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  1. Bots are more likely the cause for crash than anything else. Haven't heard anything about any specific map causing crashes.
  2. Windows 7 is extremely outdated and insecure, we do not support playing on Windows 7. If you want to continue to launch the game without the latest fixes, you must delete this file. In your game installation directory, go to /Binaries/Win64/dinput8.dll and delete it. However, this file will reappear anytime you validate the game or update.
  3. it replacing keybinds on update is not an intentional feature and has been a bug for a long time
  4. Hotfix 5.71.511 has been deployed to fix the LCTRL input missing and sound volume issue.
  5. We are aware of an issue with the left control button being unbound and it will be fixed via a hotfix tomorrow.
  6. "Welcome back, Commander!" Patch 5.70.506 brings some small bug fixes along with minor balance adjustments
  7. If you're running from a batch file, add the -nosteam parameter. start Binaries\Win64\UDK.exe server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=admin -nosteam As far as I know this is a default functionality of the engine.
  8. I don't think a lack of servers is the problem, but I wouldn't've recommended starting from the launcher at any rate. https://wiki.totemarts.games/wiki/Server
  9. The news is bugged due to some issue parsing the '&' character. The news tab will be removed in a future update anyway.
  10. Do you have a burning question you want to ask the developers of Firestorm? We will be live-streaming this weekend celebrating the anniversary of Renegade. We will be featuring Firestorm gameplay and dev commentary with community questions being answered on stream. Comment on this post to submit your question. We know many are curious about the release date, and we are excited for the community to get their hands on Firestorm. When we are confident that we have something ready to release, only then will we be giving a confirmed release date.
  11. Forums comment on news post is not the best way to get support. Please join our Discord for live chat support or open a new thread to make sure all info can be collated properly.
  12. Could you share the logs? I have a feeling it has to do with the resolution settings potentially having issues and listing too many causing the game to crash. Logs would be located at InstallDir\UDKGame\Logs\Launch.log
  13. I don't have any clear answers as to why the folder(s) won't be installed to
  14. We are not supporting or distributing the old launcher anymore. Available servers isn't an issue, as it uses a CDN. The speed estimate isn't quite accurate but overall the downloads could be faster, it was just reduced to increase stability; that may be changed/optimized in the future. For the issue of the folder selection I haven't heard of any thing like that recently, for easier support I'd recommend asking about on our Discord.
  15. Most commands are not available in a server. If you are trying to do admin commands, they usually need to be prefixed with / and you must be logged in as admin. For example, /team2 Player256
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