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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings there, I just want to let you notice: Cheater are either increasing - from these players I had never thought they would even do that - or spoofing ones simply "impersonate" other users. I more like to tend about this spoofing and impersonating fact/issue, as these "players" always handle, act and re-act the same, by a same typical human character.. During all these times in RenX, they could have even created "multiple playing characters" (so could impersonate theirself) with different names. Without to blame & shame some names here, yesterday I had become "one-shot" by an enemy Officer multiple times. This shouldnt even be possible.. Also that "player" had a "unnatural" K/D of 250:50... Just imagine our Team had about 250 deaths less. One crappy cheater simply unbalances a whole match, even if they aimbot and secure the freakin Silo, to so gain control and to unbalance a whole area, as on Field. Also this "impersonating" has really increased during past few days and weeks, obviously, and has additionally become a problem. Please.... in the name of Kane, do something against this cheating mess... Implement an Anti-Cheat software, upgrade to a higher and more secure game engine, lock down some (console)commands behind a password, encrypt .ini-files, be finally actively active against cheating... and trash this freaking "conspiracy" as none gain profit out of this, but just 1, 2, 3 guys... K/D means nothing in Renagade X, but these braindamaged lowbobs even try-hard... Talk with Electronic fArts, plan and do something with em to stop this cheating mess. Or I am going to begin to do that, even if this means Renegade X needs to be shut down! I wanna have fun in RenX, I wanna hunt for crates, I wanna relax in RenX and whatever, and not to become this massively angry about one simple idiot which easily destroys a whole neat day we had, as for everyone else. Have a "good day"!!
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