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  1. Yes i beleive pieman said 2K credits per player if im not wrong
  2. Same goes here on FPI, We already up to some testing, can add your map to rotation if that's ok.
  3. I don't get. I almost every time having fun playing Eyes. Yes you can get based locked, yes many spots had to be fixed but still it's open wide area and simple and casual
  4. It should be the latest one since I took it from the SVN. it's not the FortX with the special added buildings, the simple Fort map.
  5. man, being a while... https://www.mediafire.com/file/65otjecehkpx1a0/CNC-Fort.udk/file
  6. looking good by the images i seen here, the lighting perfect and the buildings seems good fit to the environment, you want to test it with some players?
  7. Seems fine on mobile, except for the footer text. But if you somehow wanna give it a go, remember - css media query is your friend.
  8. Instead of writing book series on fourms, it would be much benefit community if you guys scout new players that joins the discord, and follow up if they need help to get familier with game so they won't quit day after. Quite simple solution isn't it?
  9. how exactly, dogs arent your firsr choise?
  10. If you need further help or want to showcase you welcome to our official discord server, we have chat rooms dedicated for modding which devs and other modders around. https://discord.gg/pawRGAHg
  11. there are who can who just need a little cheer up
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