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  1. You can now swim here . Error is self explanational. Just walk over Nod bridge... Suggest the map gets moved from rotation for a bit.
  2. Been so long since I played OG Renegade that I honestly don't know anymore
  3. Wasn't holding the control button a thing in OG Renx to change camera view? They might be mistaken with that!?
  4. FYI: Also had this after the update. Verifying game integrity solved it indeed!
  5. Guess somebody forgot to render lights for this map Actually it is less foggy
  6. Since a few updates something has changed. I cannot really describe it in detail. I used to be able to move freely, but now a mammoth (which ppl know is the vehicle I use the most) becomes undrivable. Sometimes I have to leave if like ever 30 seconds to just make it move. As soon as I touch an object this happens. This wasnt before. Any clues? Posting this cause ingame more ppl tell they have this problem. Edit: even the airstrip surface gets the mammoth stuck. Might be for other vehicles as well.
  7. As the titel states. The vehicle begins to lose health when very close to the barracks on Reservoir. Only tested with Mammoth sofar.
  8. Looks very interesting. Nice work!
  9. Surprised nobody is mentioning the MRLS loop. - On Islands you can shoot near and in HON from around the corner of GDI base - On Field you can shoot near and (maybe) in HON from the GDI base exit Sure there is more spots One these maps Nod cannot use one of the two mayor defence points because the looping.
  10. First of all I am posting this based on what I've seen in past weeks. i think out of +/- 40 games Nod only won two. I am not sure if my statistic correspond with the reality, but both in PUGS and PUBS when balanced teams Nod tends to lose waay more often these days. In PUBs the chance is even higher than a PUG. Some reason for this were always there: - Nod requires more teamwork (cause less firepower which can take a beating) - Nod tends to attract people who play hide and seek - I guess in Nod players are less on the lookout for infiltrations Newly added to this are things like: - A few maps which are harder for Nod. The new Islands is super hard for Nod cause arties can be hit from everywhere and sneaking is hard for base defense. Same with Forest (I have a seperate topic about this). - The continous use / abuse of MRLS loop. The majority of the games I've played this week had this. There is continous rockets landing in Nod base - The new mines (even harder to sneak often) I wonder about two things: - how others think about the above? - if statistics prove what I 'feel'. I am not talking about long term statistics, but about them for the past months till two months. Feels like Nod has become weaker since some changes (which I cannot pinpoint). Interested to hear feedback!
  11. Shit happens, nobody to blame!
  12. Ok, clear. Still the point is that it becomes even harder for Nod to win anything...
  13. Just noticed this last game. Airdrop is now broken since one of the last updates. Timer is super long. Don't have screenshot, but it speaks for itself.
  14. Well that could indeed be a thing I didn't consider Gliven. Maybe GDI can pop out tanks and support faster then Nod can kill (cause the money flow they can quickly replace them). Nevertheless it feels like this map is GDI favoured now...
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