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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, My game crashes when i try to play skirmish on the map Under. Everything starts fine, but after some time the game always crashes. I haven't measured whether the crash occurs after the same amount of time or not. I don't know with which patch this issue appeared. I have already verified the game integrity, but the issue persists. I haven't tried to reinstall the game yet. Anyway here's the log and dump. Thanks in advance ! Gthebeast Launch.log unreal-v12791-2020.08.15-22.37.08.dmp
  2. Hi, I just downloaded Renegade X today, and I am having troubles playing the game. At first, the menu had a very low fps, so I had it on windowed mode 1600x900 and adjusted some settings, which seemed to help a little bit. Unfortunately, I couldn't try these settings in game because the game crashed almost immediately once the game starts, or allows me to get to first contact before crashing and exiting to desktop. I've been playing on skirmish since I want to try the game before playing online. I attached the logs, it seems to have a lot of errors at the end of the file. Any help fixing this? I've tried the following: switching to x32/x64 disabling/enabling PhysX disabling motion blur disabling Steam overlay Windowed mode Different maps (different maps last for a varying amount of time before crashing) Any help appreciated. Thanks! Launch.log
  3. I'm not in the game yet due to a lack of a pc but I need to ask, how are the Bots in skirmish? The same from the Original Renegade or do they actually get vehicles & different classes?
  4. When I select in main menu skirmish, then select map and then set number of bots to 16 and play the game, 8 bots appear only in GDI. I've tried with console, vote menu. Nothing worked.
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