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  1. "Welcome Back, Commander!" We are releasing preliminary patch notes to keep the community updated on our progress with Renegade X, although it may be slower than it used to be. We are expecting this patch to be pushed to live within the next couple weeks. Internal Revision: 12146
  2. Greetings community, Today we are happy to bring good news for Firestorm. We will be releasing a mostly infantry-centered, objective based game mode this Summer! This will help us get feedback and balance information on all the weapons, while you get a taste of the Tiberian Sun atmosphere we've been working to create in Firestorm. Check out DevTalk #7 to get more information about Firestorm Assault, and everything else that's in the works. We also have a new website: https://totemarts.games
  3. Page moved: https://totemarts.games/games/firestorm/game.html#faq
  4. Greetings community, The Renegade X Team values your feedback when making decisions about additions and balance changes. We love gathering feedback by seeing opinions ingame, reading posts on the forums, reading Discord and interacting on voice chat, and seeing how players make the meta and come up with counters to metas. We hope to further increase the input from the community in the changes you guys see in patch notes. While we are dedicating most resources to Firestorm currently, nobody wants Renegade X development to be left entirely, so to keep things moving efficiently, we need to know what best ways to direct our resources with the following poll.
  5. Hello community! We are looking for people who would be interested in helping maintain the wiki. This would involve things like adding pictures, updating stats on weapons based on new patches and writing content to fill in the pages and help document our game. This would include creating new pages and sections for Firestorm content, along with closed alpha/beta tester access. You will be working with @Sakura to revive and tidy up the wiki. We wouldn't require a lot of time be devoted to it, but being active and wanting to do it are a must. Please contact @Sakura on the forums or Sarah on the Renegade X Discord. Thank you!
  6. Whats up community! Totem Arts is a group of small but passionate individuals whom have a massive love for the Command & Conquer series and an even bigger love for Command & Conquer Renegade. Welcome! You are most likely here because of Renegade X, and our upcoming Firestorm expansion for Renegade X. We are looking for more passionately driven individuals to help us reach our stupidly ambitious goals of bringing C&C to the ground level. This team has never been made of professionals, its always been made of ordinary fans whom have always wanted to make something truly awesome. Together we've created Renegade X initially as a mod for UT3, Black Dawn as our first standalone project, Renegade X standalone multiplayer, and finally the upcoming Firestorm expansion! All amazing projects developed entirely through determination and passion. Who says you need to be a pro to make great games, when all you really need is a love for gaming! Do you think you have what it takes? If so we're looking for people like you! This is a volunteer project so before we go any further, no one is getting paid to work on this game. This is a volunteer project! Now, what are we looking for? We do have specific needs, however we are always on the lookout for others with skill sets we aren't actively looking for. So if you have a certain skill related to game development and you don't see a position for it listed below, then don't let that stop you from applying! Passionate developers are always in demand! Whom are we actively looking? -------------------------------------> Artists <------------------------------------- 3D Artist - | Characters | Weapons | Vehicles | Props | - | UDK Non-PBR | UE4 PBR | Environment Artist - | Level Assembly | Asset Creation | - | UDK | UE4 | Sound Designers / Engineers - | Sound effects | Voice Modulation | Interface | -------------------------------------> Software Engineers <------------------------------------- UI Programmer - | Flash | Action Script | Scaleform | Gameplay Programmer - | UDK Unreal Script | UE4 C++ | -------------------------------------> How do I apply? <------------------------------------- Option #1: Simply reply in this forum topic and someone from the team will reach out to you! Option #2: You can also ask in our Discord in the #modding channel. Someone there will be able to direct you to the person(s) that you can speak to. https://renegade-x.com/discord We are incredibly grateful to all that apply, to our entire community and our fan base. This has been a dream come true for us all. Help us to make even bigger dreams come true! If you don't think you can help out, then spread the word and link this topic to those who you may think would be interested in helping. Please keep in mind that Totem Arts is a group of passionate volunteers; and as such we do not expect a lot of your time to be dedicated to the project, but you should at least be able to keep in touch with the rest of the team and give frequent updates on what you're working on. Ability to reach out for help and an understanding that we work together as a team to reach our goals is critical. Please do not rely to this thread if you don't have intentions of a legitimate application Off-topic replies will be deleted in order to keep this topic clean for our own sanity sake Thank you for your cooperation!
  7. Totem Arts

    UDK Docs

    Due to the unstable nature of the UDK docs official website (https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/WebHome.html), we have decided to self host a copy of the docs just to ensure that there is always an available copy for everyone. This can be found here (https://ue3doc.ren-x.com/Three/WebHome.html).
  8. So by now many of y'all have probably noticed that official servers have been popping up on the server list, and I think now we can finally provide an update now that we have some confidence in our current solution. Over the last week and some change we've been working towards official servers with the aim of mitigating DDoS attacks, as well as previously stated goals such as creating consistent vanilla Renegade X experience and stronger moderation to make Renegade X a better place. We've been bringing folks together from Constructive Tyranny, AllNoobs, and Totem Arts to encourage as much knowledge and resource sharing and cooperation as possible, and the new official servers are the fruit of that effort. Since we started these efforts, we've tried a variety of mitigation techniques and combinations of techniques in order to tackle this issue hopefully once and for all. DDoS Mitigation Efforts I think we can safely say at this point that we're winning the battle for DDoS mitigation (again). Over the last few days DDoS attacks have still been going strong, and those effects have definitely been felt in the game servers. Every single day, we're aiming to make those effects felt at least a little bit less than the day before. In fact mitigation has been so effective thus far that once initial connectivity issues were resolved, all disconnects to the official server have been due to minor filtering errors from our upstream provider which were quickly reported and resolved (such as yesterday when many European players were disconnected, or the other day when everyone was disconnected during an Hourglass match). We do strive to prevent these, but these are absolutely temporary/short-term and OK -- it's better to get any issues hammered out sooner rather than later, and we're still actively working on our mitigation solutions in order to try to provide as stable of an experience as possible. We're glad to say the DDoS issues are receiving the fullest possible attention of Totem Arts and CT sysadmin staff. These efforts wouldn't be possible without both TA and CT hardware and expertise, so special thanks goes out to everyone who's been actively working towards and organizing these efforts: @Cronus, @DoctorB0NG, @Agent, @Fffreak9999, @Sho-kun, @testman, @KrypTheBear, @Sarie, hsqr, and cmg. We've been heavily monitoring our game servers, keeping communication as active as possible, and being as proactive as possible in order to minimize the impact on players who just want to play the game. Server Highlighting A small part of these efforts have been that we've implemented new custom server prefixes, largely to highlight/endorse servers and their DDoS mitigation status so that we can guide players to servers they won't be disconnected from. Right now, prefixes you can expect to see and mean are: [Official] - These servers are official DDoS mitigated servers that we feel confident in. They aim to provide as consistent of a Renegade X experience as possible, and they aim to be as stable as possible. These are moderated by the global moderator team which we recently expanded with more staff members from CT and AN. [Anti-DDoS] - These servers use the exact same DDoS mitigation as the official servers. Generally these will be unofficial servers that are helping to support our DDoS mitigation efforts, though right now we are also labeling the official servers as this just to emphasize that they're DDoS protected. [Test] - These servers are any DDoS-mitigated servers that are either new and need testing, or using new/experimental methodologies and need testing. These will come/go constantly, or eventually be re-labeled as one of the other tags once we're confident they can provide at least as stable of an experience as the current mitigated servers. Right now these are only visible in the launcher, and have not yet been made to be display in-game. This will likely not be in the next patch either (we've got bugs to fix!), but should end up in some upcoming patch down the line. If you use the in-game server browser and can't use the launcher, try to stick to servers with either 'Official' or 'Constructive Tyranny' in their name if they're online, since these are the ones that will have the [Anti-DDoS] and [Official] labels on the launcher. Moderation We aim to keep the official servers actively and effectively moderated in the same manner you'd expect other servers to moderate their servers. AFK players will be kicked in a full server, !modrequest will be made to work if it doesn't already, harassment will be dealt with swiftly, team hampering and base-to-base will be addressed, and so forth. We haven't formed any official guidelines yet, but the goal is to largely operate at least as effectively as any other server. The server-specific moderation team is currently expected to be managed mostly by: @Fffreak9999, @Sarie, and @Agent, in addition to any input from the moderation and development team at large. To help with that effort, and since official servers are generally a cooperative effort between CT, AN, and TA anyways, we've slightly further expanded our global moderation team to include some new folks who were recommended to help out with moderation for the official servers, as well as just global moderation in general (using guidelines which are publicly posted). We've recruited most of the CT and AN staff who were both recommended and not already on the global moderation team, including @testman, @Pennydude17, and @roweboat. Moving Forward Moving forward, we aim to continue to provide as stable and enjoyable of an experience as possible. Once we have finished setting up additional servers, we plan to migrate between servers based on time during the day. We'll likely incrementally improve on this as well over time, by making the map vote carry over between servers for example, so nobody ends up getting their map pick stolen from them or just generally confused. For now we're just sticking to official marathon servers, but we're open to the ideas of hosting additional game modes depending on how the future goes and where it takes us. Long term we hope to reduce server hosting costs for everybody who's been involved in mitigating these DDoS attacks. By bringing everybody together and pooling resources, we may actually be able to end up with lower cost infrastructure than we started with if we pull this off right. That's a win for everybody involved, since the servers for both the official infrastructure and the nodes hosting our game servers and other misc expenses easily add up to many hundreds of dollars every month. We also have a much larger tool set available to us than we did before this. We have backup plans to deal with DDoS attack mitigation both in terms of traffic, and potential software solutions to aid with mitigation moving forward if the current setup gets broken. It might take time to implement and maintain these, and attacks might just strike right as you're about to win a match and ruin your night, but we hope you'll be patient and come back as we keep working forward, together, to make Renegade X a better, greater place. So, with stable servers finally in place, working together in one big team against an adversary who wishes for nothing short of destruction... Welcome Back, Commander
  9. Welcome Back Commander! Patch 5.390 fixes some issues introduced in the previous patch related to the scoreboard and the camera. It also includes a slew of other bug fixes, and several new features, including Airstrip elevators, and a crate we're sure you'll all learn to enjoy. (If you're wondering why this is under general, it's so as not to disturb that recruitment ad)
  10. Patch 5.401 Patch 5.401 will be Renegade X's largest feature patch ever! However, we are pleased to announce the following changes which should be making its way live soon! Here is the TL:DR New Game Mode introduced: B a t t l e R o y a l e Newly Supported Modes: Team Deathmatch FFA Deathmatch Capture the Flag Gameplay Changes Significant Game balance changes, including Obelisk, AGT changes and character and vehicle tiers and prices. New Additions: Zoom Functionality on both Minimap and Overview map 3 new crate types, as well as additional changes to existing crates. New vehicles and infantry, as well as significant changes to existing ones. Significant changes to the veterancy system Several new maps, with additional maps to follow soon. Several new game modes supported Other Notable Mentions We now have a new launcher produced by Sonny & SMayhew! This will replace the existing launcher and will now allow you to specify which binary you wish to use (32 bit or 64 bit) Now, for the long version: New Game Modes: B a t t l e R o y a l e You asked for it, and now we have provided! You will now be able to join up to 3 others in a group to fight in a 100 (yes 100) player Battle Royale! We have designed a brand new map based on City and one based upon one of the most popular custom maps Paradise specifically for Battle Royale! Since this different game mode will be difficult to host for individual servers, we will be hosting all of the Battle Royale servers (At launch there will be 3 servers available but you will be assigned a server by matchmaking, and we will introduce more as needed) Crates will drop from the sky every 90 seconds and will provide weapons, ammo and healing items. Capture the Flag: Many people have been asking for this for quite some time, and we have finally managed to fix a few of the bugs that managed to stop us from releasing this earlier. Several existing maps have been converted to run this game mode, including Walls, Field, Complex and an old map makes its return to be our first CTF only map: Valley! While in CTF mode, many changes have been made to various physics and other gameplay elements, which draws from Yosh's Deck mutator, including weapon drops, faster-moving characters, multi-jumping and low gravity. While carrying the flag, you will not be able to utilise the multi-jump feature and increased movement speed but will be returned to the normal behaviour for that unit. Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch While we already had these game modes in the past, we have fixed several issues that occurred within the mode, such as being mostly restricted to basic units and SBHs spawning without weapons. Well, we have fixed these bugs, and we are ready for All Deck, All Day! Players will now always spawn as a random unit from either team. Also by default in TDM/DM modes, they now include the Deck mutator changes, for weapon drops, fast movement, multi-jumping and low gravity! New Maps While several of these maps have existed in the past, they are being reintroduced with significant changes to layouts or how they play. C i t y & C i t y F l y i n g G l a c i e r & G l a c i e r F l y i n g V a l l e y ( C T F ) F i e l d - X F l y i n g A r i d Arid will feature Nod v Black Hand (reskinned Nod to blue). The assets for this will also be released to the public for all to use Many of these maps need no introduction, as many have already been released at some time or another or came from the original Renegade, however, we have spent many hours to bring you updated versions! New Features We have added many new vehicle abilities to improve gameplay while within these vehicles. Buggy and Humvee: As a staple of the GDI and Nod forces, these vehicles were very underused and lacking the ability to fight back at more powerful units, becoming completely ineffective in the late game, As a result of this, we have given these 2 vehicles a massive overhaul. Upon purchasing either of these vehicles, you will now be given multiple options to choose from, which will upgrade the weapon systems on each of them. These options are: AA Missile Pod (Has a lock on AA Missile system which can attack aircraft once a lock-on has been established) RPG Pod (Similar to the AA system, but cannot be aimed up, but can be used to target tanks and infantry on the ground) Armour Piercing Rounds (This replaces the default Machine gun on the Buggy/Humvee, but gives the weapon more damage versus armoured tanks) These options remain attached to the vehicle and can only be changed by driving onto a Repair Pad and spending 150 credits to switch the weapon. APC: Both the GDI and Nod APCs have been given a deploy option, which once activated, allows nearby infantry to recover ammo over time without having to refill. This ability only affects allied infantry within a short range of the APC and does limit the APC to being in one place for a while, but grants roughly 1 clip every 6 seconds. Medium Tank & Flame Tank: Both the Medium Tank and Flame Tank have been given Ablative Armour, which is used to reduce damage taken by the tank from any explosive shot. This armour reduces damage taken from the first explosive round (like a rocket or tank shell) by 50% and is put on a 12-second internal cooldown, any further attacks will deal full damage as per normal until the 12-second cooldown is reset. Mammoth Tank: Similar to the Medium Tank and Flame Tank, the Mammoth Tank has also been given Ablative Armour but also has an additional defence system called 'RAMIS'. This stands for Rocket and Missile Interception System, and is used to defend the Mammoth Tank from any Rocket/Explosive Round or even all the way up a Commander Missile strike! This system is automatically triggered and shoots down, or destroys any rocket that comes in the range of the tank once every 40 seconds. While this is good at dealing with explosive rounds, it will not stop EMP strikes, thrown grenades or any mine, also while this system can defend against one attack from a C130 airstrike, it will not the stop multiple attacks, just the first one in range of the Mammoth. Chinooks, Orcas and Apaches: These 3 aircraft have all received the ability Chaff, this releases a cloud of chaff which disrupts lock-on targetting weapons for a short period, and any projectile which is heading towards a locked on target loses the target and no longer tracks them. This also prevents lock-ons from being established within the range of the chaff for the duration. This is on a 30-second cooldown and lasts for 4 seconds. Drivable Harvesters You can now buy additional harvesters to assist in Tiberium collection, these vehicles share all the same properties as their AI driven counterparts, except you can control them to collect Tiberium as well. Only one harvester can be in the bay at any one time, so if the AI harvester is docked, you will need to wait until it leaves to deposit the Tiberium you have collected. There is also a limit (set on a per map basis: Default is 1 extra), to how many harvesters a team can have active at any one time. So if the enemy manages to steal the Harvester they can both lock you out of buying extras and gain extra credits by farming resources, so be careful! Tiberian Sun Vehicle Remodelling We have begun remodelling the Tib Sun vehicles! Here is a sneak peek at the new Wolverine, with its new feature: New Purchasable Items As part of the overhaul to the item purchase system, we are adding several new purchasable items and changing the functionality of others to allow for a more diverse gameplay experience. Repair Tool The repair tool has been a powerful ally for all users within a field environment which has helped make infantry far more sustainable than what we felt was balanced, so we have made the following change to the repair tool. The repair tool will no longer restore infantry health, but will only restore armour. All other functionality for vehicle and building repair remains the same. First Aid Kit With the removal of the healing health component of the repair tool, we have added the First aid kit, which is a passive heal over time, similar to the Elite self-healing. It grants 1 Health per 2 seconds when you stop taking damage for 5 seconds. This can be purchased from the Item menu in the purchase terminal for a cost of 300 credits. This item basically replaces the primary function for using the Repair Tool in the field, to restore player health, but the main disadvantage is that it only works for the player who purchases the kit. This effect stacks with veterancy healing and costs 250 credits. Grenades We have added several new grenades to the item menu for purchase. Shrapnel Grenade (New: Frag Grenade but with a slight damage buff to lightly armoured vehicles. Cost 75 credits) EMP Grenade (Cost 250 credits) Chemical Grenade (Cost 150 credits) Napalm Grenade (New: Applies a burning effect to the area where it explodes, lasting up to 6 seconds, any infantry who walks into the area will take fire damage for the duration they remain in the field, and for 3 seconds after. Cost 150 credits) Two of these grenades were already available to classes already through abilities, but these will be one-shot items that are removed upon use or death from your inventory. (Characters who already have the grenade through an ability such as Gunner with an EMP grenade) will be unable to purchase the respective grenade. Assault Proximity Mine As Proxy C4 is primarily used for defence, we have added the Assault Proximity Mine to allow for players to deploy these within the field, without risk of taking up the precious Mine Limit slots for the base. These mines are identical to normal Proxy C4 except as follows: Cannot be placed within a friendly base volume (GDI cannot place within the GDI base) Individual Player Limit: 3 When inside an enemy base volume, the mines will take a small amount of damage over time (2% every 5 seconds). If the mine reaches 0 HP, they automatically explode. When placed in a neutral area (Middle of the field as an example) they will remain until detonated by the enemy or the deploying player places more than their limit, which cause them to explode. These mines should help players identify which mines are available for personal use and which ones are meant to be used for defence. As part of this change, Hotwire and Technician Proximity C4 has been adjusted to the following: Can only be placed within a friendly base volume (GDI can only place within the GDI base). Renamed to Defensive Proximity Mines Airstrikes Ever since Airstrikes were added to the game, they have become a staple of gameplay when trying to break a siege in front of a base or attempting to push into the enemy base. We quite like the direction that they have been going in, and wanted to add a few new "flavours" of Airstrikes to give a bit more situational benefits. We have added the following alternative Airstrikes EMP Airstrike (Cost 800) Napalm Airstrike (Cost 600) [GDI Only] Tiberium Seeding Airstrike (Cost 600) [Nod Only] We are aware that this may make the commander power and purchased option very strong when used to lock down an area, so there will be a modified effect if a vehicle which is already under the effect of a long duration EMP strike. Any enemy vehicle within range currently under the effect of a high powered EMP (Just the EMP airstrike and Commander EMP Strike) will take 50% of their maximum health (or 300 damage), whichever is lower when struck by this EMP strike instead of the normal EMP effects. The Napalm Airstrike is similar to the Napalm grenade, where it creates a fire damage zone which will constantly burn enemy units within the zone until they leave the zone, however, this has a much larger effect. However the Tiberium Seeding airstrike is a brand new airstrike specific to Nod and does several effects, and some of them have been high on our list for quite some time! Creates a large area of effect Tiberium poison cloud, which behaves like a normal Tiberium field (Poisons units who walk into the radius) Any unit who dies within the effect of the Tiberium Seeding Airstrike will become a Viceroid (even friendly units)! Viceroid units will heal while in a Tiberium field. Viceroids has a chemical breath attack, similar to Chemical Troopers Primary Weapon and will attack both GDI and Nod players who get too close (They will not attack Harvesters). Since we have finally added Viceroids we have added a permanent 5% chance for a visceroid to spawn whenever a unit dies within a Tiberium field, All visceroids are AI controlled. New Vehicles and Tanks Prism Tank We are glad to finally introduce the Prism Tank into the game, this will be available via the Classic Vehicle crate. Tesla Tank We are proud to announce the new Tesla Tank which will also be available via the Classic Vehicle crate. Mammoth Tank MKII Now it has been no secret that we have had the Mammoth MKII for quite some time in our game files, however finding a way to introduce it has been somewhat awkward, without a massive redesign of various maps. However, we have found a solution that we think will help in the short term. We have introduced a brand new crate into the game which will only spawn on large maps such as Daybreak. This has a very rare chance of spawn and moves slowly, but this titanic vehicle will shred enemy defences and wreck vehicles in its path with dual Railguns and Rocket Pods. New Infantry After some debates, we have come to the conclusion, that we should not separate the father from daughter - so we are proud to present our newest EPIC character (available through Mystery Crates) Dr. Ignatio Mobius! Veterancy System Changes We have added in 2 new ranks for Veterancy Exceptional ReneGod This brings the total number of Veterancy ranks to 6, the new order is as follows and the amount of VP needed to unlock the rank, and the icons for each have changed to reflect these new ranks. Recruit (0-199) Veteran (200-399) Exceptional (400-599) Elite (600-1199) Heroic (1200-1999) ReneGod (2000+) With the introduction of these new ranks, the various perks you get from each level has changed slightly. 1 Health per Second is gained at Elite (Same as current) 2 Health per Second is gained at Heroic (Down from 3 Health per Second) 3 Health per Second is gained at ReneGod (Same as the old Heroic perk) All building damage bonuses that are normally gained at Elite are now granted at Exceptional, All Building Damage Bonuses that are normally gained at Heroic will remain at Heroic. All Visual Weapon Firing effects that are normally granted at heroic are now granted at ReneGod instead. General Changes GDI Infantry Rifle Solider: Headshot multiplier of the Automatic Rifle reduced from 4x to 3.2x Base Damage of Automatic Rifle increased from 8 to 10 Shotgunner: Headshot multiplier of the Shotgun increased to 2.5x from 2x Reduced Shotgun spread by about 5% Increased Shotgun pellet damage to 11 from 10 (still fires 12 pellets) Base Movement Speed is now 105 up from 100 Marksman: Marksman Rifle now does 75% damage against Kevlar, up from 70% damage. Grenadier: Grenade Launcher Alt Fire now persists for an additional 0.25 seconds before exploding Engineer: Primary Fire for the Repair Gun now locks onto vehicles enabling you to look away from the target and still heal them, Alt-Fire will still fire a straight beam as per usual. Primary Fire for the Repair Gun will now heal any of your mines, rather than disarming. Alt-Fire will now disarm mines instead. McFarland: Primary Fire for the Flak Cannon has had the range increased to 850 up from 800 Cost reduced from 250 credits to 225 Officer: Movement speed is now 105 from 100 Rocket Soldier: Lock on with Missile Launcher is now faster, it now takes 0.1 seconds less to lock on. Deadeye: Now classified as a Tier 1 unit, and can be purchased even when the Barracks is destroyed. Gunner: Splash damage radius increased on Rocket Launcher by 5% Patch: Base Movement speed reduced to 110 from 112.5 Hotwire: Primary Fire for the Advanced Repair Gun now locks onto vehicles enabling you to look away from the target and still heal them, Alt-Fire will still fire a straight beam as per usual Primary Fire for the Advanced Repair Gun will now heal any of your mines, rather than disarming. Alt-Fire will now disarm mines instead Havoc: Cost increased to 1200 Sydney: Cost increased to 1200 Mobius: Cost increased to 1200 Movement speed increased to 105 from 100 Mobius [Epic] Introduced into the Epic Character Crate Wears a Prototype Armour Suit similar to Sydney [Epic] New Weapon - Tesla Rifle New Sidearm - Tiberium Flechette Nod Infantry Rifle Soldier: Headshot multiplier of the Automatic Rifle reduced from 4x to 3.2x Base Damage of Automatic Rifle increased from 8 to 10 Shotgunner: Headshot multiplier of the Shotgun increased to 2.5x from 2x Reduced Shotgun spread by 5% Increased Shotgun pellet damage to 11 from 10 (Still fires 12 pellets) Base Movement Speed is now 105 up from 100 Marksman: Marksman Rifle now does 75% damage against Kevlar up from 70% damage. Flame Trooper: Fire based immunity removed, to ensure that Napalm attacks will still be effective. Engineer: Primary Fire for the Repair Gun now locks onto vehicles enabling you to look away from the target and still heal them, Alt-Fire will still fire a straight beam as per usual. Primary Fire will now heal any of your mines, rather than disarming. Alt-Fire will now disarm mines instead. Chemical Trooper: Chemical Thrower damage reduced by 5%, but range increased by 25 units Laser Chaingunner: Base Movement speed increased to 85 up from 80 Armour now reduced to 225 from 250 Laser Chaingun no longer has infinite ammo, instead has 150 ammo per clip and 750 ammo in reserve. Stealth Black Hand: No longer available for purchase, replaced with the Hand of Kane unit Hand of Kane: The Hand of Kane has the following equipment: Laser Rifle 36 ammo per clip, 216 ammo in reserve. (Deals 2 damage extra per shot compared to the SBH Laser Rifle) Carbine Same as Sakura's Carbine Timed C4 Napalm Grenade Recharging Ability Kevlar armour (Not Invisible) Black Hand Sniper Now classified as a Tier 1 unit, and can be purchased even when the Hand of Nod is Destroyed. Technician Primary Fire for the Advanced Repair Gun now locks onto vehicles enabling you to look away from the target and still heal them, Alt-Fire will still fire a straight beam as per usual. Primary Fire for the Advanced Repair Gun will now heal any of your mines, rather than disarming. Alt-Fire will now disarm mines instead. Sakura Cost increased to 1200 Raveshaw Cost increased to 1200 Mendoza Cost increased to 1200 Base movement speed reduced to 105 from 110 Mendoza [Epic] Introduced into the Epic Character crate New Weapon - Volt Auto Rifle with Flame Jet attachment Character design based on his Original Renegade Skin, with the fuel tanks on his back. GDI Vehicles Humvee Weapon Selection on purchase is now available: AA Rocket Pod RPG Pod Armour Piercing Ammo Upgrade GDI APC Deploy ability added: Resupply Grants 1 clip of ammo to all nearby allied infantry every 6 seconds Medium Tank Added Ablative Armour Mammoth Tank Added Ablative Armour Added RAMIS Defense System Chinook Base health increased to 600 from 500 Chaff Flare Ability added Orca Chaff Flare Ability added Rocket Lock-on now takes 0.1 seconds less Drivable Harvester added for purchase for 1400 credits Nod Vehicles Buggy Weapon Selection on purchase is now available: AA Rocket Pod RPG Pod Armour Piercing Ammo Upgrade Nod APC Deploy ability added: Resupply Grants 1 clip of ammo to all nearby allied infantry every 6 seconds Flame Tank Added Ablative Armour Chinook Base health increased to 600 from 500 Chaff Flare Ability added Apache Chaff Flare Ability added Drivable Harvester added for purchase for 1400 credits. Building Changes Advanced Guard Tower Rocket reload timer is now 5% shorter, allowing for more rockets to be fired. Machine Gun Turret damage against Medium+ armoured vehicles by 4%. Obelisk Damage decreased to 275 per shot from 300 Obelisk recharge time reduced by 15%, allowing for more rapid firing. Crates New Crate Options: Super Vehicle Crate (MKII) introduced Weapon Pick-up Crate introduced Team Credit Crate - Grants all team members a small number of credits each (100-250 credits) Adrenaline Crate - Grants the player a very high movement speed (200% increased infantry speed, 150% vehicle speed) for 3 minutes. Altered Crates: Classic Vehicle crate now offers the Prism Tank and Tesla Tank as well as the Bradley Spy Crates will only give the SBH character, and is not dependant on the team, meaning GDI and Nod can get the SBH Spy. Epic character crates now offer the new characters Mobius [Epic] and Mendoza [Epic]. New Building Available Construction Yard is now available in the SDK for mappers to introduce to their maps! (When we release the next SDK build) The construction yard provides automatic repairs to all damaged buildings (except itself) equal to 1% armour every 6 seconds up to 100% and will restore 2% building health every minute up to 50% maximum health. The Construction Yard is very durable and has 3000 Health and 3000 Armour (1000 more of each compared to other buildings). This means that the Construction Yard can SURVIVE 1 hit of a super weapon beacon.
  11. Welcome back commander! What is a PUG? The Renegade X community comes together every weekend to participate in organised, pick-up games that are held on our Discord. These games are graciously hosted and organised by the Constructive Tyranny community. You can identify these CT members by the 'PUG Organiser' role on Discord. How do I participate? If you are on our Discord and get the PUG Player role, you will be notified when we are starting each PUG. People usually start joining the Waiting Room voice channel about 30 minutes before the PUGs. The PUGs start at 7PM GMT/BST / 1PM CST/CDT (daylight savings changes included). How does it work? Each team will get a commander. This commander, along with the PUG organisers, will draft teams. After the teams are drafted, a specific team will get first map pick. The team that loses gets to decide each map pick. Listen to your Captain(s)/Commanders, and be a team player, the goal for the PUGs is to encourage amazing teamwork that would otherwise not be easily seen in a public server. We're all here to have a fun, competitive experience. Anybody is welcome to join, but it is still highly recommended that you have basic knowledge of the game mechanics before you hop in. PUGs typically last 2-3 hours, this often equates to 3-5 matches depending on map selection. Once again, to join the PUGs, join our Discord and find the channel #pug-rules-and-role to get the role. Below is an excerpt from the pug rules channel from Discord
  12. 6617 downloads

    The Unreal Engine 3 redistributable is installed by the launcher at the end of the installation process. This file is made available in case of a corrupt download or other installation issue.
  13. This thread will be updated with every launcher patch, briefly describing the purpose and changes in each patch. Change Log 0.86 - April 23, 2021 0.85 - May 7, 2020 0.83 - April 10, 2019 0.82 0.81 - Jan 30, 2018 0.76 - June 22, 2017 0.75 - Feb 28, 2017 0.74 - Sometime after Feb 20 but before Feb 27 0.73 - Feb 20, 2017 0.72 - Feb 20, 2017 0.71 - Feb 13, 2017 0.70 - Feb 12, 2017 0.69 - Feb 10, 2017: 0.68:
  14. Version SDK 11/11/21


    The Renegade X Software Development Kit (SDK) gives you the tools necessary to construct custom levels, game modes, mutators, and more. It contains all of the assets and UnrealScript source code used in creating the Renegade X game client. SDK Installer, this will enable you to download the files in the same manner as the game. This is NOT the Renegade X game client. If you are wanting to install Renegade X, you can download the installer here: https://ren-x.com/files/file/1-renegade-x/
  15. 2941 downloads

    This Zip package contains all of the music in Renegade X. All tracks are in MP3 format. Tracks: Time to Rock 'n Roll Command & Conquer Got a Present for Ya Death Awaits Full Stop Move It Industrial March to Doom Act on Instrict On the Prowl Stomp No Mercy Blinded In the Line of Fire Valiant Another Present for Ya Rampage Just Do It Up Serenity The Dead Six Tension Rising
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