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  1. I'm alive. But if I die, I want the devs to be my pallbearers so they can let me down one more time.
  2. First time I ever agreed with a mod. Silo promotes stalemates & lengthens baselocks. Bring back the barn.
  3. OP asked a philosophical question, and got some smooth brained pseudo-technical answer. If you are Nod, then yes because Nod are the bad guys and they don't have the same ethical dilemma that GDI does. As GDI, no you shouldn't because that is unethical and goes against the military code of the GDI. It is also important to remember that GDI possesses WMDs, but they are only used as a retaliatory strike, thus you must wait for Nod to plant the first nuke, which then legally allows GDI to retaliate with an ion cannon. Hopefully this clears things up.
  4. I have several times, I did it around labour day weekend last year on a >50player match. ppl got mad. I actually stopped doing it cause anything fun and out of the ordinary gets removed.
  5. Yes I am. Not only am I the best player. I also hold the forum high score.
  6. The golden age. With carbines, EMPs, ladderjump, instant respawn.
  7. OG Ren it came down to: Marathon servers were much less common. It was typically 45 min AOW servers. This is why there was a lot of controversy with the community made patch for OG Ren that fixed the unbalanced points system (you could farm a lot of points using ramjet to shoot heavy armor tanks like mammy, similar to how VP farming with arty works). Also it was common to purposely allow your most vulnerable building to die in order to prevent point farming. i.e. the Nod Ref on Under. Time-To-Kill in OG Ren was significantly higher than in Ren X. This allowed for Ion/Nuke rushes, since it was a lot easier to cover an Ion/Nuke. Also I think the countdown timer was shorter? APC + Tech/Hottie rush. You are right these were the most popular rushes. OG Ren APC driving dynamic is much simpler. In RenX it is much harder, you'll see people drive into each other trying to APC rush. OG Ren doesn't have EMPs, AT mines or Silos, and of course no veterancy. Everything added in RenX that makes it easier to kill, also makes it easier to defend. Back in Beta 3 when EMPs were added and they could be bought by any character (and before Commander powers), we regularly had 4 hour matches for several months until EMPs were nerfed. During that short period, tank rushes were nearly non-existent. Also back in Beta3 when hotties/techs carried Carbines, it made inf-building kills very common. Hottie/tech was cheaper than the 1000chars and could kill just as fast if not faster. I'd say #3 is most important. If APC handing is improved, the APC rushes will be back.
  8. Here I thought it was just a bunch of wizards that got picked last in gym class. This is so much cooler, and it really shows that crime does pay. How do I join this crime gang?
  9. Christmas Day is usually the highest. 3+ servers >150 players
  10. When ref is destroyed, instead of blowing up the harvester, make it drivable. and add 5 gun ports..
  11. The mods wanted to play with their friend on the same team. So you were swapped.
  12. @CatGirls420do you seriously expect that we would download some random files form a github page? Well I did and it's amazing! I'm serious! @Havoc89 get in here. So the actual product is https://reshade.me/ I downloaded the installer from that website instead of building my own from github Once installed you can literally customize the RenX post processor by adding custom textures or shaders and it works flawlessly. I was able to turn my RenX into a CRT ! The second screenshot is my standard setup without ReShade The third screenshot (the darker one) is with Curves.FX enabled in ReShade. I think it looks much better. It removes the grayish tint over the original. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to make use this to over-ride fogdensity 0 @poi can you share your settings pretty please.
  13. It's been an hour since I donated. How long does it take for the gay astronaut suit, no-delay PIC/Railgun/ respawn timer to be enabled in game?
  14. I've seen this guy. He's always on when Euan is on.
  15. of course it's shpetim leading that dope rush. @Handepsilon I think I found a bug. check out the +202VP for killing team harvester. instant heroic lol https://youtu.be/8PJeCJP71X4?t=50
  16. hey wtf i killed BHS in that same spot in that same match lol
  17. EZ fix for balance. Remove I,M,N,O,T,U,Y Result: no Tytonium's
  18. What if we try a new way to fix the stalemate issue: 1. As the game time progresses, the Tiberium field grows and keeps growing and reaches inside the bases. We've always been told that Tiberium is infecting the planet and the whole planet has been divided into Red, Yellow and Blue zones. But we never get to see it grow. Also this will force players who wander around as SBH to either get in a tank or get a chem trooper. 2. Re-spawning in base is not very realistic. I know that the re-spawn timer delay was added to alleviate some "realism" concerns, much to the dismay and disapproval of the whole player base. Perhaps maybe we can re-spawn via Cargo Plane dropping us off over top the map and we press space to parachute in. 3. Buying weapons at a purchase terminal is not very realistic and is inherently unbalanced. Last I checked, Bernie wasn't the president in the tiberium universe. So why are we just handing out credits equally to the whole team? Perhaps the map should be littered with weapons of fallen soldiers. 4. Crates hovering and spinning in the air is also not very realistic, and not very balanced. Perhaps cargo planes should fly above and drop the crates. 5. Finally if the team is still not cooperating and is unable to organize a rush, then we should turn on friendly fire. Because lets be realistic here, we've had over an hour to work together and defeat our enemy. So why should I suffer because my team is tarted? At this point it should be a matter of survival before the tiberium zone grows stronger.
  19. Devs please fix balance. I can't be playing 4 hour matches, I have shit to do.
  20. AMD 3800x Nvidia 780 SSD I get 85fps on 1080p. once server hits 55ish players my FPS drops to around 60. With less than 10 people i get 90fps+
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