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Found 12 results

  1. Whenever i click on settings, the game crashes.
  2. Greetings there, I just want to let you notice: Cheater are either increasing - from these players I had never thought they would even do that - or spoofing ones simply "impersonate" other users. I more like to tend about this spoofing and impersonating fact/issue, as these "players" always handle, act and re-act the same, by a same typical human character.. During all these times in RenX, they could have even created "multiple playing characters" (so could impersonate theirself) with different names. Without to blame & shame some names here, yesterday I had become "one-shot" by an enemy Officer multiple times. This shouldnt even be possible.. Also that "player" had a "unnatural" K/D of 250:50... Just imagine our Team had about 250 deaths less. One crappy cheater simply unbalances a whole match, even if they aimbot and secure the freakin Silo, to so gain control and to unbalance a whole area, as on Field. Also this "impersonating" has really increased during past few days and weeks, obviously, and has additionally become a problem. Please.... in the name of Kane, do something against this cheating mess... Implement an Anti-Cheat software, upgrade to a higher and more secure game engine, lock down some (console)commands behind a password, encrypt .ini-files, be finally actively active against cheating... and trash this freaking "conspiracy" as none gain profit out of this, but just 1, 2, 3 guys... K/D means nothing in Renagade X, but these braindamaged lowbobs even try-hard... Talk with Electronic fArts, plan and do something with em to stop this cheating mess. Or I am going to begin to do that, even if this means Renegade X needs to be shut down! I wanna have fun in RenX, I wanna hunt for crates, I wanna relax in RenX and whatever, and not to become this massively angry about one simple idiot which easily destroys a whole neat day we had, as for everyone else. Have a "good day"!!
  3. Hi, I just downloaded Renegade X today, and I am having troubles playing the game. At first, the menu had a very low fps, so I had it on windowed mode 1600x900 and adjusted some settings, which seemed to help a little bit. Unfortunately, I couldn't try these settings in game because the game crashed almost immediately once the game starts, or allows me to get to first contact before crashing and exiting to desktop. I've been playing on skirmish since I want to try the game before playing online. I attached the logs, it seems to have a lot of errors at the end of the file. Any help fixing this? I've tried the following: switching to x32/x64 disabling/enabling PhysX disabling motion blur disabling Steam overlay Windowed mode Different maps (different maps last for a varying amount of time before crashing) Any help appreciated. Thanks! Launch.log
  4. WELCOME BACK, COMMANDER In today's topic, I'll be going over the complete package of setting up your keybindings for console commands, (commander) support powers, and other miscellaneous goodies. Lets dive straight to the point, shall we? Topic 1 How To Make Yourself Commander! ----- ⚠️ ----- It is important to note that while I em showing you how to make yourself a commander using console commands or the in-game vote menu, I will NOT be showing how to become a experience battlefield commander. If you want to know your role as a commander and like an introduction, it's best to ask in the official TA Discord or look in the wiki which I'll link here: https://wiki.totemarts.games/wiki/Commanders Option 1 1. First things first, let's make you a commander. The first option you have is using the in-game Vote Menu which has features that are easy and quick to access. To open the Vote Menu, on your keyboard press CRTL + V. 2. Once open, on the left side of your screen you should see the Vote Menu. You should see a list of options that range from restarting the map to voting a commander. The one we want to use is the Vote Commander option so on your keyboard press 9. Image from in-game Renegade X 3. From there it will ask you to Elect or Impeach, you want to press 1 on your keyboard to Elect yourself or someone you wish to vote in as commander. Image from in-game Renegade X 4. Since I'm using Skirmish, it will automatically put me as a commander. If you're trying this on a server, in the bottom left, it will ask you to vote somebody in. So in this case you will type your in-game name in there (or another players name if you want them as commander). Image from in-game Renegade X 5. Once you typed your name and pressed ENTER, a vote will appear on the middle-top of your screen telling the players in-game to vote you as commander. Ultimately if you change your mind, you can double press F2 on your keyboard and it will cancel the vote. Image from in-game Renegade X Option 2 6. Alternatively, the most easiest way of doing it is by using a simple command called: ----- ⚠️ ----- You must note: this only works if you are a administrator of the server (different for moderators) or in Skirmish. Please do not attempt this on the servers that you are not an administrator on. 7. To set yourself commander or somebody else, press F5 or / (forward slash) on your keyboard and a green and black box will open in the bottom. Type the command /setcommander then the players name and press ENTER. It will automatically skip the voting process and assign you or the player commander. Image from in-game Renegade X Topic 2 Setting Up Your Keybindings! -----💡----- Before we begin, I'm going to give you a list of (commander) support powers and console commands that will be important for you later down the line or whenever you need a refresher. Console commands will only work if you are a administrator in a server, Skirmish, or SDK Editor of Renegade X. Some commands will work in multiplayer servers. Support Powers Console Commands Vehicle List Weapon List Building List Once you memorized the commands or (commander) support powers you wish to use, let's begin on how to set them up onto a keybinding. Option 1 1. The first option you have is to set up your keybindings by going in-game and pressing F5 or / (forward slash) to open the command console. The command console will be a green and black box that will appear in front of you below. For faster results, make sure you're in a game or server to test out your functions. It is also important to note that you can overwrite your keybindings. Please ensure you don't make any mistakes or overwrite your W key and complain later that you can't walk anymore. 2. Once you have the command console open, in the console you want to type setbind then the key you want to bind, and lastly the command or support power you want bind. In simpler terms, like this: setbind <key> <command> So for example lets say I want to use the Radar Scan/Spy Plane support power and bind it to my J key, I would type setbind J quicksupport 1. Image from in-game Renegade X Below is a video better showing it if you're still confused. 💡 setbindtutorial1.mp4 "But Jay! I want to spawn a bunch of Titans without having to type it manually at the time! How do I set that to one of my keys?" ⚠️ (Just be careful doing that as you can actually crash yourself.) ⚠️ It's simple! Allow me to show you. 3. Once you figured out how the setbind command works, lets move onto the next level of summoning your favorite GDI walker tank: the Titan! To summon a Titan, in the command console you would type summon RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Titan. So lets say I want to summon Titans for my friends without having to type it manually all the time, and I want it bind to my V key. Here is what I would type: setbind V summon RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Titan. If you want a different vehicle, you would just type in a different line. Go back to the Vehicle List if you want to try out more. Image from in-game Renegade X Option 2 4. Finally getting the hang out it now, are you? Well lets move on to setting up your keybindings using the UDKInput file where all your configurations keys are located. -----💡----- First locate your install directory for Renegade X. If you don't know where it is, open up your TA Launcher and click on ⚙️ Settings in the bottom right. Once you open your settings, in front of you should show you where your install directory is, and of course you can change it anytime. Image from TA Launcher 5. Once you found your install directory double click on the UDKGame folder, then Config, and scroll down until you find UDKInput. Double click to open it and Notepad should open up. 6. Once you double clicked UDKInput and see Notepad open, scroll down until you find [RenX_Game.Rx_PlayerInput]. 7. If you scroll down further, you're going to see a bunch of Bindings= the further you go and go. Mainly, you want to find the bind you set your key to. In this case, it be easier to find the key such as ThumbMouseButton, J, V, or any key you set to. For me, mine are found way in the bottom above [RenX_Game.Rx_AuthenticationClient]. As you can see, mine are already set because I did them in-game. -----💡----- If for any reason your keybindings are not working in-game when you type them into the console, you always have the option to use the UDKInput if things don't go your way. Renegade X or UDK can be a bit finicky sometimes when doing commands in-game so it's always good to remember these sort of options. End As this tutorial comes to an end, I want to thank you for taking your time reading through this big ol' piece of information that might be useful to you now or one day. However you use this inforamtion, please use it responsibly. ----- ⚠️ ----- I em NOT responsible if you overwrite your existing keybindings! Please take caution and read through the information carefully! Put on your glasses (if you use them, that is) too! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below or on TA's Official Discord. I'll do my best to answer any questions you have. If any of the commands get changed in the future, I'll be sure to update this forum post. With that being said, I'll see you in the battlefield... Commander. - Jay
  5. Well... I was wondering what are the minimum and the recommended system requirements for Renegade X? Like Graphics Card, CPU, Hard Drive space, etc. Many thanks, Aztec
  6. I was wodering, how the idea of battle royal mod for Renegade X sounds to you? like on pubg you start at lobby wait 30 seconds, they an air plane drop you off on a very large map with civil buildings and forest what ever ( we can use Mount Harbour) then there is a huge blue deadly ring that keeps closing on you , no respawning, one winner or team winner. that kind of stuff. would you play it?
  7. Hello there, last night Renegade X was able being launched via Steam, nearly 15 hours later it doesn't work anymore. PC & Steam haven't been restarted or shutted down since then. Renegade X Launcher.exe is shown within the Windows Task-Manager, but I cannot even Alt-TAB it to open. Need to end its process manually. It is like it hides anywhere within the background. I am also able to launch multiple "non-working" Launcher.exe through Steam. Without Steam, it launches immediately. No AV, Driver, Steam, etc updates were done. CCleaner hasn't been used for few days. The only "thingy" I did was to lower my mouse sensitivity from 16 to 10 while being in-game last night. Not sure why my sensitivity was changed that much that I needed to lower it down..?!
  8. hello guys i do not know how to open folder editor can you help?
  9. Recreating Renegade X - in Unreal Engine 4 So i have been play around with the Squad Devkit, they pretty much have every system that you need for Renegade X - August 28, 2017 - [UE4] Squad: August 13, 2017 - [UE4] Squad: August 11, 2017 - [UE4] Squad: Starting to learn how to do weapons to Squad. Somewhat got the AutoRifle from RenegadeX working August 09, 2017 - [UE4] Squad: August 04, 2017 Part 4 - [UE4] Squad: Jul 30, 2016 Part 3: Dec 25, 2015 Part 2: Dec 4, 2015 Part 1:
  10. lets decicde on a day, or a week, that will all, all memmbers are taking one friend - and showing him or her the game. also show how easy to install and play and such. if any one take one friend we can expend a lot toghter. what do you say?
  11. hey guys i notice an old post about automated program for unpacking maps into the directory of the Ren X folder. i don't know if it would help much but still i made an .bat file that once being activate he transfer the .udk and .ini, and such from the extracted zipped file to the ren x folder. i checked it and it comfortable. try it out and tell me if it's useful to you too. here the post
  12. hey guys, can we do something together as users, to publish this marvelous remake ? i mean i know there are lots of mods but this is the most beautiful i seen. in the glory days of C&C, there were milions players all over the world but now when i look for a full server, only one out of 8 is allmost full. it's fun, innovative , open to all users or developers and artists, i mean this is the best we can ask for. you can play it, mod it, even join the main developers team ( right?) and help in the project. it's amazing game, i think we should at least talk and think how to publish it to details. if there are any persons with strong hardware and spare time, opening up youtube channel and uploading videos will be great. if you need any video editing assistance im sure we can arrange help. just lets really talk about it?
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