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CnC Frostbite


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Frostbite V1.9.3 


-Large lower field path has been crafted, enjoy the icy tundra below! Do be careful when driving on the ice.

-Collisions modified.

-Bridge lowered.

-Bots should now go everywhere.

-ReadMe.txt added to .rar file for install instructions.

-Mid-Infantry tunnel/cavern modified; slope to HON.

-Misc Changes.

-----Frostbite is nearly completed, just sound and graphical effects need to be added for atmosphere and beautification progress, secret lighting surprise also needs to be worked on for further beautification-----


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Ruud033 said:
You're doing awesome work here. Keep it up.

However, I'd suggest you don't release a new version every day or 2, we can't keep up with updating the server at that tempo. Also, people aren't that excited to download over and over again.. maybe release once a week?

It's mostly just self-motivation, I wouldn't really expect many to update the map so often but it's there anyway.

You're not wrong though.


_________ _______ _________ __________ ________

Frostbite V1.9.9 


-Lighting overhaul.

-Frostbite is now a night map. [because it took so long to make the in-game sun went to sleep]

-Added sound for atmosphere.

-Added weather effects.

-Misc collisions modifications.

-Light decorations.

-Upper Middle Infantry path, Nod-side, has been modified.

-GDI can no longer shoot Nod Harvester from Upper-mid or lower infantry paths whilst the harvest is docked in the base.

-Misc changes.



See first post/front page.



-Point nodes

-Better camera roll for endgamecam

-Loading screen

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A few things I've found.

Blocking volumes that block part of the ramp and allow you to float in the air.




Can get stuck in these places.



Geometry error and another hollow rock.



Looks like you can run through this spot but have to crouch to go through it.


No collision on this fence or tower on bunker.


Able to use wall as ramp to bypass it and get apc into inf tunnels.


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Found many more things, brace yourself.

More hollow rocks, I think you might already know about some.





A blocking volume under the sniper perch that can be walked on.



This fence doesn't have collision so buildings can be hit through it.


This gap blocks inf and vehicles when it looks like you should be able to move through it.


Can drive on top of the tib field, and vehicles floating over some areas, mostly at the northern end.




4 more spots were you can get a vehicle into the inf path.





Can hide a beacon inside crystals on hon.


If the gun emplacement in hon is destroyed and a beacon is placed there, when it re-spawns the beacon can not be disarmed unless the emplacement is destroyed, now I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the repair beam can't target it. This might seem like something that would never happen but I'm sure it would, and I'm not sure on the legality of it.


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  • 2 weeks later...

The only one I missed was the hollow rock in the GDI base, however...


Frostbite D1 -



-Modified blocking volumes at GDI base.

-Modified blocking volumes throughout the map.

-Reduced map size. (Lowest/longest route no longer accessible)

-Ice cave rehauled, reworked, relit, redone.

-Peak route expanded on Nod's side. 

-HoN Emplacement moved out of HoN.

-Some lights have been removed.

-Misc changes.

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Frostbite D2


-Added extra route to Ice-cave, GDI side

-Barracks has been rotated

-GDI Ice-Cave Entrance/exit modified

-General fixes and edits made



-Optimization [Ice Cave causes FPS drop at the moment, how2fix?] @Ruud033 @kenz3001 Any suggestions?


-Loading Screen

-Future reported errors/glitches/bugs/stucks

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  • Totem Arts Staff

to change lights from dynamic to static alls you have to do is disable the dynamic channel and enable the static channel (static only)

the main light (dominant directional) needs to have static and composite dynamic enabled

you can also select lights and convert them to static via the right click menu


i havent looked at the map so .... yer i dont know what lights you have

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I followed the minimap tutorial exactly yet still end up with the texture flickering when viewing in the editor: @kenz3001


[EDIT: Minimap is fine when the game is loaded, just in the SDK does it flicker and f'up]

Aside from that kink which needs to be worked out...

Frostbite F2 [Download Here]


-Hand of Nod has been moved to where the Airstrip Tower was

-Airstrip Tower moved near the head of the Airstrip runway

-You can no longer beacon any two buildings anymore

-Ice cave now has two entrances/exits for both teams

-Endgame Cam remastered

-Minimap is 99% accurate [Hard to tell 100% due to the flickering bullshit]

-Frostbite is almost almost almost complete


-Create loading screen

-Fix minimap flickering (Maybe @Ruud033 has some advice?)

-Possible optimization required 


-Fix texture component line issue. [This may actually just require a new release of the SDK? idk. Maybe someone with some materials editor knowledge could help me out on this one? Where they occur don't ruin the map in the grand scheme of things]

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By the way, @kenz3001, I accidentally deleted the first keyframe in the UnReal Matinee. 

Now the map suffers from Frozen End-game Cam because it won't let me get rid of the one Cam, I thought I was able to fix it by adding a track with no additional camera and attaching the loose end-game cam onto the track but unfortunately this was not acceptable in the code of the editor. 

What does? 

Or better yet, I figured out how to add my own Movement sub-track for the loose end-game cam, but was not able to add a FOV to it because weirdly enough matinee doesn't name it FOV or Field of view in the drop-down list. Any ideas? Or a better way to fix this?

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Changes as of 16th Sept:

  • Frosty peak has been reallocated and redesigned
  • Upper sidepath has been redesigned to home reallocated peak
  • Bunker on sidepath has been refitted
  • Minimap redone to coincide with map design changes

As far as map design goes Frostbite is officially done.

Loading screen notwithstanding, Frostbite is done.

See release thread for download details: 

Testing would be much appreciated for any kinks in the map.

A big playtest would be greatly appreciated to better test the map for play-through modifications.


See you all on Monday, off to Scotland now.

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Hopefully this is the last time we have to break your map :P

First a missing texture.



This poor light has been separated from its pole :(



All of these things are missing collision.




You can get stuck in this spot behind the Airstrip.



The walls of these corridors have no collision.



Out of place blocking volume.



Mines placed on this bridge disappear into it and cannot be disarmed but can still be set off.



Floating blocking volume.



Hollow rocks near the bridge with an added laser show.



These rocks are missing collision, if a nuke is placed inside it cannot be disarmed.



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Few points on discovered breaks.


What are you showing me in this image exactly? 


This platform has no collisions and uses a blocking volume as a pathway, I don't think you'd expect many mines wasted on easy kills at the sacrifice of less than perfectly mined base. I suppose there is that one mine.


This is now going to become a road down to Nod's tiberium field, as I've noticed two ways through here have quite a heavy defense against swift targets.

20160920141114_1.jpg Not too sure about this one, going to investigate.

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Yes ^


Lights are built, only took 2hr 42m... woohoo...


Unfortunately I ran into an issue...

These are mostly the nod buildings, not sure why this is occurring. 

I knew there was something fishy going on when after a certain point of playing in viewpoint did the editor refuse to place me at all.

Rebuilding paths did nothing.

None of the buildings have been moved at all.



Edit: Oddly, pressing 'P' no longer shows linking paths either.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Try to right click on a random ground and press Play from Here.

If that fails, check collision boxes, maybe something went horribly wrong like that collision issue in Eyes back in the days.

Not sure if DaKuja still remembered it. Here's what happened to Eyes


On 7/11/2015 at 9:00 AM, DaKuja said:

Ye, working hard the last Hours on this Map it looks really good now!

But on each time i got some wierd problems to handle but this one is really strange

- The Nod Harvester spawn for an blink of an eye and get teleportet away (i think to 0,0,0) and get destroyed there.. and respawnt also there and died many times.

I didn't change any PathNote or touched the Strip.

So ye the last Problem to fix it, but dosn't know how. :<

On 7/11/2015 at 10:10 AM, Handepsilon said:

Also, DaKuja, Rebuild the path, just do it. Especially if the road-imaged button on the bottom left has exclamation mark there

On 7/11/2015 at 1:40 PM, DaKuja said:

I did it, still won't work :/

Now he got killed instantly at the Spawn Point each time, at the first Spawn he flips crazy around and died.

On 7/12/2015 at 3:29 AM, DaKuja said:

So i'm bit smarter now about the issue.. its way more wierder as i think something in the Nod Base seems get an insane huge Collision but if i let me show anything of some collision there still nothing but the Harvester drives on something

No Collision, no Brushes and no Volumes there.


It's probably your collision box being tweaked too much it starts going off course. You can try to remake the collision, rebuild geometry (though this will require another light rebuild)

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Just now, Handepsilon said:

Sorry, Volumes, I mean the Blocking Volumes of nearby meshes (not building's own blocking volumes). If you edit a volume too much, they will start covering places they're not supposed to cover.

Like every single building in both bases? O.o


The content browser is currently not saving the CNC-Frostbite package, which is also odd.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hm, try this then

1. Do either of the following

a. Create a Player start node in the sky, but not so high it reaches the StallZ. Then rebuild path and if no error occurs on your newly placed Start Node, press play

b. Move your viewport up to the sky, same StallZ rule, and Play from Viewport

2. Do either of the following

a. Before doing 1, place Kismet that fires Console Command "God"

b. Quickly type God in your console command before you fall to death

c. Simply press Space to activate parachute

3. Try to wander around, see if you can find any anomalies

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