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  1. The EU Totem Arts server is having some connection issues on all the servers on it and I haven't had the time to figure out what's the issue, so server is offline now.
  2. Speaking is not required, just being able to listen
  3. Indeed. I have always favoured forums. I'll try to keep things more updated.
  4. Are you using latest download link? If you are using that, make sure that it's not being blocked by firewall and has internet connection.
  5. Hey community! We are happy to announce that we are now opening up applications for individuals to join our testing team! First, we'd like to explain what our average testing session consists of. Our tests are regularly scheduled sessions that last a few hours. Inside of these tests, our lead testers may designate specific features or aspects to focus on or give more consideration to. As the testing session is drawing to a close, there is a time for discussion and giving feedback. The feedback we receive from our testers is invaluable to creating an amazing game, and we wouldn't be where we are without the help of our testing team. While we don't have many explicit guidelines on who we are accepting for testers, having Discord and being in voice chat while testing is an absolute essential component of organized testing. As such, joining our Discord server and being on voice chat while testing is a requirement. Alongside Discord, being available for testing times and having sufficient hardware are also important considerations. If your current hardware can run Renegade X, you will be able to play Firestorm. We are still in alpha. As such, there will need to be a tolerance for bugs and inconveniences while testing. We look forward to your responses and we are so happy to be able to welcome more of the community into our tests. You can find the application form here.
  6. The game does not have free access to all commands in the engine. These things have been restricted in the past.
  7. I haven't been made aware of any recent cheating incidents and I am usually the one that ends up globally banning people. Feel free to .modrequest (global mod request) in-game for any cheating related incidents. Recently we have taken safeguards to prevent one of the recent cheaters that likes to instakill buildings. Also funny that you think EA cares at all.
  8. No particular reason why we haven't posted on forums, most of the same news has been posted on social media. We don't really care for our user count on Discord.
  9. Different engines will display different results, so your mileage may vary.
  10. A reply from one of our artists on Discord.
  11. As far as I'm aware, the queue system and code for in-game stuff is all completely done by a community member but needs to be implemented by any server.
  12. A lot of stuff has moved to Discord, we have a channel dedicated to art stuff.
  13. Keep in mind that we are still heavily working on Firestorm Assault (UDK), we have not begun fully working on UE5 and processing our assets for the new engine.
  14. What version are you currently on? Are any errors popping up?
  15. So you accuse us of lying? Even tho bots crashing server is a well known problem? You're being quite rude
  16. It seems the last patch had an issue where our build pipeline did not correctly build the shaders for all the maps. Whenever you are loading the map where it doesn't have the shaders built, your client will build the shaders (which makes the game look like its crashed/frozen). A new patch with some additional changes is in the works.
  17. While true, we also created 99.9% of the fixes in the game too!
  18. Which server are you trying to join and which game version are you on? If you can also send a log that would be great. C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\UDKGame\Logs\ is the default location
  19. Reinstall the launcher from here, which OS are you using?
  20. Current plan is still summer
  21. If you haven't already, try to repair game install from the launcher. It will be in the settings menu.
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