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Renegade X Squad Wars

Guest once upon the time

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Guest once upon the time


Dear RenX community,

we proudly present the Renegade-X Squad Wars, a team tournament.

Teams must have at least 6 players (10 max.) & must choose a team captain. The team captain is a representative for the squad, but doesn't need to
be the actual commander ingame. It's up to each team how they organize themselves, if needed we can offer private TeamSpeak channels.

Tourney server will be hosted by @iTweek. Matches will most likely  take place from Friday evening to Sunday except PUG time.

Depending on the amount of teams there will be two or more groups. Teams will fight three matches against each other (30 minutes max. per match),
the winning team gets three points. After the group stage, the group winner will fight the 2nd team of another group and vice versa.
The remaining successful teams will then face each other to decide which team wins the RenX Squad Wars.

Everyone is welcome to sign up. If you don't have a team yet we'll set you as unassigned until you've found one.


  •  no cheats
  •  no bug/glitch exploits (e.g. out of map sneaking, vehicle wall hopping, placing proxies in textures [HoN] etc.)
  •  no toxic behaviour
  •  no superweapons (due to low player count)

Map Pool:

  • Canyon
  • Complex
  • Field (old version)
  • Gobi
  • Islands
  • Snow
  • TombRedux
  • Under
  • Walls
  • Whiteout

Due to small teams we removed most of the larger maps.


just post below, teams should choose a team name, e.g.:

Team Kane
- Kane
- AntonSlavik
- OxannaKristos
- etc.

Feel free to post a feedback :) Nothing is set in stone yet, we can discuss changes to the rules or map pool etc.

The Deadline of registration for the Squad War is Friday the 02.03.2018

GMT Time : https://time.is/hu/GMT





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Guest once upon the time

Squad War is supported in Russia by @Interval and @UFO. Thank you very much and welcome on board :)

 Logo designed by Interval , thx:



Here some links from the Dragon Clan  where they make livestreams of Ren X and other games:

Keep in mind the different Time zone. :)  

every night 20:30(UTC+8) until Feb.10, we are organizing RX game, you can watch live on :

https://www.douyu.com/3895516 and https://live.bilibili.com/8326671


Teams TBA:

*YagiHige: Assuming Sundays and/or early morning/late night are fine, I'll join any team that needs a pickup member (Time Zone?)




Team exdee - 

1. KryptheBear

2. Lavadragon

3. I am an Owl

4. dr.schrott

5. boxes                                          (Captain)

6. bento

7. jpjtyld

8. Water

9. Minji

10. Canucck



1. Billybez

2. anjew

3. Crowsy


Team-Dragon Clan Squad 






5.[Dragon]Annoying Turtle

6.[Dragon]HAKASE                          Team Captain




10. [Dragon]xiaoz





Team  'M A N T A N K S'


  1. Shogun
  2. Gliven
  3. Redarmy
  4. DoctorBong
  5. Yosh
  6. Havoc89
  7. MintLemonade
  8. Ricefag
  9. Xeon Wraith
  10. Madkill                                       Team Captain
  11. Substitute : Voltex
  12.                      Legolas
  13.                      Sterling

Team ChemAddicts :


  • AlienX
  • Rups
  • Radeon3
  • AtTair          (Team Captain)
  • DeadlyWolf
  • Gaius Lukas Casar
  • TheOlsenTwins
  • Hackerham
  • Skypecaller
  • Den Wellingston
  • ----- Substitutes:

  • Tony-Stark
  • UFO
  • mihail5454


Team Lappen:

  • BioZ
  • Jacky
  • Droid
  • CBRRider
  • AnDup
  • Kaunas
  • Tank                         Team Captain
  • Cephyrus
  • abatabat
  •  Zocker 


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Guest once upon the time

Team ChemAddicts :

  • AlienX
  • UFO
  • SilentKnight
  • Radeon3
  • AtTair
  • more to come ...

Substitutes (people who may or may not make it) :

  • Mintlemonade
  • Gaius Lukas Casar
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Guest once upon the time

Tony  and others :)

As the registration has not yet expired, we are currently not filling any Teams. It may be that still some Teams report, which still missing teammates.

Here it is possible to get in touch with the unassigned players.

At the end all unassigned Player will have the chance  to play in the Squad War.

Minimum requirement for a Squad is 6 player. 


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Guest once upon the time

We made some Housekeeping  :) and open a special  Topic for Feedback and Ideas .

Some post will be moved next time in the new Topic:

We would be glad if you bring in this your feedback and ideas.


This Topic we want to use for registration and News.

Thank you very much for your understanding.



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Guest once upon the time


Squad War is intended for all players who enjoy the game and would like to play in a team.

Vehicles are also available in this event to players (like me, I aim very bad as an infantry  :D ) to provide a fun game.

It is also trying to keep a sniper slaughter as low as possible.

Feel Free to join.

kind regards


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Guest once upon the time

@TK0104 and @Ryz First games will be from Friday to Sunday and it would be nice if you can send PM to each other. Would be great, thx :)

Thread should not overloaded. 

Searching for player is OK, but for all other too, later on use PM. thx

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@Ryz and others

I barely have any time to do anything at all. I really like the idea of this and encourage everyone to participate, but alas I really don't have the time myself (I'm glad that I can still participate in the PUGs!)

There are more dutchies here, probably enough to make a whole team, I'll be you guys' mental support :P

I might hop on if you really really really need me, but please ask me in advance so I can plan it (Yes that is my life nowadays, planning games... Damn you university!)


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  • Totem Arts Staff


Among video recordings and streams, we will also be allowing people to join the IRC channels to spectate through IRC chat if they so desire.

irc.cncirc.net:6667 (+6697)

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