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  1. Tytonium


    I count 8 green beans
  2. So you walk eternally through the shadow realms, standing against evil where all others falter. May your thirst for retribution never quench, may the blood on your sword never dry, and may we see you again.
  3. Why couldn't this have just been an April Fool's joke. We are truly in the darkest timeline.
  4. There was also that other Emperor: Battle for Dune game in a 3d engine, but that game just felt like a fever dream to me
  5. Which one would you choose and why? This remaster will have updated modern graphics, better balancing and AI to play better, and a completely remastered soundtrack by the original creator (likely our God Emperor Klepacki). All of these newly added features can be toggled on/off to your will so if you want you can play the game completely like the original. Basically a perfect remaster and no EA fuckery. I choose Dune 2000 because that's the game that got me into RTS stuff as a kid and plays like no other game Westwood ever made. Also giant fucking sandworms. For the baron
  6. Unpopular opinion here but I've always thought Tiberium Sun had some of Klepacki's weakest tracks in all of the series. Don't get me wrong they all sound good, but when compared to his other works within the series a lot of Tib sun sounds generic. This is a good chance to reimagine some of the tracks and make it oriented towards Firestorm's atmosphere. Just don't be afraid to mix things up a little instead of sticking to Klepacki's style like it was the law or something. Also do Dusk Hour or 1000 years of suffering to your families Also the soundtracks thus far have been fantastic!
  7. Wake the fuck up Renegade, we got a community to burn.
  9. I mean good lord, he has been here for over a year from what I can recall. If you don't know, the player Optiplex is a recurring person who puts an afk player on another team to benefit himself and his team. He is either using the player name of Optiplex (and probably many other names) for spying on the enemy team and their plans, or to make it so that the enemy team has one less player (both of which are shitty and go against the spirit of the game). I have bitched about this a year ago to multiple developers and they say they know who the ip address belongs to so why haven't they banned the cheater? I mean unless this is a developer making an alt account for testing I see no other excuse for not deleting this person. Proof? Any match you find him in he is afk. I have seen him hide the account at barren and non-traveled parts of the map so that no one can see him be afk. I have seen him in many games over the years always afk. I have called him out for being a cheater who is spying and right before the vote kick goes through he leaves the game to probably join by another player name or a little while later to avoid detection. A year ago whenever I would command teams the enemy would always seem to know what we were doing. It got to the point that I would quit commanding just because no one would kick the obvious spy on our team. I finally saw him again tonight on 1/17/21 about 9:00 pm EST on a field match (official EU renx server) and he was doing his normal thing. Ban him What's the deal devs, or anyone who can shine light on this player? Sure I and many other players have done some stupid stuff with glitches and map exploits before but this type of cheating completely ruins the fun for everyone if a player is aware of the enemy team's intentions. Banning this type of cheating just seems like common sense.
  10. The engineers making the vehicles and dropping them off are doing so on a pot-infused rampage. You cannot stop them.
  11. Tytonium

    Renegade X - The Bad Ending

    You people keep enabling EA! How could you do this!
  12. Tytonium

    Renegade X - The Bad Ending

    It takes 120 God damned hours to unlock Havoc normally
  13. I've been in moments of this game where 40 players are the max on a server, usually resulting from a recent update. It is the most depressing and sad experience I have ever had with a game as each round starts with like 30 players instead of the usual 50ish or so. So lonely...
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