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16 minutes ago, Luhrian said:

Well, give it a purple lightning, give smoke emitters a little purple touch, a bit more fog.

Wouldn't be much work to do this.

I would suggest CNC-Tomb for this @TK0104. I think it will look very nice with purple fire in the tempel.

Maybe I'll do something for Halloween. Depends on the time I have

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 Go for it. Way back when my work schedule allowed me to play PUGs (probably over a year ago), if you remember during one match on Goldrush I got an SBH spy for GDI and jokingly called it "Spooky Spy" in a sudden whispery voice; teammates laughed at the joke when I was saying things like "I'm like a ghost." A teammate said "Yeah, let's get a plan ready for spooky spy" and the italics mean he said it in a cool, whispery voice as well. So a good idea is that for maps with automated defenses, when a GDI player gets a spy crate it's always an SBH spy. Let's face fact, when Nod gets SBH it's always expected in fields of maps and on non-base defense maps. So, only expected/10 whenever Nod uses an SBH, but if you're on GDI and get the SBH spy on a map with automated defenses, there's an (imaginary) aurora on the map that renders the SBH spy rather spooky, and it's rather REAL good at catching Nod off guard (automated defenses ignore him AND players can't see him).

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