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  2. You could try and uninstall, and redownload the latest installer and try that? https://totemarts.games/games/renegade-x/
  3. The renegade launcher used to work until a download got stuck so I restarted my laptop but when I click on the launcher it does not open This is the log: [23-05-2022_22-56-38] | [CleanUp @ Line 137 In Logger.cs Thread 1] | ErrInfo - Starting logfile cleanup. [23-05-2022_22-56-38] | [CleanUp @ Line 166 In Logger.cs Thread 1] | ErrInfo - Deleted logfile: 23-05-2022_22-49-36_Application.log [23-05-2022_22-56-38] | [CleanUp @ Line 168 In Logger.cs Thread 1] | ErrInfo - Logfile cleanup done. Removed 1 files. [23-05-2022_22-56-38] | [StartupApp @ Line 25 In App.xaml.cs Thread 1] | ErrInfo - Application starting up; checking command line options... [23-05-2022_22-56-38] | [StartupApp @ Line 91 In App.xaml.cs Thread 1] | ErrInfo - Done checking command line options
  4. I definitely appreciate the heads up. Lots going on, easy to miss things Keep em coming!
  5. That looks amazing. Hopefully +15% new players this way.
  6. "Welcome Back, Commander!" We are releasing preliminary patch notes to keep the community updated on our progress with Renegade X, although it may be slower than it used to be. We are expecting this patch to be pushed to live within the next couple weeks. Internal Revision: 12146
  7. Last week
  8. I swear this may be the worst idea I’ve ever heard. …so devs integrating in next patch yea?
  9. UT BOTS HELL YES they gave UT vibes. reinstalling this game again. Man those bots were good. The Skirmish/AI is one of the best parts of the game. I hope Firestorm keeps that AI but make it work for Firestorm like the AI works for Renegade X. The AI in this game are a lot like the UT4s ones. Definite Reinstalling this 100%. As for discord I have a look at it thanks for the Link.
  10. Not sure about UT4 style, but the deathmatch bots are based on UT bots, not RenX bots. In regards to mutators, the exact implementation and complexity would vary depending on what you want to do. I'd recommend joining our Discord and looking at the modding channels if you are wanting to start on that. Currently our documentation is a bit sparse programming-wise. https://totemarts.games/forums/forum/143-tutorials/ https://discord.gg/totemarts
  11. Yes we are working on SEO, thanks for that. Check the downloads now, how does it look?
  12. One more question One question is that UT4 like AI still around. Those guys where pretty when it comes to infantry.
  13. These would be more suited as mutators (read: mods), rather than something made in Kismet.
  14. Things like one hit one kill. Or things like to make the AI shoot at each other and you. Disable friendly fire.Things like that
  15. It should be the latest one since I took it from the SVN. it's not the FortX with the special added buildings, the simple Fort map.
  16. It's possible bots in general are messed up. I'll fix the AOW part.
  17. I tried to play 2 Totem arts servers today. 1. Defense server. It froze up. bots froze up. How does this work anyway?? do all humans work together? 2. AOW server. ITS NOT AWO! cmon. When the timer goes UP its not AOW. Wake UP!
  18. Depends how detailed you want it to be I guess. We don't really have a ton of features setup for kismet besides a few things.
  19. man, being a while... https://www.mediafire.com/file/65otjecehkpx1a0/CNC-Fort.udk/file
  20. CL Smooth

    Everybody Loves Seth

    You know, sometimes I get the feeling that Seth may actually be setting us up to fail.
  21. Oh wow you dont need kismet okay. Sweet Thank you. I do have other questions though. Can you create your own gamemode using Kismet within a level.
  22. Earlier
  23. Using kismet for that wouldn't be possible. We have a team death match mode, but I don't think we have a free for all DM game mode currently. You'd do this by selecting the gamemode in the Map Info to be death match, and toggling Is Deathmatch Map on. (I don't think Rx_TeamDeathMatch works, I think just Rx_DeathMatch does)
  24. Hi there its been a while since I played RenX but I was wondering if it would be possible to create a free for all Deathmatch using kismet. Or something where everyone started attacking each other. Any information would greatly be appreciated thank you.
  25. When the website was just new, I myself literally thought I was on the wrong website before my mind further processed "Totem Arts". And if I didn't know Totem Arts I would've thought I was nowhere near the real deal. What you call "a bit obtuse", to me is something that simply does not register. tl:dr: People gonna miss it lol.
  26. All the downloads are here actually, but it is a bit obtuse I agree.
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