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  1. Hi there I am writing this due to the that I try to make a name variable that deals with mouse positioning which is successful but Unfortunately as soon as I Plug it Into the Boolean It comes with a Cross and then the Seq Var changes which stops the Script from working. If anyone Knows the What the proper Boolean name for Mouse Position It would be appericated. Here's an example
  2. Okay I will check It Out and see what I find But thank you so much For Your help Earlier I really appreciate It 😊
  3. Okay So do any of you guys have Custom Kismet scripts for something like Increasing damage or things such as Giving Players more or Less armor Or even things such as what time to end the Match.
  4. It worked Thank you so much. You truly are a UnrealScript Professional. Thats one Kismet Node added to my list. Speaking of Kismet Does It Still get Updated by any chance.
  5. Hi there I need help with this Code I was trying to Implement the code and Compile it and as I did that this Error came up which is weird because all the other codes that I have with this worked perfectly except this one which is this one. Here Is the code and to provide more Useful Information. Heres were the coding came from https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/KismetOnlineSubsystem.html SeqAct_UnlockAchievement.uc
  6. Alright Thank You for the Information If I have Time I look at the Surival map to get a better Understanding On how that Objective Node works. Great Job On the Kisnet Nodes I hope It still gets Updated.
  7. Okay if there is any Information Or example Of how It I would be glad to Know about It. Thank you for the Information You given me so far I will try to see what I can do For now.
  8. Hi Everyone I just found the Objective Nodes In Kismet but I am not sure what goes together. Does anyone know how to create Objectives In UDK. Or better does anyone know how to use the Renegade X Objective node to create Objectives. I heard these were used In the Survival Gamemode so I would like a bit of Information of how It works.
  9. UT BOTS HELL YES they gave UT vibes. reinstalling this game again. Man those bots were good. The Skirmish/AI is one of the best parts of the game. I hope Firestorm keeps that AI but make it work for Firestorm like the AI works for Renegade X. The AI in this game are a lot like the UT4s ones. Definite Reinstalling this 100%. As for discord I have a look at it thanks for the Link.
  10. One more question One question is that UT4 like AI still around. Those guys where pretty when it comes to infantry.
  11. Things like one hit one kill. Or things like to make the AI shoot at each other and you. Disable friendly fire.Things like that
  12. Oh wow you dont need kismet okay. Sweet Thank you. I do have other questions though. Can you create your own gamemode using Kismet within a level.
  13. Hi there its been a while since I played RenX but I was wondering if it would be possible to create a free for all Deathmatch using kismet. Or something where everyone started attacking each other. Any information would greatly be appreciated thank you.
  14. Oh l am talking about the vanilla RenX they were pretty good the least and I was thinking of coming back thats why I asked
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