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Favorite desktop background, non renx.


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nice thread isupreme :) 

Temple of Nod, Sarajevo. 2048.image.thumb.png.3e3394b2068751c6c3ab107d47ca0945.png

Nod HQ, Australian Eastern coast

Desolated city, United States.


Fun pic


Aeldari pics:




Banshee cosplay:



and the last.. Helsreach.
I would die on this world.
I would die.. on Armaggedon.


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  • Totem Arts Staff

I got the wallpaper engine, that is a software in steam. It actually costs 2-3€, maybe not worth it, but it got some really really nice backgrounds that are made by the community, so you have a really big range of categories from Star Wars over Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones. You have also cars, the space and lots of nature backgrounds, there are even some Tiberium Wars wallpapers. The best thing is, that the most of them are moving a bit, which I unfortunately can not screenshot, but it looks very cool.


Screenshot (507).png

Screenshot (506).png

Screenshot (505).png

Screenshot (504).png

Screenshot (503).png

Screenshot (502).png

Screenshot (501).png

Screenshot (500).png

Screenshot (499).png

Screenshot (508).png

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i usually go for the picturesque or colorful for my screen...  but if it is Tanking you want...

These are some i used to use .



20!!   Culture points to anyone who knows what movie this is pulled from...


A car driver's  BAD Day:


World History Points if you know  what this is  Before you see the pic below.











And because i have free speech:    100 points if you can name the location of this photo and spell it correctly.



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Two power Images.



This last one comes from a news story i read.   The priests were using this bot instead of a human.   I Laughed so loud!  and took the pic.   But now when ever i see it i feel blessed.   Odd...


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