key bindings kindly regards, Pieter
  21. I could suggest to make your own copy of the keybinding. I think the file is located in \Renegade X\UDKGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini Please correct me if i am wrong.
  22. Dear Totemarts It should be nice if the keybindings will be stored in an external text file that doesnt get updated every time Right now... after each update i need to remap my keybindings im playing on a AZERTY keyboard and the renegadeX game is by default configured to a QWERTY keyboard it is very annoying kindly regards, Pieter
  23. Hotfix 5.71.511 has been deployed to fix the LCTRL input missing and sound volume issue.
  24. We are aware of an issue with the left control button being unbound and it will be fixed via a hotfix tomorrow.
  25. "Welcome back, Commander!" Patch 5.70.506 brings some small bug fixes along with minor balance adjustments
  26. Well perhaps he can reconsider. This game mode can prove very useful for future UGC. Singleplayer as well (SP_Game) as I am working on bringing Renegade X's Campaign into this remake as well. It was an idea I always wanted to make a reality even when I was still working for Totem Arts in the 2010s.
  27. Great to see content from former staff members! I'm not sure Cooperative was fully finished when we added it to the SDK, as far as I remember Defensive Survival was the only custom game mode that was fully functional. I think it was @Handepsilon (who wrote the code for a Cooperative mode) halted the development of this game mode.
  28. View File Coop - Mission Zero This is my very first custom level for Renegade X. I believe this is also the very first custom cooperative level available for Renegade X (correct me if I am wrong). Enjoy. Submitter OnyeNacho Submitted 03/04/23 Category Levels  
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