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  1. i will always seek out E.S.T servers and pings that are good for N. America. Never give up hope..........
  2. Tonight i tried to join the Totem arts marathon server, but was unable to join game. twice attempted. I seem to have bad luck trying to join empty servers during this time of the night, ( aka John Carter! ) and other examples. Is there some weird lock out after 12:00 edt? ... or my bad kharma that I often fail ?
  3. I could have replied right away, but your post made me sad. I understand and respect your position even though I have no need for instant responses.
  4. well, >look around the room. Mostly dark and obscured, but some areas barely lit. >find streamers and deflated balloons. >remains of fun litter the floor and sounds of good times reverberate in the walls and floor. Its as if a party of the century has been abruptly stopped. Confetti, poppers. empty champagne glasses...... The sun rises and a new day begins. > With broom I sweep the floor. > empties the dust into the bin >crosses stage left and exits.
  5. Just some thoughts on the current situation with Field. 1. Why do we not have more maps like field? Seriously i .e: maps that players believe will build the server. i.e. maps that players feel comfortable with in small population servers. 2. Why not put the snowy version of field in the rotation? At least if we gonna bail to field when things get small... we can try it in a def skin. 3. Field teaches us that core of good game play is when all the players can see/ understand the battlefield. i.e. maps that are very big lose this aspect of game play.
  6. As someone who feels very active in the game, and a frequent user of the Forum, I find the Preference for Discord problematic at best. The Bias is obvious. I am glad that when ever there are new player posts with questions - they get feedback. THAT is Wonderful.
  7. I wish we could prevent Field and then Field X as an option. Sometimes i think we need a different way of voting. Tho I will always applaud the game giving us the option to choose. i.e. Vote for 2 maps of your choice ?
  8. I used to live near a Krispy Kreme. Only two blocks away. There were times when the smell of fresh donuts was irresistible. Sadly, that store was hit by vandals and burned.... never to reOpen.
  9. ah yes. Reading the bit Nodsaibot posted made me realize some of what i am experiencing may be the fault of the default map. It is cool to know that if I get disconnected - then that is a crash.
  10. I am unfamiliar with this issue. Please pardon my rudeness. from my perspective it looks like server mods are forcing us to play field maps.
  11. so... Blaming bots for crashing the game is a legit reason to force the server to Field? i.e. Tonight. I seeded the server, I placed mines on both sides. I put in some bots and..... . I waited until. .. I found some fun when 1 Human joined. NICE! We Played around a bit had some fun.. made a few jokes... ......we... Welcomed a 3rd player... I Hoped for more fun....... then BAM! We are forced from Oasis to Field. WTH? I realize that FIELD is the new HOly Grail Magnet for filling a server. Really. I do. But manipulating the player's experience to facilitate your server population serves only your self interest and not the players of RenX.
  12. It really GRINDS MY GEARS when players want a new map... but we get Plunged into Field hell again. Seemingly because the server mod thinks we should. Let players Choose the next map. Do not choose the map for us. You might feel like because you are the moderator of a server that you know best what we need. YOU. DO. NOT. Let us choose and suffer the consequences. Don't take away our voting. For example: just now we were playing Field X. It was horribly unbalanced and no one was happy. Eventually nod voted to surrender. BUT instead of going to a map vote... we went back to Field X again. ? WTH?
  13. Reporting for Duty SIR! I regret to say I am unable to join the server. .. .. SIR!
  14. all my fav servers die. Damn.
  15. I tried to play 2 Totem arts servers today. 1. Defense server. It froze up. bots froze up. How does this work anyway?? do all humans work together? 2. AOW server. ITS NOT AWO! cmon. When the timer goes UP its not AOW. Wake UP!
  16. Where are you? hmm... Have you not seen how often this server is active? Do you not notice the awesome late night (est) games that can SPonTaniously Happen? ..... come back.... Come back!!!
  17. ... come back! please. ?
  18. I recommend everyone buy the Devs a cup of coffee. 3$ Go here to thank ALL who have made this game possible: https://totemarts.games/donate.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This idea is from my FAV website: https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/overlay=temp/orthographic=-84.22,33.35,3000 I use this as my Homepage. !!
  19. Thank you all for the response and information. While I do not understand the resistance to going non profit, I do appreciate knowing more about how donations will be used, I feel your responses have answered my main concerns, especially with SonnyX's comments. Thanks!
  20. Could you please explain what this means? ... For me... a Non profit is an Officially recognized organization Is Totem Arts a for profit enterprise?
  21. I would be happy to donate to a non profit. I think it would be good for the game to be non profit.
  22. Is it within the EA agreement for Totem Arts to be a legal Non Profit? When I asked about this before the agreement - I was told it was not possible. Is it now possible? I really would like to donate again. Could pursuing non profit status help resolve future conflicts about who is due what for their participation? Non-profits are so easy to do it just 3 people and some paperwork.
  23. In Wordle you start with a 5 letter word which is hidden. You have 5 chances to guess the word - and each guess can reveal the letters of the hidden word. One new word each day.
  24. Great game last night. We went from 2 players to 12 within one match. When the timer ran out our last building was trying to stay alive. And..... despite allowing anything including beacons and commanders... a little bit of balancing kept the game fun till the end. Sweet.
  25. Looking at my post... It looks like I am mad. I was just playing around tho.... Thanks for the feedback as always. So.. a bug in the server list.. too bad.
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