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  1. The CPU is gonna be fine. I had a Intel Q6600 that could run RenX fine. The Ryzen 3 2200U should be better then the Q6600 according to the benchmarks . So if the Q6600 can run it, the 2200U should be more then capable. If I look on another site for GPU benchmarks, I can see the Vega 3 is quite capable but not a powerhouse (What did you expect from an iGPU). It's a nice GPU for some lightweight gaming and the usual office and web stuff. The more interesting thing is the benchmark for Bioshock infinte. As Bioshock infinite is an UE3 game, we can compare it to RenX which is based on the UDK that is UE3. I think Bioshock infinite needs more power than RenX does, but these are the FPS for it (I don't know why it is in German, but you'll get it I assume ): So on lower resolutions on medium, you should get decent fps on Bioshock. I think RenX would be less demanding, but that is just a hunch. Not bad for an iGPU, but it aint a Nvidia Titan I think you can make a desicion based on this info. One thing I would advise you to get, if you are building your own pc, is fast RAM. Ryzen loves fast ram, combined with an iGPU even more. Hope this helps. -Schmitz out
  2. @winterfox The HD6700 series was a mid-range card series introduced in 2010. So from a time perspective, it's ancient. Then again, I play on a HD7950 from 2012 and can get 60+ fps on ultra all with no anti-aliasing. The HD6700 series was never a powerhouse so I think the 20-40ish fps you are getting on low are reasonable albeit a bit low. I previously had a HD5550 which, when looking at benchmarks (I took HD6790 as your card), the HD5550 should perform much worse and I can confirm that. On my HD5550 RenX ran at 15-20 fps back in the day. Maybe turning off post-processing might help a bit, it helped me a lot back in the HD5550 days. The cpu on the other hand is something I cannot determine with the info you provided. 2.5Ghz base clock says as much as nothing. My Pentium 4 like 15-20 years ago had a baseclock of 2.something GHz, it cannot run RenX Provide the full type of the processor, then more can be said about that... Hope this sheds a bit of light on some stuff.
  3. We still doing this? Wow. Anyhoo.... This is mah favourite now (next to all the other stuff I listen to) Album in nice as well! It doesnt get any more epic than this! (Well, maybe Equilibrium with Mana is a good contester)
  4. @Ryz and others I barely have any time to do anything at all. I really like the idea of this and encourage everyone to participate, but alas I really don't have the time myself (I'm glad that I can still participate in the PUGs!) There are more dutchies here, probably enough to make a whole team, I'll be you guys' mental support I might hop on if you really really really need me, but please ask me in advance so I can plan it (Yes that is my life nowadays, planning games... Damn you university!)
  5. I saw a miracle on the PUG today. Even better than Kane himself, this is the real leader of nod.
  6. @TK0104 For the love of everything that is holy and the almighty emperror, please tone down the yellow fog on Outposts. My screen displays more than 50 shades of yellow nowadays... In all seriousness, if you enter the command to turn off the fog on that map, it looks soo much better! I get it, you want a sandy environment but do that with some particles and maybe a very light fog (Whats the name of the thing that increases fog intensity the higher you get, "Exponantional hight fog"? ) Otherwise I have no real recommendations yet.
  7. Had this too. Was stuck on building shaders in de loading menu. Reinstall game and you should be fine (At least it did it for me).
  8. I listen to a lot of music, but when I really want to go full retard/leerooy Jenkins i listen to this:
  9. It's nice that you are testing the map, but a lot is known already due to a recent playtest. There is no need to further test this build atm. I've put my answers in the quote.
  10. Whoops, typo in the fault here. It should say this: "Busy with it, but we can't get the appropriate result. Might need to change the whole mesh.
  11. Busy with it, but we can't get the appropriate result. Might need to change the whole mesh.
  12. Thx all playtesters! Post your screens and other remarks here or in the dev forums. I will check them out.
  13. Hah, I never though I would be on a card. I feel *special*. Sleep is for the weak? I love mah sleep! I also love the quotes of boxes and poi
  14. It looks like the miniature cnc3 models have more poly's than the Ren original ones Talk about progress
  15. I think you also need to find the main udk.exe for RenX and make a change in the nvidia control panel that it starts with the nvidiaGPU instead of the Intel one. Just starting the launcher with the nvidiaGPU will only start that with it. Normally, the drivers should detect that...
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