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Found 11 results

  1. "Ho Ho Ho, Commander!" We've reached the end of 2023, which means our annual Winter Season Event has arrived! Snow has fallen again in 5 of our maps and we're glad to release this just before the Holiday season starts. Santa Claus has also brought us a lot of new voicelines for all characters for us to enjoy!
  2. "Welcome back, Commander!" This Spooky Season has brought Patch 5.76 upon us, with many fixes, some big changes and our seasonal maps.
  3. "Welcome back, Commander!" Patch 5.70.506 brings some small bug fixes along with minor balance adjustments
  4. Greetings there, I just want to let you notice: Cheater are either increasing - from these players I had never thought they would even do that - or spoofing ones simply "impersonate" other users. I more like to tend about this spoofing and impersonating fact/issue, as these "players" always handle, act and re-act the same, by a same typical human character.. During all these times in RenX, they could have even created "multiple playing characters" (so could impersonate theirself) with different names. Without to blame & shame some names here, yesterday I had become "one-shot" by an enemy Officer multiple times. This shouldnt even be possible.. Also that "player" had a "unnatural" K/D of 250:50... Just imagine our Team had about 250 deaths less. One crappy cheater simply unbalances a whole match, even if they aimbot and secure the freakin Silo, to so gain control and to unbalance a whole area, as on Field. Also this "impersonating" has really increased during past few days and weeks, obviously, and has additionally become a problem. Please.... in the name of Kane, do something against this cheating mess... Implement an Anti-Cheat software, upgrade to a higher and more secure game engine, lock down some (console)commands behind a password, encrypt .ini-files, be finally actively active against cheating... and trash this freaking "conspiracy" as none gain profit out of this, but just 1, 2, 3 guys... K/D means nothing in Renagade X, but these braindamaged lowbobs even try-hard... Talk with Electronic fArts, plan and do something with em to stop this cheating mess. Or I am going to begin to do that, even if this means Renegade X needs to be shut down! I wanna have fun in RenX, I wanna hunt for crates, I wanna relax in RenX and whatever, and not to become this massively angry about one simple idiot which easily destroys a whole neat day we had, as for everyone else. Have a "good day"!!
  5. Madkill40

    Merrappy RenXmas Day!

    Circa. 14th June, 21.

    © Memes are free forever.

  6. Frostbite Frostbite V1_9 Map specifications: -flying -2 Silo -Frosty -Bite'tee -Icy To be done: -Loading screen Changes: [As of 14th Sept] -Hand of Nod has been moved to where the Airstrip Tower was -Airstrip Tower moved near the head of the Airstrip runway -You can no longer beacon any two buildings anymore -Ice cave now has two entrances/exits for both teams -Endgame Cam remastered -Minimap is 99% accurate -Info Point Nodes added to map Changes: [As of 7th Sept] -Added extra route to Ice-cave, GDI side -Barracks has been rotated -GDI Ice-Cave Entrance/exit modified -General fixes and edits made -Modified blocking volumes at GDI base. -Modified blocking volumes throughout the map. -Reduced map size. (Lowest/longest route no longer accessible) -Ice cave rehauled, reworked, relit, redone. -Peak route expanded on Nod's side. -HoN Emplacement moved out of HoN. -Some lights have been removed. -Misc changes. What's New in Version Changes as of June 24th 2017 Terrain modified Textures modified Static meshes reduced Vehicles can no longer pass through the middle of the map Vehicle tunnel to GDI is no longer a tunnel Widened vehicle routes on one side of the map Tiberium mists are now blue Ice looks more like ice Background surrounding the map has been modified Misc changes Enjoy.
  7. My idea to add counter on airstrike screen into the purchase menu. That can fix situations when players begin to use airstrikes during the public games with many people and buy too much, airstrikes become useless and balance between two teams crashes because it eating all players' credits. There must be a way to control the number of purchased airstrikes of the team, I think. - with love from Dagama
  8. This is an alternative download page! not official Site update: 06.08.2020 ################################################################################### https://renegade-x-download.net/ https://renegade-x.com/forums/topic/74913-installationupdate-aid-need-help/ -LG iTweek https://renegade-x-download.net/
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWdAKFYqCKA i really like this map and would love to see it when the server is full .The carnage will be awesome
  10. I was wodering, how the idea of battle royal mod for Renegade X sounds to you? like on pubg you start at lobby wait 30 seconds, they an air plane drop you off on a very large map with civil buildings and forest what ever ( we can use Mount Harbour) then there is a huge blue deadly ring that keeps closing on you , no respawning, one winner or team winner. that kind of stuff. would you play it?
  11. Though it's not first place but it is still very visible to bunch of players. Just got to stay at the top.
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