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  1. I too get this bug, not like it matters much as I'll never have a use for the local tab but still a minor annoyance if I happen to click it.
  2. There's a lack of country here.
  3. There was a person asking about 3d printing ren models and if anyone was interested in buying them a few years ago. They even made a website http://printed-armies.com/ Havn't heard from them in a while though and doesn't look like the site has changed much in terms of selling things.
  4. The spy is pretty useless unless its an sbh spy or you don't have access to advanced infantry and you get a mendoza etc. Its really easy to spot unless your team is brain dead, so they would have to redesign it to make it harder to detect, the only thing i would like to see is some mutants like the visceroid or maybe the technician from the rts which was basically useless but could be a nice joke character.
  5. Tanks are pretty useless now days honestly, their too easily countered and can't really do much.
  6. Christmas update should take priority over everything else. There needs to be a full Christmas themed skin pack, the Obelisk can be a candy cane, the AGT can be a Christmas tree the c4 can be Fruit cakes.
  7. Also why the hell are the mystery crates not Christmas presents @yosh56
  8. All servers need to be hard coded to play only Snow for 24 hours starting on Christmas Eve
  9. I saw this vid when he released it, forgot about it for over a year then decided to give it a try.
  10. That can be very easy to miss if you are new to the game especially with all the extra stuff added to the UI recently.
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