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Found 10 results

  1. As it was mentioned, the timeline could be between C&C Tiberian Sun and C&C3 Tiberium Wars, so there should be room for expanding the lore and with it, explaining the existence of units that would be close analogs/precursors for the C&C3 units many of us would like to see. Avatars, Zone Troopers/Raiders...etc. can make an appearance, but not quite as we know them from C&C3. The units could be similar, original, with the added explanation that they're perhaps early prototypes and initiatives from both sides, in their arms race, during the time between Sun and Wars, much like the things we've seen in the Kane's Wrath expansion. What could be more satisfying, to fans and as fans, to actually, seamlessly and believably expand the game, the lore. Sure, it wouldn't be actually canon, but who knows, maybe some of the original developers from Westwood are still floating around, they'll see it and go, "Damn, maybe we should give a proper sequel a try." Or they'll just appreciate the passion fans still have. They'll surely be glad to see it, even if they can't make a sequel. But, never say never. Now, for some questions/clarifications/observations. Can the Mobile Stealth Generator be left alone and can it be hijacked, like any empty vehicle, then? Seeing that Personal Obelisk weapon seemed like a BIT MUCH, at first, but, then...like I said above, stuff like that can be explained, as an expansion of lore, experimental weapons...etc. on both sides. And yeah, I wouldn't want some hit-scan crap, either. I mean, yes, they're laser weapons, sure. Perhaps they can be the successors of the ramjets Sakura/Havoc uses, with instant projectile travel time. But, again, that's practically hit-scan. Can't decide if I'd want something like that, unless it'll cost A LOT, with very slow fire-rates and perhaps it can encumber the holder, make them move more slowly and of course only some archetypal units should be able to handle it, for balance. Someone mentioned how relying on skill and not hit-scan was important. And it definitely is. I'm funding the development of a game called EM-8ER, from the original creator of WoW, who plans to break away from standard, dreadful MMO formula and one of the things they want to emphasize and implement is definitely the reliance on skill and not have any hit-scan/auto-hit combat, which is, of course, the oh so cleverly hidden dice-rolling that's going on in the back as characters ineffectually flail at one another. And, of course, in a game like RenX/Firestorm it is even more important not to have stuff like that. I cannot recall, in the old Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, if every unit on one side had a counter on the other. A particular unit that was strong/weak against another particular unit on the other side. I'm always reminded of Red Alert 3. As goofy as it was, even if you had a max rank unit of a certain type, if it was weak against another type it didn't do much damage, even with it's max rank damage bonus. Veterancy isn't planned to be a thing, though. Which is actually good. With veterancy being removed it will be double good. One, it will be easier to balance. Two, veteran/pro players won't be untouchable/unkillable anymore, just because they racked up points and kills. One of them won't be able to hold down a single path and be the terror of the battlefield, all by themselves. Nod definitely has to retain their alien look. One of my favorite designs is the Sam Site in C&C3. The way it's deployed, with a control node, to how the three separate launcher open up, like budding alien flora, it all looks so out of that world. I know the honeycomb pattern is actually used a lot, especially in sci-fi settings, but it never fails to please my eyes, whenever I see it on something.
  2. My idea to add counter on airstrike screen into the purchase menu. That can fix situations when players begin to use airstrikes during the public games with many people and buy too much, airstrikes become useless and balance between two teams crashes because it eating all players' credits. There must be a way to control the number of purchased airstrikes of the team, I think. - with love from Dagama
  3. So recently, I've been trying a different playstyle, where I'd focus on killing enemies ("poi style"). And honestly, I might be too soft for this 😆 While I always knew that there are plenty bad players on public servers, it's when you adopt this focus-on-killing playstyle that you see it even more clearly. There are people who reguarly stand still / walk in straight lines / have zero game sense / don't notice enemies around them / storm into a group of enemies / make other poor choices, etc. They don't contribute much at all to their team and instead, they donate VP to the enemy team. Killing them takes little to no effort or skill. 99% of the time, they are simply new players. They installed the game last week, have a nostalgic feeling about the C&C universe, tried maybe one or two games against bots but they would prefer playing against other players because it's more fun and they want to reminisce the old days when they played with their friends. At the same time, due to low population / only 1 active server, they are forced to play against veterans with many years of experience. Obviously, they stand no chance: Ren X is not that easy of a game, especially when it comes to aiming. How are they supposed to explore the game and have a positive first impression, when they keep getting sent back to spawn every moment? The second they leave their base, they get sniped or destroyed by a supreme infantry player. And when they try to shoot that infantry player back, they deal almost no damage because of their bad aim/cheaper unit/lower veterancy. I'd hate to be them in this scenario. Of course, I'd like to keep these people around and not discourage them from Ren X. This is why, after I kill the same guy twice and see him again standing still in the same spot, I aim at his head and hesitate before pulling the trigger... please, learn from your mistakes, dude... I say to myself. And then I end up shooting him anyway because well.. it's part of the game. If I don't do it, somebody else on my team will kill him... a few deaths later, he quits and I never see him again. Sigh. This kind of guilty feeling I get especially when I snipe people inside their base. This can be easily done on maps like Walls, Complex or Under, when your team is already dominating. Really, buying a new hard-earned unit, exiting a building and getting sniped immediately has to be the worst feeling in Ren. So this is just a couple of my thoughts. What do you think? Am I the only one who has this problem?
  4. As it is now, EMP's range and short time before activation means it's very difficult to evade an EMP thrown at you with anything but a humm-vee or buggy. The effect of getting hit by an EMP is also very harsh. It feels bad, because often you can't really do anything about that. No matter how good of a tank player you are, too often you can't help getting EMP'd and focused down by enemy team. This results in gunner or LCG spam being very effective, especially on maps with a lot of high ground. It should be noted that this is more of an issue in PUGs that in public games, because of better target focus in the former. I suggest reducing the explosion range of EMP grenades a little bit, or adding a second or two of time until the grenade detonates. To counterbalance for this, the EMP strike (commander ability) could use some sort of a buff. I feel like it's the weakest support power right now.
  5. So its been a few weeks since this feature has been implemented so I thought I'd start up a thread to discuss it. For those unaware, the MRLS is capable of locking their turret in a fixed front-facing position by pressing Space. Locking the turret in-place allows players to curve the missiles of the MRLS to some extent. The most exploitative application of this is to curve the missiles around cover, allowing MRLs to kill off vehicles and repairs from safety. A demonstration of this can be seen in Danvik's recent PUG video on Field (27-10). The MRLS "missile loop" can be done on most maps with a suitably short wall. High walls such as the ones on Under are too high for the loop to do practical damage. The use of the MRLS missile loops on Field is pretty controversial among (at least) PUG players, as Nod tanks have little means to retaliate. However, this is probably the most unfair use of the missile loop - at least from my testing. Other notable uses of the missile loop are on maps like: Islands, Tomb, Canyon and XMountain - all of which are considerably more open than Field's small vehicle choke point and less of a issue. My opinion: MRLS looping should be removed on Nod's side of Field (Probably by just increasing the wall height). On the whole, I'm personally quite a fan of the new addition. From a competitive standpoint, MRLS missile loops provides a soft-counter to the extremely potent Flame Tank lockdown Nod gets on some maps. MRLS themselves are still quite brittle and are terrible against any aggressive push by Nod tanks, so GDI can't rely the MRLS to push for field control. This allows for some more interesting tank fights over field control and gives GDI a bit more diversity to their typical Medium Tank heavy rollouts. I would imagine this also gives some pretty interesting map design options. Canyon is pretty decent example of one - though unintentionally. On that map GDI is able to missile loop around the front of their base to combat the typical Flame Tank lockdown but can't use it to fire into Nod's base. Balance aside, the MRLS is a fairly clunky vehicle to use and just having a bit more control of the MRLS turret just kinda feels nice. Thoughts?
  6. Hi, recent patch brought Elite self-regen and this made certain units even more OP than they were before. Here are a few suggestions which could help to rebalance the teams (fractions) again [self-regen is just a hook, not all the balance-suggestions have to do with that ]. Feel free to comment / post own suggestions. Mammoth: nerf overall dmg and reduce max. range (esp. on Heroic) or reduce mammoth tank HP or make mammoth tank slower or less shots per minute [Mammoth tanks are beasts... esp. since the Vet System was introduced. And now a decent Elite Mammoth tanker is even less dependant on field repairs..] If you dont want to nerf Mammoth tanks.... buff Flame Tanks manoeuvrability with each vet rank. Arty / MRLS: reduce splash dmg radius Light Tank: increase RoF or increase base dmg equal splash dmg radius with medium tank (at least: increase the damn radius for LTs) LCG / SBH: remove unlimited ammunition for both units or reduce LCG armor [Note: the argument that LCG/SBH shoot lasers... is no argument for unlimited ammunition at all. It's not about "logic", but about "balance" here... @yosh56 A unit which gets self-regen at Elite and never has to run back to base to refill ammunitions? With Heroic it was never such a problem, as most players never get Heroic (or only at the very very end of a match).] Gunner: equal LCG / Gunner armor values Patch: remove Elite-Hit-Scan (or Heroic only) Soldier: reduce HS multi Grenadier: reduce kevlar/non-armor multi either reduce armor value or [see below] Flame Trooper: equal armor values with GDI Grenadier Grenades: increase recharge timer (at least make a CAP. heroics can throw emp every 30 seconds....) Repair-Tool: remove unlimited recharges, give them ~2-3 clips instead; with a longer reload time? DMG-vs-MCT: To buff teamplay I'd like to see a nerf to early solo sneaking, but if e.g. c4 gets nerfed, any weapon dmg vs. MCT needs a nerf (otherwise Doza, PIC/Raver sneak would become too OP). Rather difficult topic... But it would be interesting to see what would happen if Hotties can only Solo kill a building on Elite... Regards, Sn4ke
  7. TL;DR : Buff it so GDI has a better alternative to 'pressure' (not just outright kill) Arty/Tech/Flamer repairs as opposed to just suicidal runs with APCs, and those god awful, cancerous snipers. Also I'm fairly certain the Stank beats infantry easier than the Mammoth right now.
  8. Yes, this again. To put it simple, they still do way too much for a mere 350 credits. As a utility class, they have so much versatility. The heavy pistol wrecks flak armor like no tomorrow. Remote C4s still completely nullify infantry rushes and still can be used as an effective weapon against kevlar armor. And of course massive burst damage to vehicles. Flaming C4 is also still a thing, plus remotes being the optimal choice for APC rushes. They are the ones responsible for mining and maintaining a base when defending. Again, no other class can do the same as hottie/tech when it comes to camping, other than perhaps SBH repair tool for catching hotwires without them knowing. Their disarm rate/repair rate is completely unmatched compared to engineers. Having 10 seconds to disarm a beacon compared to 20 seconds is a huge difference, as well as having 5 seconds to disarmed timed C4 compared to 10 seconds. Sacrificing your class to a hottie/tech for defensive purposes can decide the outcome of games, and don't even get me started on how awful the repair tool is outside of healing infantry. Hottie/Tech when repairing tanks or MCTs can nullify insane amounts of damage, and when properly protected they make these invincible walls of death that can only be stopped by dying to snipers or SBH. But who cares if you die, you're only 350 credits, you can pump them out nonstop. Just get another one create another wall of death in the field. Infiltration is by far the biggest reason why hottie/tech is broken. When you get to a door and disarm mines, the enemy team has approximately 35 seconds to respond before their building blows up, and that includes the time figuring out what building the infiltrator is in, and the time it takes before you realize that mines are down, and your positioning from the building that's being infiltrated. You also need to have the judgment to change your class to a hottie/tech instead of a shitty repair tool to disarm timed C4s safely. And while you have a good chunk of your team rushing to a building to save it from a 350 credit Hottie/Tech in the last critical seconds, you can potentially have 3 other Hottie/Techs going inside your buildings during that chaos, or have a tank rush go in and attack the farthest building if your team is sieging the base. Saying "it's your fault that you let them in" isn't a valid point on maps with multiple infantry entryways. You can't expect to have 1 defender in each path to deal with infiltrators that might not even be there for the whole game, and again having multiple tech/hotties sneaking in against 1 defender is the most efficient way to kill structures in this game. The reason why this wasn't as much of a problem at least in my experience in original renegade, is because RenX has sprinting, silent repair guns, and very fast mine disarm rates. RenX infantry are also harder to see, and RenX maps usually have more entryways into a base and uneven terrain. You also can no longer plant mines on top of building doors, but was a cheese way to deal with sneaking. In my opinion, losing a building to a hottie/tech is easily by far the most frustrating and boring thing about Renegade X. Losing a building to a vehicle siege or rush is a much different story.
  9. Refineries once destroyed makes the game extremely stale because you simply can't do anything with no money. Don't even get me started on no ref vs no ref. Silo control will be very difficult because you don't have any sort of income to back it up. Losing the harvester dumps and cutting the tick rate in half (+2 every second to +1 every second) I feel is (was, since it was like this before) enough and is more comparable to a 50% price increase destroyed PP.
  10. Many months later I still think these are too strong, not particularly because of the damage they deal but because of their playstyle. Basically they can be very difficult targets to shoot while being able to deal their damage by sprint-shooting, as firing their weapons have little to no interruption during a sprint. When you include the fact that a 110 speed Mcfarland can shoot 12 times in a single sprint meter while never slowing down is pretty ridiculous. Shotgunners too but to a lesser extent obv because of stat differences but they're a free character that can still mow down flak infantry in the right hands like no tomorrow. Either/or: 1. Reduce Flak Cannon clip size from 12->8, Shotgun clip size 8->6. This is so when sprint shooting you need to choose your shots a little more carefully, such as taking a risk to get up closer to your target instead of trying to damage them as much as possible from the weapon's max range. 2. Make the sprint cancel the "pump" animation. This forces the shotgunner to play a walk animation in order to shoot again. Obviously sprint shooting throughout a whole clip would be gone, and instead only restrict it to the first shot. Might be an idea to nerf snipers/ravs/pics as well, but could be very clunky.
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