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Found 7 results

  1. "Ho Ho Ho, Commander!" We've reached the end of 2023, which means our annual Winter Season Event has arrived! Snow has fallen again in 5 of our maps and we're glad to release this just before the Holiday season starts. Santa Claus has also brought us a lot of new voicelines for all characters for us to enjoy!
  2. Download the Updated Launcher to Play The Game https://renxdownloads.b-cdn.net/Renegade_X_Installer-0.87-release.msi From Cronus at Discord https://discord.com/channels/362038716870688771/854099546907738152/869319121207173121 And fix your old links to https://ren-x.com/
  3. Welcome Back Commander! Patch 5.390 fixes some issues introduced in the previous patch related to the scoreboard and the camera. It also includes a slew of other bug fixes, and several new features, including Airstrip elevators, and a crate we're sure you'll all learn to enjoy. (If you're wondering why this is under general, it's so as not to disturb that recruitment ad)
  4. Hi, I need manual update for my renegade x as online update is taking to much data which i can't afford. Please give me a manual update link. Online update is showing 4 to 5gb download which is not possible for me to download. As I know the update patches are not so much big in size can you please give me only the update patch download link only. This type of problem is not only for me but for many people. So, Please give us manual update only for the update patches. Please I request you and one question also why it takes so much data to download as we all downloaded that much data still it shows 4 to 5gb download and many of us cannot download that much data regulary. So Please Give us only the update patch download only not the whole renegade x as previous versions of your site is giving such faciltiy
  5. I'm not talking about outright removing them from the game, but the CTRL+ALT radio commands seem like they need to be A) Trimmed down slightly, and B) Replaced perhaps with similar voice cues, but used things that actually coincide with the game. E.G calling for mines in a building, or calling out that a building is clear of infiltrators quickly. Seriously, when was the last time you used 'Watch where you're pointing that' ? Seriously. On top of this, a good number of these commands have been woven into Q-spot, which is far faster, albeit unable to be used unless you can see/target the structure. Discuss EDIT: Some of the major candidates for getting replaced/removed "Enemy Spotted" [Made obsolete by Q-spot which has more detail anyway] 'Destroy That Vehicle' [Once again: Q-spot] 'Watch Where You're Pointing that' - [... Just Z-Taunt to yell at people.] 'Don't Get In My Way' - [This one's actually iffy... but still probably you can just shoot at a teammate if they are in the way] 'Destroy it Now!' - [Same as Enemy spotted/Destroy that vehicle ] Perhaps ALL of the CTRL+ALT commands if proper 'building cleared' and other messages are implemented.
  6. The launcher will not be updated.(loock Pictures in the attach)
  7. ###### NEW POLL ###### <iframe src="http://www.strawpoll.me/embed_1/12001740" style="width:680px;height:407px;border:0;">Loading poll...</iframe> <iframe src="http://www.strawpoll.me/embed_1/12001854" style="width:680px;height:449px;border:0;">Loading poll...</iframe> (In case I messed up) https://www.strawpoll.me/12001740 https://www.strawpoll.me/12001854 Get 7zip here (compatible with .RAR, .7z, and many other formats!) Info about it here Something I stated in another thread, but didn't realize until after that this is the proper location for that discussion. I'm not sure if I'm correct, but it may be possible for you to be able to create a new updated torrent files with your updated files (when you update the game) with any with already existing/old files that don't need replacing, which would help with saving bandwidth. Something else I hadn't mentioned that I just remembered, was another method that could potentially be useful. A file syncing program called "Resilio Sync" https://www.resilio.com/ , which does have that option, as it only relies on the independent files, as opposed to a "torrent hash" (which is created on each torrent creation). EDIT: Oh, by the way, please do not use utorrent. It's riddled with ads, and was bought out several months ago. Here's a list of torrent clients https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_BitTorrent_clients and the 2 I personally have used after utorrent hit the fan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deluge_(software) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tixati EDIT2: Another useful thing is having a direct (or indirect, like on MEGA or mediafire) link to the zipped [preferably using maximum compression] update(s), as those are easier to download than through the launcher. At least in my experience.
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