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  1. Did you install the game and the SDK to the same folder? [You should not]
  2. It does not. Think they're confused with CTRL locking Orcas/Apaches from turning
  3. In general, people who get this issue can get around it by closing the launcher and starting it up again. It will sit at 0% for awhile to verify integrity, then download the portion it is missing
  4. This honestly should be a thing... It already exists to keep aircraft from turning
  5. When on Earth was the LCG nerfed? They still dominate as long as you just position yourself where you're not constantly exposed to snipers. Between EMPs, and being the only unit that can walk away from 6 MRLS rockets exploding beside it, they're far from weak. Also... their spread really only affects their ability to kill infantry. If you're missing Mammoths, you've got other problems. Also... they NEVER have to leave where they're at to refill ammo, making them arguably better at locking people in at chokepoints than any other infantry in the game. I mean... the chem and flamethrower nerf I don't even understand. Seemed kind of pointless. But no nerfing chemrushes wasn't the reason. Don't just make up false reasons when the actual reasons are right there. That's just plain rude. Also there's a massive difference between *magazine* size, and just *reserve* ammo. Their magazine size was unchanged. Also I have a 'serious' question. Why on Earth are you using chems to counter tank spam? That wasn't a thing in...... any version of Renegade. If you were just going to bumrush tanks, you grabbed a free engineer or a free AT unit to suicide and C4. Maybe try to kill a repair or 2. You don't throw money at suicide defense. If anything I can see using Chems just to throw nades behind tanks to hit their repairs, but throwing the unit away for $225 is just.... bad eco-management.
  6. You press U... type enough of the player's name to be unique, then space [message]
  7. 1 ) Right 1b) APC's gun is stronger vs. infantry than the med's MG, yes. 2) LCG is actually substantially stronger vs. vehicles than OG Ren. 3) Never has been.
  8. OG Ren's Medium tank didn't have an MG. I think OG Ren's splash damage for vehicles was higher, but they also didnt use Armour types as much. FLAK infantry [Pretty much all the anti tank infantry] are more resistant to explosions. Kevlar infantry [pretty much anything anti infantry] take significantly more damage from explosions.] As for the LCG damage, it's probably as strong against tanks as it's ever been.
  9. Can you open the game, load a map, then give us your log file? My first thought is just it's failing to build and/or save shaders. If it's failing to save them for you then you'd have longer load times permanently, as it rebuilds them every single time you load a map.
  10. Most of this is known (not to downplay it). There was a push to utilize the native relevancy checks in UDK though 2 issues came of it: A) You can tell it was built around something like Unreal Tournament, with tight corridors and plenty of walls to easily tell if people were visible to one another, as opposed to RenX that has rather large fields with comparatively huge lines of sight, but also obstacles as thin as light poles or small rocks that send false positives of rendering. (A notable issue we had was people being invisible through something as simple as a fence). B) Not having access to any native code means we're kind of stuck with Epic's implementation of Actor relevancy. A MAJOR issue there is it wasn't built to have 64 Pawns + vehicles. That leads to the server getting saturated with traces (or so I've been told). There are some other possible alternatives; there just hasn't been a whole lot of time to study and test them yet. Basically it's just getting around all of the native calls, which requires some finagling.
  11. Exit and restart. Itll start back where it left off [it doesn't look like it at first, but it will]
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