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  1. Paradise Cup - Recon Bike Racing June 1, 2019 at 20:00 German time (21:00 Moscow time). Server "Paradise Events" will be enabled much earlier so that everyone can download mutators. Downloading during the event will be disabled for technical reasons. Description All participants play as Nod soldiers divided into 2 teams. The cup will consist of 4 main rounds and 1 bonus round. In each of them, participants will take 1 lap around the track (starting and ending at Nod airport). The winner of the round will earn his team 2 points. For the second place - 1 point. At the end of the cup we will determine the team with the best score. Rules. Start only after the explosion of the signal EMP grenade. We are out of signal skyrockets Do not cut the road through the stone fences and do not destroy them! Everything on the track (except stone fences) is allowed to attack. Collisions with opponents is allowed, but you are responsible for where you will fly after a collision Tips The Shift key accelerates the motorcycle, but makes it almost impossible to turn. Use it rarely and wisely. We will give you enought time for acquaintance with Recon Bike and race route. The program of the event: 1) Training 2) 4 main rounds and bonus round 3) Announcement of winners 4) Free flights
  2. One more announsement. There are strange rumors about what will happen on June 1 😯
  3. Most scary movie about a fog I ever saw 👽
  4. You are right, Silent 😀 p.s. Sometimes it's really fun to defend the last building. I remember defense of last HoN on X-Mountain - about 30 minutes of action and fun!
  5. Silent, I think that was an alien 🤣 For now voted 41 ppl from Russian community.
  6. Even more songs from 80's
  7. Hello! It's repost of the problem from Russian forum. The man installed game from alternative download. He can start the game itself without problems. It's version 5.35. So he need to update. But his launcher crash every time he is trying to launch it (Renegade X launcher stop working message). Before it he tried the official download and had the same crash. It's a first launch on this computer. Launcher logs.zip
  8. Comrades, tell me please that I'm still a Communist 🤣
  9. Ladies and gentlemens, and now, electrobalalaika Alexey Arkhipovsky - "Way Home"
  10. UFO

    Renegade X Squad Wars

    Hello! We are the squad of Russian-speaking community. Unfortunately for now we have only 4 players: UFO SkypeCaller Den Wellingston mihail5454 (he can play only in march, not in april) I think there are can be another squads with the same problem. So, let's unite! Feel free to send me private messenges. We can make a big international team together! p.s. Also we have some cookies for you and an outstanding logo
  11. Second good song. I think I am Diorama fan now! p.s. Russian electronic duet, not famous at all. But maybe someone will love this song like I do
  12. Please, don't do it. I like animated loading screens very much! I think short tips on it is quite enough information. Maybe after the player connected to the server there could be a screen with all important information about the map. Also there can be a hotkey to show this screen again. p.s. If there oneday will be a "waiting screen" for players who wants to connect to the full server, it can be combined with this info screen.
  13. Some more games that had great soundtracks: Flatout and Space Rangers!
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