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  1. POV: 7 years later you're working on a new version
  2. Great to see content from former staff members! I'm not sure Cooperative was fully finished when we added it to the SDK, as far as I remember Defensive Survival was the only custom game mode that was fully functional. I think it was @Handepsilon (who wrote the code for a Cooperative mode) halted the development of this game mode.
  3. Hey AshbyJones, Yes, City will still be remade for Renegade X! I've made some good progress on the map, I can safely say it is the best version ever created. We've even had a first playtest a while back which turned out great with a lot of positive reactions. However due to the fact we're all dedicated to Firestorm right now, barely any progress is being made as we speak. Hopefully when we get closer to launch, there will be some more space to jump back into development of this map. The foundation is there, even some decoration has already been done. Here's a peek we released a while back 😉
  4. We're still working very hard on Firestorm to have it released as of early next year. The reason you don't hear anything new is because we're busy working on the game for the best experience. Plus we're a small scale team of volunteers that do this in their spare time, so there will be times we're less productive than usual. Firestorm Asault - something we announced at the beginning of the year - will be released post-launch. Instead we are working on a simplified version of the Command & Conquer Conquest game mode we've showcased a lot during our DevTalks. Furthermore I can say is stay tuned for more details that will be coming sooner or later.
  5. Now that you mention the goggles do look more orange than red. With that being said I've applied your feedback to the game!
  6. "Welcome Back, Commander!" Patch 5.65.380 brings us another handful of bug fixes that occurred in a previous patches, adjustments to our code and a handful of map fixes. Check them out below!
  7. I thought this was City!
  8. "Welcome Back, Commander!" This hotfix patch resolves a bunch of issues discovered over the last 24 hours, all patch notes for any further updates (including yesterday's patch notes) are below. Over the past months, we've seen unexpected bugs and glitches occurring in patches that we weren't aware of before launch. Some of these have been in the game for a longer period of time while they were unintended. With the release of Patch 5.64a.312, we've solved a number of these issues that were most critical and were in need of a fix. With that, we've also included some minor balance changes and additional map fixes. Check it out! Internal Revision: 12172
  9. "Welcome Back, Commander!" Patch 5.61.245 mainly addresses some of the issues from previous patches. Over the past weeks, we've been replicating the so called particle bug and we were succesfully in finding the cause of it. And now, we can officially announce that the particle bug has been pruned. We're also including in this build a potential fix for the sound bug in hope that might be fixed aswell. Check it out!
  10. Elusive Chameleon - Cameron Symons Kodiak Stranded - Cameron Symons Hostile Lands - Tommy van Leth Valves - Tommy van Leth Heroism - Tommy van Leth Slave to the System - Cameron Symons Dusk Hour - Tommy van Leth Knockout Toxin - Cameron Symons March of the Titans - Jos Vermeulen Lone Trooper - Tommy van Leth Pharotek - Tommy van Leth Silent T-Bomb - Cameron Symons Killing Machines - Cameron Symons Combat Patrol - Tommy van Leth Stomp (Trailer Version) - Sinne de Rooij Scouting - Tommy van Leth
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