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  1. I am SHOCKED! Shocked i say! I used to have that issue for a little while but then it went away.
  2. Which maps are the smallest sq feet of playable space? And which the largest. Of the maps on the official server. I was thinking Field was pretty small, but then i started thinking about tomb and now i wonder........
  3. Teamwork by players who are not commanded and seeing a losing team rally to win. Shooting thru foliage and missing tree trunks. Learning new maps. Edit add: The often funny and joking camaraderie including funny player names.
  4. The bots crashing the game is a known problem. There is no fix expected any time soon.... but i really wish there was such. However! The good news is that you can reduce the crashes by playing with fewer bots. If you are using a large number of bots then try using less. I like to use bots. It is amazing how differently they play depending on the level bot you use. It is hard to believe that lvl 5 bots can take down a whole building, but they can. I like to put in some high level bots with a bunch of low level bots. That way some of them challenge me and some of them are just there for target practice.
  5. I have been witnessing some low population days lately. Yesterday I was shocked to find only 4 players online at 5pm est. I imagine that players are off playing FS. maybe that's not the case..... and I accept your witness Nodsaibot. I did not know the testing was only weekends..... ty for saying. I thought we had a nice growth a few months ago. But I just go by how many times a player asks newb questions and how active the servers seem to be.... > Mark me Despondant.
  6. It seems renx population has really decreased. Am I wrong in thinking that FS testing is consuming our player base? I am really sad to see renx like this.
  7. What is causing this? What can be done? I hate to say it publicly but it is clear to anyone playing this game...........
  8. CT server your choice to use Auto command fuckin sucks . I cannot count the number of times i have cursed this feature. Just because i am forced to take control of the harvester does not mean i want to start each match as the commander. PUG play is one thing. the rest of us should not have to conform to those needs. ELIMINATE AUTO COMMAND !!!! Please O. and while I am ranting... Why no bots?? Today we had 6 players on field. Bots would have really helped us enjoy some fun until more players.... Now i see the server is dead...
  9. Gex_str Great comments and information. I will differ on one point tho... Re : personal buffs I do not believe this to be true. Imagine you buy an offensive buff for yourself. It is not that much of a buff really. You are a bit stronger, but truly the buffs require a large number combined to be really effective. { ok in small population matches the buff may be a bit strong but.... } As buffs are used now, it usually takes a large % of the team being buffed to make a difference. One lone rocketeer who buffs is not going get much done. But!!! If 4,5, or 6 players all spend money for buffs... and then set them off together - now that could be some first rate action. I feel that no matter what ability you give to players, there is an appropriate balancing mechanism. What about the enemy players who bought a defensive buff? Overall the players should have the maximum abilities and the role of commanders should be reduced. Commanders are so very.... Old school. Look at modern warfare today. Armies that rely on top down control are vastly inferior to armies that are built upon soldier initiative. Sometimes this dependency on Commanders reminds me of how wars were fought in the past. It is time that RenX looks to the future.
  10. RenClassic thank you for your comments. It is a lot to comment on, but I would like to add my 2 cents. #2. Nukes Yes. I have grown increasingly unhappy that players expect certain behaviors in low population matches. People need to practice, and not just with bots. Commanding and beacons should be encouraged. We fear too much the killing of the server. This also becomes a chance for players to be abusive to each other, sadly. #3 Crates Please do NOT enable sbh snipers again. That is good way to drive off new players as well as piss off some of the rest of us. #13 demining YES! Harvy control should be possible by voting. #15 vote abuse. I agree more should be done to curtail the overwhelming stream of input the players must process. YES!! More should be done to tailor the size of maps available at vote to the population size. But, I would say no to cancelling the restart map option. It is very useful. #19 Surrender after 1 building loss is sometimes appropriate. At first I hated the existence of the surrender vote and I was very vocal about it. But as time went on I came to understand it's ability to keep players engaged and not just waiting for the next map. RE: surrender after 1 building can be my preferred choice if: The action and points clearly show the team is losing, and/or if the building destroyed is THE most important one to the team. #20 Individual CP I have been arguing FOR this for some time. The giving over of abilities to a Commander removes the personal initiative that drives the best part of game play in RenX. I would like to see small personal buffs purchasable. There can always be a limiter like a timer or max number allowed. #31 Yes the need to scroll for map selection is a small problem. #34 Yes we need to see the bounty on ourselves. I am glad the game included this mechanic. Lotsa fun in it. #38 As someone who often uses bots to make tiny population matches a bit thicker and longer, any help with bots would really be appreciated and beneficial to the community. #44 Silo status shown. Yes. I did hear there were some plans for this to be done a while back. #45 Voting on beacons allowed. I recently advocated for this on another thread. The argument was made that it would be too confusing for new players. I am not sure if I agree, but I do understand the position. #47 game message for killing nuc holder. Yes #50 Totally agree w ya there
  11. You know that funky smell you get when you use a repair tool? I never gave it much thought. O sure we were warned that it was toxic and to something to avoid. But the other day a REP member cornered me after the meeting with a lot to say. In short, it was his opinion that the fumes were addictive. WTH ? He went on and on about the possible side effects of doing repairs. I politely listened, tho frankly skeptical. But one thing he said has stuck in my head. "Why? Why do you think folks stand at the building MCT and repair and repair and repair? Why do they do it sometimes when the building is not even damaged? Why I ask you ? It is because they are Addicted to the Fumes!" Now I am wondering. . .. Maybe my habit of doing repair work out in the open air has spared me from this?
  12. Today while playing field, I looked at the map. There was a dot moving all over the map in very odd ways. Then suddenly there is a beacon that Kills the hand. ??
  13. REp Log. Entry 523. Some Fav memes from fellow REP members. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STAnd StiLL wont ya!!!!!! Why am I out in front? Won't someone think of the Cow ??? !?? This building is so doooooommmmed.
  14. Silv, Thank you for the informaton about how Harvester VP works. I did not realize it was low at the start. Hicks, your most recent post included the idea to create votes for very small population games to regulate the use of beacons. I have often wondered why we do not have the ability to make these votes.
  15. The feeling of unbalance is a real negative. Early harvester kills help create this feeling. Could the Harvester not give VP? i.e. you just deny the enemy credits when you kill the harvester, but you do not gain VP. Maybe that would throw the game off balance tho?
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