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Found 2 results

  1. Frostbite Frostbite V1_9 Map specifications: -flying -2 Silo -Frosty -Bite'tee -Icy To be done: -Loading screen Changes: [As of 14th Sept] -Hand of Nod has been moved to where the Airstrip Tower was -Airstrip Tower moved near the head of the Airstrip runway -You can no longer beacon any two buildings anymore -Ice cave now has two entrances/exits for both teams -Endgame Cam remastered -Minimap is 99% accurate -Info Point Nodes added to map Changes: [As of 7th Sept] -Added extra route to Ice-cave, GDI side -Barracks has been rotated -GDI Ice-Cave Entrance/exit modified -General fixes and edits made -Modified blocking volumes at GDI base. -Modified blocking volumes throughout the map. -Reduced map size. (Lowest/longest route no longer accessible) -Ice cave rehauled, reworked, relit, redone. -Peak route expanded on Nod's side. -HoN Emplacement moved out of HoN. -Some lights have been removed. -Misc changes. What's New in Version Changes as of June 24th 2017 Terrain modified Textures modified Static meshes reduced Vehicles can no longer pass through the middle of the map Vehicle tunnel to GDI is no longer a tunnel Widened vehicle routes on one side of the map Tiberium mists are now blue Ice looks more like ice Background surrounding the map has been modified Misc changes Enjoy.
  2. Hey all, I was poking around in the OpenRa editor and thought, how hard could it be to make a mission in this. Well after some reading through the current created missions and scripts, I made 2 missions and a third one will come later. Thought I might post it here as we all love CnC right (even though im not all that happy with some implementations in OpenRa, the arty and mlrs are brütal in range) Anyway, place the 2 folders in the zip into <your driveletter>:\Users\<your username>\Documents\OpenRA\maps\cnc\release-<whatever stands here> You can find the maps in the mission selector. The 2 missions are called: Running from evil; Gathering the truth. If you peeps have any ideas for the third and last map of this "mini campaign", let me know! You can download the missions here: OpenRaMissions-Schmitzenbergh.zip Glhf (and dont be surprised if it contains some minor bugs) -Schmitz out
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