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Some of you guys are alright


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fog is a key part of map design... its used to control line of sight, snipers distance and it makes things look nice and pretty as well as some other stuff i cant think of off the top of my head 

if you remove it you are technically cheating as you have a advantage over other people.

ive been trying to get it forced as well as some other cheaty settings for a long time, if you wonna bitch at some one bitch at me, but i no longer play PUGS so i couldn't give a flying if you didnt want me to be there or not i might turn up next time just to rub it in that you cant change ya cheaty settings any more

i dont need to be forgiven im content with being hated by a single person (i know there are more of you but at least they dont make a public arse of them selves)

your unforgivenly

the guy that pissed you off

look some nice fog


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Not sure if I understand this right, but is this complaining because you are not able to "cheat" anymore?


mind=blown... really... how can you say something like this


seriously do you even realize what you are saying


I just... can't... believe....



Real life photo of how people look like that complain about this (yes, behind fog):



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10 hours ago, Sarah! said:

Because most players didn't know about the command, so if he can get an advantage, why does it matter to him?

Well people have some kind of decency right, players where just lucky as long as it lasted and now the game is more fair for everyone. In my opinion it is just so low to complain about this change in this way, specially with a game that is made by fans for free. It is just sad to read

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