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  1. I have always had a very intense grudge against clickers snipers playing this game. Their implementation is ass and always has been, and yet it was somehow even fucking worse in Renegade where from what I have heard, and have played myself, in that game, all guns except sniper rifles are hot garbage. It is definitely not as bad here, in that regard. I feel like Renegade X may have patched a huge issue with infantry gameplay from the first game in that pretty much every gun has a place and can be used to effect, but to me, snipers kind of represent almost the lowest common denominator of gameplay possible, like barely an armhair above AFK repping, (no dissing AFK reppers) and shooting into a poor infantry area with an arty indefinitely (which to me, sucks for similar reasons to sniping). I really enjoy the infantry combat in this game and think that under specific conditions it flows and plays super well and is super addictive and satisfying. Sound effects, the floatiness, the variety of gameplay and characters, the crates, there is so much to go on about why I like it so much with a huge exception to sniping. They seem out of place. Infantry gameplay is really fast paced and intense, and then you've got sniping, which is moving along at a crawling pace, with your eyeballs sucked down a really really forgiving scope waiting for someone to peak corners and then click. There is quite a lot of corner camping in this game, but infantry pathways are usually a hive of activity until the moment a decent sniper player comes along, and then you get to witness the would-be intense combat wither to hiding behind pillars and rocks constantly, because everyone knows that at any moment you could have your head taken off with very, very low effort. This is shitty gameplay. Renegade X already has mad base camping every match, and this same principle can then be extended to infantry areas aswell? Nice. Sitting around, not shooting anyone, not doing anything cool, just waiting for that clicker to fuck off and get bored basically. The ability to hitscan someone from incredible distances makes killing cheap as fuck and undeserved to be frank. Its like a free kill card. Most guns in this game have really limited range and then you have these semi automatic hitscan snipers that can click people from any range, and do decent high-damage body shots and instant headshots at that? And also, whats with the animations? If these snipers are aiming through a scope on their enormous fucking anti material rifles, can their model... reflect that please? Thats a serious suggestion right there. At present it only seems to change once the rifle has already been fired, which isnt very helpful. The cracking shot was an excellent addition (sniper shots used to be almost dead silent in this game), but I think this whole wait-and-see combat area denial gameplay would be a lot better with some accurate visual information about what the sniper holding everything up is doing. Groups of snipers lined up next to eachother with their massive guns being held down like they are on ceremonial duty looks hilarious. Guaranteed a game of Resevoir looking like this has a dead af infantry path. Renegade X has chosen a really weird way to balance snipers: if you look at other floaty FPS games, youll see that semi auto hitscan snipers tend to do moderate amounts of damage because they arent exactly difficult to use. You click someone when they are in front of the cursor. Renegade X has made it so that heavy snipers are hitscan, do lots of damage, but are delegated to camping long hallways and ridges (almost like an actual sniper), which is in complete confliction with what the rest of the infantry play as. Snipers feel strangely grounded. Its probably controversial, but I feel like a good way to make snipers fit better with the game would be to lighten them up a bit. Reduce the damage, increase their speed and tighten the no-scope, make it so that Snipers are more encouraged to play the game in a way that doesn't make it shit for everyone. That or introduce a less controversial velocity drop, like in Firestorm. That works okay. The addition of a delay to the railgun and ion cannon was an amazing and simple way to balance the guns without making them hopeless. They scream "this is an anti tank weapon" to you, but dont fail to reward you when you do score a hit on a player. Please share your thoughts below : )
  2. Mcfarland's frag grenade is just so trash. It has a small radius and seems to do very little damage. He might as well just not have it, its a waste of time selecting it and throwing it honestly. Its like a little rice krispies pop, compare this to the thermonuclear Chemical grenade, Mobius' insane alt fire or even Patch's noobtube. The frag grenade sounds generic, but Mcfarland is the only character in the game who has it, it ought to actually be worth using.
  3. Complains about gigantic mammoth tank pushed 50ft back by light tank "Lmao this guy wants to play a physics simulator"
  4. Played the Mammoth tank for the first time in a while and realized just how clumsy it is without support 😜 To be expected, its not the most practical thing ever. Something I found absolutely retarded though was how Syntharn was able to very decisively push me back into a rock... in a light tank. Thats not how physics works. The Mammoth tank looks like it could weigh upwards of 200 tonnes lmao, the Light tank looks like it could be as light as 20. Right... Any explanation?
  5. The laser chaingun is... a laser tho ecks dee its easy to aim, has no velocity and has basically inf ammo. I guess at close range he is a bit of a brick with a fat head but at the same time, mid-long ranges the Laser meltgun is insane.
  6. Well thats the thing, he is OK against tanks, but not as good as the LCG, and again arguably worse than the LCG at anti infantry.
  7. LCG gonna be a UFO after Noobius is nerfed.
  8. Anyone else think that Patch is one of the weakest characters? Without that noobtube, he would be completely useless and even with it I feel like he is far too much effort for little resolve. Patch's derpgun must be one of the lowest velocity guns in the game, surely. At any medium range engagement it is basically futile hitting people having spaz attacks while they likely have hitscan, or something close to it. Have to put all this effort to leading shots, for which there is a point its not possible to know, considering Renegade is known for being deliberately floaty. The damage per shot seems rather low for the fuss taken to actually hit anything, and the headshot multiplier doesnt seem to make a big enough difference. Taking out a Mendoza with Patch is pretty damn hard, whereas taking out a Noobius with an LCG is quite possible. Honestly I think his gun should do more damage in general really, he is more of an infantry character yet the LCG seems to be better at it with the benefit of hurting vehicles too.
  9. It would be cool to see the medium reskinned into the Challenger 1 It would fit perfectly, they look similar but the Challenger has a more futuristic-looking turret.
  10. I've heard rumors of a Tiberian Twilight (C&C4) mode thats been in development for a long time. Naturally, the developers are in denial to prevent outcry. I reckon the update will come quick and fast, hopefully slipping past the boomers whose reaction time is comparable to a fat snail. I think movable bases and dynamic point capture gameplay mixed with the havoc of Renegade X infantry and vehicular combat would really complement each other flawlessly. Fast paced gameplay has always been in C&C's DNA; but its losing its fanbase - Renegade X needs change. The gamer community has been slowly shifting away from the typical classic multiplayer PvP experience, and turned to Battle Royale, Mobas and survival game modes that cater to the slowly deteriorating attention span of the new generation of gamers. Dynamic, fast, new. Renegade X is fast, but old. Eventually all the remaining players will conk out or die of old age. The few younger players prey on the old, and they will without a doubt worship this change. C&C 4 is the best C&C game since Red Alert 2, and the community agrees by a long shot. Adding a mode based on the critically acclaimed Tiberian Twilight would be phenomenal. A calculated move to lure in the newer players who would really give this game a big publicity boost; not the one it deserved, but the one it needed. I've heard that there are already a few prototype maps in production. If time is an issue, I believe current maps could be adjusted to contour to this game mode, favoured maps like Paradise could make a return. Think of this as the arrival of Tiberium. Something new and beautiful. Are you to support GDI? Frightened of change and addicted to failing tradition? Or support the Brotherhood of Nod, embracing this evolution with open arms and all the benefits it may bring? The age of linear base to base combat is over. The time of the Moba has come.
  11. Heavy snipers do 12.5% damage to aircraft per shot and what is the Marxman rifle? Oh right, marksman, yeah that things scope sucks.
  12. The first and third questions are obvious.
  13. Yeah, no, we certainly do downvotes here.
  14. Downvotes shmownvotes. Who cares.
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