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  1. i... what? Here's how it is. If you are GDI Commander*, you aren't allowed to use media falsehood to further your goals. If you are Nod...
  2. Im just guessing here. Have you recently been messing around with more than 1 screen at a time? thinking if maybe the graphic card/windows is sending through the wrong port, or some "window mode" setting has changed. Im assuming its doing that blinking between pitch black and desktop by itself, and that its not you tabbing. unless its a setting change somewhere, id say the screen is starting to die. can you start game without joining a server? just to see. can you start any other game in the same resolution? If the screen has just begun going bad, try turning it off for about 1 hour, pull the plug also. then when its cooler, plug it back in and try running the game. btw.... you didn't spill some tea on your keyboard? not even a drop? if so unplug keyboard and plug in another, it could be locked into a shortcut command that minimizes window.
  3. The most frequent problems i perceive are... Wrong game mentality: playing this game like its COD or CSGO etc, not understanding the running and gunning concept, not understanding its OK to die and instead finding their KD infuriating, not seeing the big picture and the role of a footsoldier in an RTS. How to zerg and gaining the most value out of it, realizing the value of it. Accusing players of cheating because of mundane feats that may be virtually impossible in more common FPS games. Not understanding the flow of vehicle combat: I see this even among experienced players, CHICKENS WHO LET THE MOMENT SLIP PASS THEM, however with new players its an issue of not being able to hivemind, not being able to process and extrapolate information and act upon it (infantry issue also to some smaller degree) Bad drivers aren't a problem compared to drivers who only know how to be passive. Difficulty noticing crucial information: reading the chat, reading the radio, reading the Map (just looking at it for a second gives you tons of info), perhaps even the commander messages to some degree. obvious as they may seem. Not feeling comfortable taking on any role / realizing what role is currently required: This is likely more related to inexperience than any other problems, its only becomes an apparent issue because the majority of players can run the maps and strategies like clockwork. Will solve itself if new players just stick around i think. Im not strictly discussing teamwork here, but these issues certainly bleeds into it i think. as a footnote, some taunts do have some tactical and reassuring morale function. just as a "i am here with you", or more precisely... SOON VICTORY WILL BE OURS, HAVE FAITH BROTHER, I HAVE YOU COVERED.
  4. Lands of lore 2, because i think the draracle is a damn cool character and i like cheesy FMVs.
  5. seems to be popular meme, enough so to get an understanding of what the game is, parkour platforming paired with awkward character movement. Laugh at how everyone sucks at everything, i played something very similar on the PS4 a year ago but cant recall the title atm.
  6. If you plan on having both Firestorm and Renegade x gamemode intertwined within the same launcher and game, i don't see why you need to focus on more gamemodes atm, its gonna be there right next NvN when its done. you are already making more gamemodes for renegade x. I dare say TDM and KOTH already exists as smaller components within the Renegade x gamemode in the form map control, i don't think you can extract and improve them in a way that outshines the full experience. CTF... ehm, idk, i have doubts. Keep focusing on Firestorm i say, if you feel like Renegade X needs some love in the form of new gamemodes then consider making a tiberium dawn version of Firestorms domination style gamemode, when there is time ofc. No rush, game is still good, don't worry.
  7. Don't forget about the arty/mlrs mindlessly non-stop spamming whatever infantry route is available for the full base lock experience.
  8. Skill speaks for itself. Recognition from other players is worth far more than any number of auto generated medals shown only under some personal page somewhere. !rec
  9. It isn't supposed to be fun for a player with negative reputation, !noob command is supposed to be a punishment, not just an insult or a joke. Or that's how i envision it should work it at least, i don't see any purpose for it other than being the equivalent of flipping someone of atm. The !rec is also basically just a "tip of the hat", but that one i think everyone likes even if it doesn't have any long lasting effect either. Idk, remove it i guess. Probably better to just !modrequest if someone is being a complete asshole. but is the !noob harmfull to the community? not more so than the players deserving one.
  10. What effect is the !noob command supposed to have in renegade x? its just an insult and nothing more isn't it? Have used it twice ever far as i can recall, both for the same knowingly team hampering player in the last 2 weeks. But I don't think it will stop him from acting like a selfish idiot, nor will it openly flame him when he joins. Even if it added up towards a temp ban or something not everyone uses it seriously. I need the !noob command now more than ever but i might just as well just call him an idiot.
  11. Building structures and bases was planned and experimented with in the firestorm alpha, but the UE3 engine proved to be too old and weak to handle it on a large multiplayer scale unfortunately, a real shame too since it was working right up until the point the game would eventually crash. Alot of players seem to express interest in having tiberium creatures roam the battefield, but other than being a fun distraction its not clear how they would improve or add anything to the gameplay. There is an old campaign for Renegade X called "Black Dawn", it hasn't been touched in a long while far as i know and from what i heard was originally meant as a showcase demo of sorts, it still offers a pretty entertaining experience with around 2 hours of gameplay, heres a link if you want to check it out. Would be nice to have a longer more complete campaign for sure but the developers are focused on the firestorm expansion and making the multiplayer experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
  12. Ive ranted in discord about how much easier it is to sneak these days. One of the reasons being that the newest players cant always tell the difference between Nod and GDI infantry models, or even realizing that a medium tank can be occupied by a Nod player etc, i'm NOT joking. Don't act aggressive and you can walk in a straight line past them sometimes. They dont know the usual strategies for the maps yet, where to look for certain dangers or how to properly prevent them, like proper mining or scanning for sbhs/stanks. This problem escalates when the only difference is some color changes on a mostly black uniform, like a technician (especially on dark maps). Other than that i think whatever problems new players may have is arguably equally present in the normal Nod vs GDI mode. Do new players really repair vehicles more because the other team can't buy sbhs? i doubt it, its still a newb trap even if they are exclusive to one team. Tbh, im not sure all the veteran players have a clear idea of how to play NvN yet either, I personally don't know of all the best sneak routes for the new BH base layouts yet. would be great if we can get some feedback from actual new players regarding this.
  13. First come first served is fair for both the crate and whatever potential vehicle might pop out of it IMO. If a player isn't ready for it then that's just poor reaction time, a contested crate is a contested crate regardless of instant gratification or not. Crates are random, if the result doesn't fall in your favor then that's not something that's unfair, it swings both ways. Btw, does anyone know if its possible for a crate vehicle to spawn ontop of another player and telefrag/crush him/her? Would be hilarious.
  14. I find that commanding makes you earn less VP/score because of all the extra work you have to do. The time you spend into trying to organize rushes by spamming /C messages over and over, guiding the suicidal harvester, dropping scout planes and mark spotting , arguing with players that think they know better but wont command themselves... lol. Every second spent not shooting/repairing/killing costs you VP earnings, sure the cruise missiles are great for earning VP but its not a flat bonus. with great power comes many small time consuming responsibilities that doesn't earn you VP. I don't care if you make the cruise missile earn you no VP at all, just want to point out the above.
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