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  1. I think it would be fine in a more competitive, team-based small group environment to have that kind of mechanic. But as it is we don't want defectors. There's enough trouble already with people harming their own teams with different bugs and exploits. Renegade X just doesn't have enough teamwork in general games for that to work well, I think. Friendly fire is the same way. Makes a lot of sense in something like ARMA, but Renegade X is too chaotic. Would be cool as a mutator if people would play it for fun.
  2. Just rediscovering this after years... We borrowed a DVD or two from some friends long ago with this stuff on them... That second one... Wow. Love it.
  3. I don't know who all likes jazz/jazz fusion around here, but hopefully some people around here appreciate this... The most hilarious parody/cover I have ever seen: Original: It's just. too. perfect.
  4. Slavik's personal theme song:
  5. Maybe a repost, I don't know or care... Great anyway. : )
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