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  1. As I completely agree with Undertaker, I sorta disagree with Suspiria. I could list you hacks "for RenX" in an instant, even their source codes, and all for free. One vehicle and its "engine" could be "injected" with "various petrol", same goes with hacks! As RenX doesnt even have an anti-cheat implemented, for example the Unreal Engine's own Anti-Cheat EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat), invented and created by Epic Games which even has become free to use and to implement since 2021 and which would be a "first step" and so a barrier to fight cheater after all these years of suffering, any sort of cheats and hacks would work in RenX. Even if it is a simple unsecured console command/script and/or simple ini.-file edits of various game data. These tools or more like injectors/hacks provide exactly these kind of stuff, exactly these "unnatural and non-human" but machine-like behaviour of known cheater in-game, who even become shielded by Devs and Mods. A true conspiracy! Those aimbots/aim assists they use are really blatant. And as mentioned a couple of times already, instead to fight cheater, they fight and threaten and especially "suppress" the good guys and even try to destroy their reputation for whatever reasons. They simply ignore and deny everything about cheater and counter and lie like crazy! At least it feels like that... Closing threads and conversations with a blatant lie, a reputation-killer sentence, without even have a simple investigation and research done. Gladly they listened on this case and edited it. But damage might be done already.. EAC would be a first and even impressive barrier and step to stop cheater in Renegade X!! And even if there are exploits and bypasses for cheater in RenX simply by editing ini-files, other game files through "SDK Generator" and/or by using the console, heck, lock, protect and encrypt these commands behind a password. After all these years, it cannot be that hard to implement some kind of a simple anti-cheat protection as a solution.. even if it is just against a handful of cheater in RenX. A year ago, EAC has become FREE .. !! https://dev.epicgames.com/en-US/news/epic-online-services-launches-anti-cheat-support-for-linux-mac-and-steam-deck https://dev.epicgames.com/en-US/news/epic-online-services-launches-two-new-free-services >> https://www.easy.ac/licensing/ I am tired of non-official conversations and talk as this leads to nowhere. The public should be involved! I "may have" a reason being angry ...
  2. Long story short: I have used a map change vote - "CT Admin/mod: kicks N3tRunn3r, because an admin/mod had a bad day!" I have used a modrequest - "CT Admin/mod: dont abuse this command! There are >> NO << Cheater in Renegade X!" I have written a non-clear sentence within first 5 minutes of gameplay - "CT Admin/mod: thats enough badboy, you have become our public enemy! You have accumulated 3 offenses which wont be tolerated on CT Servers! >> bans N3tRunn3r for 30 days!" I am not bitching, and I am tired of always being in the needs to justify myself for such non-sense bullshit, like this. It is about a pure and plain principle. Of course I do own other games, alone on Steam I have collected and registered about ~3700 games in where ~700 are shown to the public, but Renegade X is the only FPS I do play and want to play to relax. I dont care about my K/D in RenX, nor if our team is winning or losing. I want to hunt my crates for spies or the HLMRS, I want to keep Silos captured, I want to be skilled with the Silenced Pistol as Engy/Hotty/Techy as this is my primary weapon in RenX. If an obvious team has been auto-scrambled that badly after a map change and so if this match is an instant-loss, various players and also I do start either Surrender votes in late game or simply mapchange votes. Everyone does this! Lately players have started all sort and more votes than I have done within past few months together. These "competent" CT Admins and Mods should have banned the entire RenX Community already by their behaviour. If Admins want to play serious and dont want to become "disturbed" by votes, dont join the "publics" and stay in your serious PUG Server business with sharpened rules enabled and welcoming cheater to even praise them and their "skills". Ridiculous! I dont wanna know why these Admins and Mods and even some Devs are shielding Cheater, why they are going to focus all their energy to suppress me and other anti-cheater, to deny cheater at all and whatever. While other admins and mods who clearly have gained my respect for their actions, do indeed ban cheater. But these then simply spoof their Hardware IDs etc pp. These 3 "infractions" which I have mentioned above, A) Arrogance, B) Ignorance and C) Collectively incompetent Admin Abuse should not be tolerated in any way, globally. They should focus their power anywere else, instead to trying to ban me at all costs for whatever reasons. I am happy that the Renegade X Community is growing, to suspend "innocent" players is exactly the opposite way they should do. I am officially here within the RenX Community since 2008/2009 and do play RenX since then. Community is finally growing up after all these yeers..? Ban these fucking cheater already! There is no excuse about this and to keep up a conspiracy about them anymore! I dont understand why these are "officially" trying to deny, to hide and to shield cheater, while "inofficially" they trying to ban them without real impacting success and even given up this action.. long time ago. You see them cheating? Ban them! So they gonna lose interest into spoofing everytime.. to keep the RenX Community CLEAN!! There has been so many proof collected against them lately but they simply deny it. Even if they show-off their rampant aimbotting. Can someone explain, why cheater become "officially" shielded? Do they have some nudes from you? Do they blackmail you? Do they pay thousands of dollars every month? Are these war veterans? Are these handicapped? Do they death threatening members? DO they have the DDoS powers? Call the FBI or whatever.. Open the Banhammer and ban them EACH TIME you see them online! It is nothing new nor rocket science that cheater are always returning. Absolutely frustrating at this absurd "global" behaviour throughout this community! You ban me for nothing, rather begin to ban players who swear in-game and who offend other players. That is all the way a more heavily infraction they do than this aburd bullshit which is happening against me. But then you gonna lose half of the playerbase. So better to show off your powers and ban a goodguy and veteran instead. No wonder this community is splitted. But it looks like the cheater sympathizer are winning this. 😡 Yup, we innocents become pretty much suppressed.. for whatever reasons..
  3. Greetings there, I wonder why I have been just banned at the CT Servers for a whole month.. Their reason is "Team Hampering", plus additional "infractions"?! Infractions like abusing the modrequest command when I see a cheater and so want to report this for the good?! For many times I had been told to use the modrequest command when I see such "unnatural" behaviour in-game, or other suspecting events and happenings!! So what?! And an infraction as a simple "map vote" which happens in nearly every single match/map, kicked because someone had a bad day?! You really want to "accumulate" all that stuff together to be able to apply a "reasoned" 30-days bans to my account?! The map Island had started, I was on GDI. And whenever the first Hotties were available to be bought, a player had simply "overmined" the GDI base. I so switched to Nod and had written into team chat "BARR mines fked .. WF mines fked". As this had happened within first ~5 minutes of gameplay on Island, nothing serious had been "infracted" nor revealed. This simple sentence doesnt even particulary "reveal" anything. We, the players, and especially mods and admins should be aware, that the REF is usually the primary tagert anyways. I even left the match a few minutes later to eat and drink something. And just returned and tried to enter a match on Field X. We all do know how much "revealing" stuff is constantly written even within global chat by all kind of Renegade X players. Earlier today, yesterday, whenever, numbers of running around SBHs are written in global chat or in-game polls are started. That sort of communication is revealing and infracting, but mine?! Cmon.. And I dont want to even know what "they" are talking and revealing stuff through Discord to each other. This 30-days ban is surely more than simply "a bit off". Additional infractions/offenses?! Since when is using the !modrequest [name] [reason] command an active abuse..?! Since when is a simple "first-of-my-day-map-change-vote" an offensive behaviour?! In no way I accept any of these ridiculous accumulated "reasons" above and so I do request a lifting of this ridiculous 30-days ban. Let alone Renegade X suffer on its playerbase, ban veterans like me to keep the playerbase even lower. I play Renegade X since 2008/2009 or even earlier and this is my first ban I am aware of. Do your "serious" PUGs (with shaprened rules) without me, I dont care and I am not interested on PUGs at all as PUGs is cheaters home, but this ban on a public server is simply ridiculous. Various Admins and Mods do nothing against active cheater, do close their eyes even upon 100% proof, protocolled proof, but they ban innocent players for absurd reasons, may let it be "to make an example of..", an example for what?! We, the good guys, the anti-cheater, have collected various proof and even logged associated timetables within. You can exactly see 1:1 how their aimbots are working. In no way "we" are abusing the modrequest command at all. As this might actually be a complete different story within this thread, CT Mods count and accumulate this sort of stuff into that for a "reasoned ban". Ridiculous. What sort of new-age kindergarten is that?! Not a slightest in being a professional. No any warnings were given, but a plain ban.. A 24h ban? OK, why not! But a 30-days ban?! IMHO a 100% abusement and conspiracy made by various Admins and Mods.
  4. Greetings there, I just wanna post a screenshot of the RenX Launcher from yesterday. The RenX Community had about ~155 simultaneous players online across ~3 servers. There had been more players online before I had taken that screenshot. GG! While in EU2 Nod had greatly won by rocket rushes, GDI had steamrolled Nod in EU1 few minutes later. These same tactics didnt work on both servers at once, lolz!
  5. Greetings there, and thanks for your replies. Yup, I usually enter !modrequest whenever a cheater has been spotted, though during this "event" 0 Moderators had been notified. I hope they have gotten my notice/modrequest text logged in IRC/Discord. Even a simple encryption of various and important files as well as a lock of various console commands could already prevent some sort of exploiting and/or cheating. See the "sv_cheats 1" command within the CS universe. A bunch of commands are locked behind this "wall". Hehe, all blames go to EA. BTW, insta-killing buildings? If it is this same issue as I have mentioned that already within official Hotfix Patch Notes, by the Patch v5.64a.x a "Recruit Engy" could insta-kill any structure with a Timed and 2 Remoe C4 Explosives.. if none would save it by a second-repair. 🤔 But don't let change the topic in here..
  6. Greetings there, I just want to let you notice: Cheater are either increasing - from these players I had never thought they would even do that - or spoofing ones simply "impersonate" other users. I more like to tend about this spoofing and impersonating fact/issue, as these "players" always handle, act and re-act the same, by a same typical human character.. During all these times in RenX, they could have even created "multiple playing characters" (so could impersonate theirself) with different names. Without to blame & shame some names here, yesterday I had become "one-shot" by an enemy Officer multiple times. This shouldnt even be possible.. Also that "player" had a "unnatural" K/D of 250:50... Just imagine our Team had about 250 deaths less. One crappy cheater simply unbalances a whole match, even if they aimbot and secure the freakin Silo, to so gain control and to unbalance a whole area, as on Field. Also this "impersonating" has really increased during past few days and weeks, obviously, and has additionally become a problem. Please.... in the name of Kane, do something against this cheating mess... Implement an Anti-Cheat software, upgrade to a higher and more secure game engine, lock down some (console)commands behind a password, encrypt .ini-files, be finally actively active against cheating... and trash this freaking "conspiracy" as none gain profit out of this, but just 1, 2, 3 guys... K/D means nothing in Renagade X, but these braindamaged lowbobs even try-hard... Talk with Electronic fArts, plan and do something with em to stop this cheating mess. Or I am going to begin to do that, even if this means Renegade X needs to be shut down! I wanna have fun in RenX, I wanna hunt for crates, I wanna relax in RenX and whatever, and not to become this massively angry about one simple idiot which easily destroys a whole neat day we had, as for everyone else. Have a "good day"!!
  7. After we just finished Xmountain, the map vote's gone like 16 : 16 for Outposts and Forest. Outposts had won and had begun, I so had started a map change vote. Madkyll "instantly" kicked me out of the match for no reason: After I rejoined this server, Madkyll had pretended, he had warned me last game? WTF?! At first I didnt see any of such a message as we, Nod, were heavily fighting against GDI. They steamrolled us. When just our PP was alive, I started a Surrender Vote. The only vote I had done. 2 minutes later, GDI won: "Absurd map change votes"?! "Zero Tolerance about abusing votes.."?! They fucking kick for whatever reason, but dont ban cheater ~ again for whatever reason?! Awesome Mods.. I am pretty much pissed about this happening. I cannot even remember, when I had been kicked out of a game. Like ~20 years ago on a random Counter-Strike: Source Community Surf Server?! [...] Well, I have Zero Tolerance about this useless kick which nearly killed my Saturday evening.. This is not fair at all.. A "mod abuse" at its finest..
  8. Oh, sounds hot & spicy.. 💫
  9. Hey there, I respect your work and your enthusiasm, especially this idea of a queue system. This is a needed system which should be implemented into Renegade X for sure. Though, I kinda feel like your "Launcher's" queue system is kinda useless. Renegade X takes around 1 whole minute until it is even loaded up. Until then, that free slot is already used by an other player already. So a queue system via Launcher is useless.. To stand-by "in-game" within the Multiplayer Server List and spam the refresh button there, as well as to hope RenX won't "hard crash" by spamming the refresh button, is a faster and more secure way to join a filled server in where a single slot becomes available. Even then, one might be faster than you. Most chances to enter a filled up server is during a map change of course. A queue system is needed "in-game", not through the launcher. Except this launcher would "reserve" a slot to create a joining ticket.. This might be an idea "for the Launcher", but I guess, RenX so needs some updated code for it.
  10. I gonna double post for a latest update: As of today RenX still needs a lot of time to "re-shade" maps who haven't been loaded up before. For my example it was Whiteout today, and for other players it was Eyes just by now. Nearly half of players were gone while changing from Islands to Eyes.
  11. 2 days ago straight after the patch, I had planted a remote C4 onto a SBH's head. He seemed afk and cloaked next to a rock where the crate spawns on Nod's Island. After I had triggered that remote, he didnt take any damage of it. Not a scratch. I cannot remember our promotion levels anymore. Today after the Hotfix as GDI - also on Islands - one single remote C4 did kill me inside Nod REF which wasn't even directly next to me. I had full HP. We both were Recruits. So my 2 Remotes and 1 Timed would had still killed their REF again, as yesterday on Tomb, if they didnt repair it before the Timed exploded. It looks and feels like Engy Recruit C4's are a bit off.. Yet I havent been able to test that at other promotion levels and/or other characters on CT live servers. Or simply if various MCT's are different.. P.s.: Today a bunch of players have complained again about these longer loading times, were afraid of a frozen game, as well as heavy CPU/GPU loads, and the "no-sound" bug. Especially happens on Lakeside. About ~30 players didnt rejoin.. That emptied the CT Marathon Server just by now. But it is great to see a whole bunch of newcomers into Ren-X [...] EDIT_001: As a last Hotty game kicked me out. Lost Hotty, money and even become demoted.
  12. Yeah, was guessing about rebuilding/caching shaders. If a map has been loaded up for once, the loading-up process for that specific map is nearly as fast as it was before. Though before this patch and after a complete, clean and fresh reinstall of my OS and RenX, the loading-up process of maps didnt take that long.. I do clean up my caches nearly everyday. EDIT_001: On Map "Tomb", I solely insta rushed GDI REF as a Nod Engy. 1 Timed C4 and 2 Remote C4 nearly killed their REF. As about 3% was left only, prob saved by a-second repair. EDIT_002: A full server (Field) was nearly emptied while/after loading up the next map (Lakeside), as well as sound bug returned and applied after years. At least for me. Had to restart RenX. Also players were complaining about these both issues. EDIT_003: Rockets of Rocket Soldier glitch out. After reload rockets wont be shot but still reloading afterwards. The "reloading-bug" from the past as we know it already.
  13. Hot & Spicy Edit_001: It is epic being able to correctly spam explosives again, thanks a lot for that fix, but since this update I have yet encountered a longer and a more heavy load while entering a server which causes an increased time to join. So sometimes I cannot be sure, if Renegade X has been stucked/frozen on main menu while loading up into a server..
  14. Various players encounter random connection disconnects/issues, as so do I... as we all do mainly play on the [CT] Marathon Server, this issue happens mostly there of course. Before that update, we were able to spam Explosives, especially as Engineer and Hotty/Techy. Now we need to manually switch from an empty C4 slot to a filled C4 slot which sux. It shows filled C4 slot is above, but we have to scroll down... as it is a display bug. Even scrolling through weapons by using the mouse wheel seems harder now as it wont usually respond as it should, which also sux.
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