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  1. Would you please consider Bots?
  2. test server. saw you playing Canyon. tried to join 2x . fail
  3. More Feedback: Would you consider scaling the time required for buildings to reset - to the size of teams? Similar to the way cost scales. In a very very small game, 10 min feels like an eternity. just a thought..... Thanks for the fun.
  4. When i placed remote c4 on harvester. ... it is not triggarable? ( is that a word?) I.E. I cant access it to set it off. I experienced this on both teams. Its like it disappears from my character's options. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and don't let me start on about how you can't properly buy tech, but you have to know the work around................................................................... ...................................... ....... . ... .
  5. Classic maps. cant join Cliffside. 2 attempts. Canyon same 2x. P. S. I am very happy that the Official Server is active and being used.... >elbows suspiria in the ribs.
  6. Minecraft The battlefield would be huge with player built traps, swimming and falling, Players build the base with each building complete with mct.
  7. I got to play on the SX turbo sever the other day. It ran good and there was a good atmosphere of gaming. I thought I heard someone in charge taking questions and checking that things were working well.
  8. I share the feeling that 3hr matches are not desirable. Not to derail the thread, but i do hasten to comment that: 64 players on some maps creates some of the effects being discussed. In particular I cite: Field and Under. Originally maps for 40 players. 100 %.
  9. Silv, your sense of humor is amazing. Would you start a late night RenXTalk show? Or maybe host a RenX awards show?
  10. Darkside. Field. Dark No. It does not work. This is crap. You cannot make maps dark and expect that to be sufficient. Just NO. If you are not going to put effort into a holiday theme then just admit it. At least Hex mtn has decorations and effects... WOOOOOT wooooot!
  11. I tried to join some new ( newb ) servers tonight. As so often is the case, i could not join them. Why is this so often the situation? Tonight: Sx Turbo and: Reyans Place.
  12. I think it really sucks that we cant use taunts to play around when we are gathering for a rush...... For Fear that the Enemy overhears us. ooooo lets all be quiet... don't want to be too rowdy..... F that. Heaven forbid we feel PUMPed Up. Should we have a team only Taunt line? a place we can express team bravado? Rally the Troops!!!!
  13. Pulling from events in real, I have read an article talking about good tactics on a battlefield. It listed 3 reasons for success. 1. Ambushing the enemy 2. Slowing down the movement of the enemy 3. Establishing the work of fire teams Renegade X has the first two principles built solidly into the game. I think it lacks the third. It would be great to have it tho! It would be a nice contrast to the usual Top-down-commander-gathers-all for a big push tactic.
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