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  1. We understand the frustration of having to wait so long, but we are not going to release a game that we are not happy with, simple as that. The game has evolved and changed a lot from the Fall 2020 release date. Our current deadline is to release the UDK beta before end of this year. Not only have there been changes with the game itself, but if you have been around the community you will have known that there have been many issues within the team (DMCA issues, former team members problems), which have stopped development for months at a time on their own. We are human and this is a hobby. Burn out exists and life happens. Thank you for your support!
  2. The issue had been addressed via Discord announcement and on a social media post. As far as we are concerned, the issue is closed with the former staff member.
  3. It's not because of EA, it's because of a former staff member. The game is in closed alpha.
  4. Due to the setbacks with DMCA issues, we are aiming for a beta release before this year's end. We've recently upscaled our internal testing team and we are pleased with results thus far.
  5. From my understanding, the price scales with playercount in some way.
  6. How do you know all the internal workings of Totem Arts? Also might I add that COMMUNITY hosted servers also have their own mod teams. So unless 2 entirely different groups of people are "compromised" and "friends" with the hackers, then it doesn't really make sense. Also it is pretty well known that some CT staff don't like some people that are heavily accused, such as poi. I'm sure they would jump at the chance to ban if there actually ever was any proof.
  7. You must be very new to the RenX community to think that I don't see people calling everyone cheaters, aimbotters, hackers whatever. I myself was long accused of such things, undoubtedly I am familiar with the hackusation tendencies of the community. I was specifically referring to things like insta killing buildings. And by recent I meant literally recent, as in the last few days. I'm not sure what makes people believe that the dev team that has worked hard and for free would let people cheat and destroy their own creation.
  8. An issue has popped up over the last few months with bots crashing matches, I don't think it's your install.
  9. Yes, you can use RenX in YouTube videos.
  10. We can host it for you, don't worry about that part.
  11. If you are trying to replace this on a game client, it will not work. The game will either download the version the server has or it will simply just disconnect you for not having matching packages.
  12. Currently there is no release date that has been published.
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