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  1. were the editor button ?
  2. I always wanted foundations ... but we already had one... Thanks to you... I shall leave you with the immortal words... "Hint hint hint", "foundations", mutant grass and of course "Button" Words I hope will haunt you for the rest of ya life 😛 Good luck in ya new adventures And as always thanks for everything See you on the battle field commander
  3. Back on topic tho.... How did I get here..hmmmm its a long story riddled with spelling mistakes and lots of yoooos... So here we goooo... Yooooo my name is kenz3001now a dev but it was not always this way.... I stared out like most of you, trying to find new things, in my case I was a keen unreal player playing unreal 2k4 and ut3. Ut3 had some good moments but I was looking for some silly mods and game modes... Now before I go any further I played the shit out of cnc renegade back in the day so I knew the game... Now I got that out the way.... I found a small full conversion mod called renegade 2007 and thought shit I played the shit out that game back in the day let's give this ago.... And shit it wasn't released ... This was back in 2007 before it was renamed to renegadex... I kept looking back at the project until I finally desided to finally join my first forum renegade-x.com... Yes renx took my forum virginity... And the first thing I did was pm fobby and ask Will there be titans.... Little did I know what would come... The months rolled by I met some cool peeps on the way like zunnie (rip) all the guys over at mpf.... The day finally came renx mod released and man I played crap out of it... One day a post appeared on the forums documenting the ins and outs of setting up a renx map... And thought to my self how had can it be... Hahahhaha... With next to no tuts out there for the ut3 editor it was a task getting my first map (xmountain) to work didn't look good but it worked that was the main thing... Over time the map look and played better and better... Still looked like crap but mehhhh game play was more important... More maps came... More people took a hand to mapping amd modding... Soom the questions kept hitting me so made my first tut series By now black Dawn was in the works and some how coz on my community input I became a tester... Woop... Black Dawn released and the mp was in the works was beta testing for a wile and got talking to some of the devs saying I should join the team.. I knew I wasn't as. Good as the other guys in the team. But some how got exempted on the condition I remake xmountain.... So that's what I did... The rest is the same old shit with a dev roll... Making maps fixing maps helping the mapping community... All good stuff. Still me a dev hahahhaha its Funny how shit happens.... And I don't know if the pm to fobby was ever a stepping stone to the titans In renx and now ts but I would like to think so hahaha...
  4. Yer but no... I have a udk version but nope don't have time too busy with ts and editor things
  5. Black Dawn was a cooked udk game and as such was never released with a sdk... Saying that a lot of the assets are in the current sdk but the maps are not
  6. An amazing fabrication... Still don't see it
  7. ok here is the trailer bit old but thats what ya asked for right ?
  8. look at the credits in game
  9. GDI dont wont any part of that fight !!!!
  10. this is my view on guns as you can see guns should be cocked at all times ive shot many guns but nothing beats the only, hand hand pistol
  11. kismet always bugs out ... it would need to be coded ... so dont send me tickets unless it for a good show
  12. Do you not see the image? It's clearly a V... Witch is half of X... What can it mean?... I still would like to know my self... Im way out the loop
  13. Lol peeps still bitching about beachhead.... ... Dont know what beach head has to do with what ever this guy is implying us devs are working on but beach head is a very old project that was never meant to see the light of day
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