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Found 14 results

  1. I'm a fan of the original game, and would love to walk around it in VR. If I can get the original maps and models in to Unity, I think I can give myself a nostalgia moment for old times sake. I'm sorry if this was the wrong place to post, I'm new, and admittedly only joined to ask this question. Thank you for you help.
  2. Well this is my first attempt at a map in RenX, and i am brand new to UDK. I have been trying to use my mapmaking skills from games like FarCry, timesplitters, old renegade, and such to fill in some blanks, and im watching a few videos when i have the chance to work (which is rare, as i normally work 50+ hours /week.). It is still heavy WIP, but im hoping i will eventually be able to finish it. But, here it is: Bayside It takes place on a small plot of rocky/sandy shoreline, ideal for the setup of a potential future naval port. It's proximity to local shipping channels also gives it value as a location. The map itself is pretty straight forward: each team has two direct routes to assault the enemy base, which consists of 3 base buildings, and a silo, guarded but turrets & guardtowers. The most straightforward route is a bridged path that was built over the inlets, but while very direct, there is no cover whatsoever from attacks, both frontal and to the side. players may also elect to take a more conventional overland route, which has more cover, but takes longer to reach the enemy base, and they will have to deal with base defenses using this route. Infantry can use the beach to avoid direct conflict with tanks from the overland routes, though they will be subject to fire from any tanks who decided to take the bridged route. Soft cover from trees will break some line of sight. A single peninsula splits the bases apart, upon which a comms center is ripe for any infantry to assault, giving a purpose for people to take the bridged route. The overland route also has a secondary route, which is only navigable by infantry due to dense foliage, but because of the dense tree cover, it is dark, and so it will be harder to see. However it is a good way to flank people fighting below. As i said before this map is still heavy WIP, and my guesstimates is that it is about 10-20% finished. Screenshots below: A small overview of the field: Overland Route: Peninsula: Forest Path:
  3. Hello there, you maybe know, that I am the current map designer of CNC-Cliffside. I was very happy to see, that the developers added the map to one of the newest patches. But I spend my time in the last months with playing other games, so I never really played on this map in a public game. I have no idea, if there are any problems with the balancing or the gameplay. I've asked some people in the last days, but I think it would be better to ask the whole community. The most common thing I heard was, that the base designs allows too much sneaking. It would be great to see some comments here. Only through that, we can try to create the best possible game experience for everyone. Thanks in advance Luhrian Note: Feel free to post map bugs
  4. Hello there everyone! So this is a very very rare topic I'm talking / asking about. It's about some (Official) Renegade X maps we haven't seen yet. Now first things first, I could be wrong (I'm just a human). Second of all: It's only a question. Third of all: I'm just interested. This topic is mainly focused to the Devs because they know what happened to these maps or what stage of development they are) So let's get started! Map 1: CNC-Piek So I've watched the video Beyond Black Dawn recently and I saw some screenshots of maps that I never saw before, like CNC-Piek . I guess it's called like this since the assets shown on the screen are in one of the SDK packages, called RX_Piek. First of all this screen reminded me a bit of the old Under design, but I know it's probably very very different from that. According to the screen AND the package it is a snow map with probably a bunker somewhere (I'm guessing since the bunker PC mesh is in that package). I like the design first of all and I think it will be a great addition for RenX. But I have no clue what the stage of development is in this map since I've never saw it after this video again. Map 2: [UNKNOWN MAPNAME] The second map has not that much info. From what I can see it is suppose to take place somewhere in Arabia and I'm probably looking on an Infantry Only area since this part doesn't really look like it has vehicle support. Again, the SDK shows us some of the assets like the fountain that's in the files. There is not any further info on this map and I think Kenz mentioned it once in the Canyon Making of Series after he got some of the assets to use it for Canyon. Furthermore it looks a really good, high detailed map and it will be the first Urban map, in Arabia Map 3: CNC-Daybreak This map is something more known because it got announced by the creator himself, HappyConscript / Evan Brooks. He announced it after Valley got announced and then we never saw any further progress. I think the devs got their hands on this map since I've seen it on the SDK recent loaded maps before. But this is what Daybreak looks like for the people who don't know what map that is. This map has been talked about more that the other 2 maps. I think this map as a bigger chance of getting an actual release than the other 2 and devs maybe trying to forget these maps they announced in the past. I don't know what the real truth is. So what do you think about these maps. Should they be in the game? (Question to other RenX fans) What happened to these maps (Question for devs: @Havoc89, @HappyConscript, @[NE]Fobby[GEN] and other devs who knows somethin')
  5. Okay, I managed to get a server in working order. It starts up fine and other players can join. However, there is an issue that I'm running into. Whenever the game ends and the players vote for a map, everyone is immediately booted from the game and sent to the main menu, From there the server cannot be joined again without a hard restart. I've tried editing some lines in the files but I cannot seem to resolve this issue. If there is a fix for this it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. RenX community testers: What do we offer: general map testing glitch, game exploit, balance testing proper feedback, documentation, etc. for mappers private / confidential pre-release testing and more... How to recruit us: @DarkSn4ke: Forums PM | Steam | TS³ [www.stalker-contact.de] | Discord Try-Out: T.O. >>> Testing Server <<< We usually test any map that you request us to test for you. Please be aware that it might take a while until you get the feedback. & more - that are: many talented and seasoned RenX players, either tanker, sniper, commander, sneaker, rusher (for gameplay feedback) or dedicated glitchers that are known to us and help to improve the game for the greater cause. Regards, Sn4ke
  7. If you look in observer mode into a shiny surface on refinery's second floor, you'll see that environment map is a cube with only a circle of sky inside each side. I'll try to obtain screenshot, but I guess its easier to check in the editor
  8. Hey guys, After 1 month since I installed the editor, I managed it to make a good design. After like 6 big failes, I made a good desgin. But I don't talk sentimantal shit, you want to see some screens. Here they are. This map contains: Refinery, Hand of Nod /Barracks, Airstrip/Weapons Factory 2 Silos 2 Infantry Paths 2 Tank routes Tiberium Trees More Trees Deco shit I hope you like it. Mats are from CNC - Crash - Site SPECIAL THANKS TO: @kenz3001 @Schmitzenbergh @Xtractor @Handepsilon @Ruud033 @TK0104 Btw, I am sorry the Mammoth MKII is only for decoration. What to do: Collisions little hills gras/bushes Paths Lights Subtleties some more deco shit Harvester routes Water
  9. Muss leider noch mal ein Thema dazu auf machen, Sorry. Das alte von mir finde ich gerade nicht. Möchte nur ungern wieder Stundenlang da sitzen und zu gucken wie sie ganz gemütlich die Maps in Game Bitweise bei mehreren 100MB runterladen. Ist es seitens der Page betreuer hier nicht möglich im Download bereich zu den üblichen Downloads auch gleich die Links zu den seiten mit anzugeben in denen man sich die Maps laden kann? Denn alle wichtigen Maps scheinen beim runtergeladen spiel wohl nicht dabei zu sein.
  10. ================= == Not Maintained == ================= This list isnt maintained anymore as the game now supports a built-in downloader. The built-in downloader defaults to a new repository, but server admins can also host their own map/mods/etc repository. -------- Original Post -------- Here is a list of maps available for download via the seeker/launcher. This is useful for server admins to know what maps can be auto downloaded. The zip date is the date of the zip file in the repository, the map date is the modified date of the map file. Maps with released in the notes are now part of the core game. Some of these files have been made redundant by being included in the release game. The repo is found here: http://eu.constructivetyranny.com:1350/renx/Full Map Directory/ Note: the repo is not managed by me, I'm simply providing a list for convenience of whats actually in the files in the repo. Editied: 16-Feb-17 Map Name Zip Date Map Date Zip File Notes CNC-Artic_Stronghold 14-Jul-16 14-Jul-16 DA2037594A42406C7910AE891E239B0E Released CNC-BeachHead 28-Sep-16 03-Feb-16 cnc-beachhead_2E3C197B4327A15043E4FA9C9B4CE01B CNC-CityRedux 11-Dec-16 11-Feb-16 CNC-CityRedux_47BBCE004B5D0162D2A88AB2D4DCC4A5 CNC-CliffSide 28-Sep-16 09-Feb-16 cnc-cliffside_06B74E70435433271DFD688BDC8B2DCB CNC-CoastalSmall 07-Apr-16 07-Apr-16 68B2938C4E83A1E921C4128588A13906 CNC-Containment 30-Jan-16 30-Jan-16 709570F14EE41BF95A9AFBAAD11D57B4 CNC-Dust 11-Dec-16 11-Feb-16 CNC-Dust_10FC083A47D0FDA7DA465C89CBD6B9A4 CNC-Field_Day2 03-Feb-17 03-Feb-17 CNC-Field_Day2_02E8758C436B20A3D9A0F797709EF603 CNC-Field_Flying 15-Feb-17 15-Feb-17 CNC-Field_Flying_C566E34D4D08B1B53B918888D8F03E7B CNC-Field_Night2 03-Feb-17 03-Feb-17 CNC-Field_Night2_2C3CB7D647C9E291D1F52687609DF421 CNC-Frost 19-Jun-16 19-Jun-16 847EE1CC4AB04367BCBBF2B77583C9C5 Barebones map CNC-Frostbite 04-Dec-16 04-Dec-16 CNC-Frostbite_BDAF5E344CD54382A3FFC0AF5BA2A3BD Doesn’t download CNC-Glasses 20-Nov-16 20-Nov-16 CNC-Glasses_2B734CBA4AF0E2B704D8128EDA61B557 Released CNC-GrassyKnoll 06-May-16 06-May-16 3FEF582E4B5A1CDA63C365944250EB89 CNC-Headlands 21-Nov-16 18-Nov-16 CNC-Headlands_264DD3E94E94AD245AE17F8F49C3205C CNC-Horologe 15-Feb-17 15-Feb-17 CNC-Horologe_D8A68C9E45C452EE1C3CC49E067A71EE CNC-Horologe 20-Nov-16 20-Nov-16 CNC-Horologe_8829ADE5485C042EB58AA58D1A30FBC7 Superceded CNC-Islands_Flying 12-Feb-17 12-Feb-17 CNC-Islands_Flying_00BB36C141E4BD8E4C85038C10929A87 CNC-JFF-RocketHill 30-Jan-17 30-Jan-16 8A3714B14BAABA2A5FC82E95806FD831 CNC-LakeSideNF 18-Dec-16 18-Dec-16 CNC-LakesideNF_477723354F706EF4DB28EFB94F8DCD56 CNC-Paradise 20-Nov-16 20-Nov-16 cnc-paradise_4FBBF61A438A3764B4BA128AAF424C0D CNC-River 11-Sep-16 11-Sep-16 cnc-river_31800D534B2B845005DD8596DEEB71AB CNC-Sniper-Park 02-May-16 02-May-16 E4F5A518482A3A925A5304A6455E237D CNC-Sniper-VantagePoints 02-May-16 13-Jan-16 AD6857424BEB2BE1C4250D91477D2910 CNC-Snow 31-Jan-16 31-Jan-16 D246A9944AADB89EDD7ACF94988B4E0A Released CNC-TrainingYard 11-Dec-16 25-Nov-16 CNC-TrainingYard_18B72042404794404164AE924D61904A CNC-Tunnels 11-Dec-16 11-Dec-16 CNC-Tunnels_F2F5BFAB4AA2CE2FF46A7086FD3743D4 Released CNC-Tunnels 13-Jul-16 13-Jul-16 54EE107E4ECDA0F37E266C82848E3472 Superceded CNC-Under_Flying 14-Feb-17 14-Feb-17 CNC-Under_Flying_54ACA7DA4D4F284BF262A789459160F8 CNC-UphillRedux 22-Sep-16 21-Sep-16 cnc-uphillredux_3609ABB548DCACE70E6C8BA0C1557BC7 CNC-Walls_Snowing 21-Dec-16 21-Dec-16 CNC-Walls_Snowing_F3DF1DD04C1BA2FF5D45BF8F2D9E351F CNC-WallsNF 15-Jan-17 15-Jan-17 CNC-WallsNF_3C9A929745F8CFCA385A1DB6C4B7CD0C CNC-WoodsV2 25-Sep-16 07-Jun-16 cnc-woodsv2_414F3A274FC2DB631EFFDC850D1FB5F9 CNC-Xmeteor 26-Sep-16 06-Jun-16 cnc-xmeteor_6E9E2AC44B5F1FC27C4186B34EFE483B Many Errors CNC-Xmountain_Flying 14-Feb-17 14-Feb-17 CNC-XMountain_Flying_5DE1D7634AC793E3B04C088143BD08C0
  11. Is there a public list of the maps that are currently available via seeker? This would be handy for server admins so they know what maps are automatically downloaded. Also does the seeker handle just maps, or does it handle mutilators as well?
  12. Hey Guys I just want to report a little bug in Gobi. U can see on the first 3 pics, that u can go into the rock in GDI Base near center base entrance. It is just a nice place to Hide as SBH. So now I have a suggestion for Map improvments. On the 4th pic u can see that Nod can easily bombarding and killing the GDI Harvester with an Arty. It is very diffcult for GDI to kill this Arty, because the Arty r in base and can have repairs. So now to the problem. For GDI it is more difficult to spam kill their Harv, because there is a rock (look at the 5th pic). They must go out of base and r easily to destroy. So u have 3 possibilities: 1. Make it difficult for Nod to Spam kill GDI Harv from their base 2. Make it easier for GDI to Spam kill Nod Harv 3. Do nothing Don't make it good - Make it better (Ger)Luhrian
  13. Hey Guys, In this topic I want to give a feedback for the map Eyes. 1. Overview Map Eyes isn't a new map so I don't understand why this map have still no overview map. Sometimes this fuck me really up. 2. Nod Refinery You can hit the Nod Refinery with an MRLS from Nod bridge. I will not ask why, but maybe you can fix it. 3. GDI Refinery It is possible to sneak into the GDI Refinery, but it is too difcult and inbalacned. First you must watch for the Front GT, then the AGT bombard you with MG's and Missels and the you must watch for the back GT. It is very diffcult to disarm mines, because if you come closer to GDI Refinery the GT can hit you. And what can you hit if u want to sneak to Nod Refinery? Right, nothing. You should do a rock between Refinery Infantry path and GDI Refinery, to hide. Just move the back GT a bit, that he can't hit me if I want to sneak into Refinery 4. Power Plant Why you can sneak inside GDI Power Plant, but not into Nod Power Plant? Maybe you have a good reason but I don't think, that is a good idea. So that's it. But Eyes is a good and a big map with many possibilities, so it is a good map. I am out (Ger)Luhrian
  14. hey guys i notice an old post about automated program for unpacking maps into the directory of the Ren X folder. i don't know if it would help much but still i made an .bat file that once being activate he transfer the .udk and .ini, and such from the extracted zipped file to the ren x folder. i checked it and it comfortable. try it out and tell me if it's useful to you too. here the post
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