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  1. You can find our most up-to-date jobs available in the "Jobs" link on the main navigation bar above. Totem Arts is a small group of passionate game developers who have a massive love for the Command & Conquer series and an even bigger love for Command & Conquer Renegade. Our developers have gone on to work for industry giants, including EA, Crytek, DICE, Guerilla Games, and Jagex. We are looking for driven developers to help us reach our ambitious goals of bringing C&C to the ground level. Together, our team created an award-winning single and multiplayer game, and we are currently working on an expansion: Firestorm. Since 2014, millions have played Renegade X, and we hope to hit even bigger milestones with Firestorm. Do you think you have what it takes? If so, we are looking for people like you! We are currently seeking volunteers and freelancers. What are we looking for? We do have specific needs, but we are always on the lookout for others with skillsets that we aren’t actively seeking. So, if you have a certain skill related to game development and you don't see a position for it listed below, then don't let that stop you from applying! Passionate developers are always in demand! Please visit this link to see open positions.
  2. waiting for you to a pull a this jk
  3. After Renegade 2 was cancelled, I was heartbroken. In 2002, Renegade achieved what no other game could, but it was quickly overshadowed by Medal of Honor and Halo. It was known mostly for its tacky singleplayer (high speed internet was fairly new at the time, so many did not even try the multiplayer), and so EA felt that an undersold high-budget game with a long development time did not need a sequel. 7 months after release, the game saw its final patch, and EA would no longer host official game-listing services or official forums. The game was completely in our hands. Its responsibilities were on our shoulders. With the proliferation of cheats, and a discontinued game engine, the community had to step up. And step up we did. N00bstories hosted the official forums, RenGuard was used for anti-cheat, hundreds of custom maps, serverside mods and skins were developed, total conversion mods were made (now represented by W3DHub), and custom patches were released. The ClanWars scene was booming, and years after release, Renegade still had a huge active fanbase. I started a little mod called Renegade Revived (my attempt at "Renegade 2"), but later I joined C&C Reborn as an audio engineer. At that time, you, Havoc89, had helped develop Tiberium Evolution (the very first C&C Renegade mod). You then went on to Battlefield Vietnam to work on Tiberian Aftermath. We had some mutual friends (like DarkAngel) but I hadn't really known you yet. In March 2006, I started Renegade X (then known as Renegade 2007). I spent a year putting together a team (trial and error, acceptance and rejection), putting together the first website and forum, and getting these new passionate volunteers to work together cohesively. I was sent your portfolio, and was told that you were working on TA2. The work you produced was the best I'd ever seen in my life. I knew right then and there that I had to have you on board. I remember having a long conversation with you about joining - initially it was a no, but after a while, we agreed that you'd work on RenX and TA2 at the same time. Shortly after, you made RenX your full time commitment. I did not ask for that, but I can't be more grateful that you made that vote of confidence. After some internal drama, we finally got the team we wanted together. We've had over a hundred helping hands over the years, but all we needed was that core 5-10 hardcore zealot developers to make it happen. You did hands-down half the work. You were (and are) a machine. Always learning, getting things done professionally, timely, competently, without any negative energy whatsoever. Sometime in 2006 or 2007, you sent me an article of a crime that occurred on your street. It turned out, woah, you lived in the same city as me! And you were the same age! And we came from similar backgrounds... it was a complete one in a million thing. It had to be fate. We became fast friends. In order to really teach you the value of Renegade (you mostly had public game experience in 2002-2003), I had to bring you into my clan NE. We were one of the hottest clans in the community, peaking at 40 members, and something like a 4:1 win-loss ratio in clanwars. You humbly accepted (when you did not need to), and you rose in the ranks. You played clanwars with us. We made impossible comebacks in public marathon games. It was at this moment that we were on the same page. It all clicked. We had to see through it to the end. And while 90% of mods fail, including Renegade Revived and Tiberian Aftermath, we aimed for success. Within 2 years, we developed the UT3 version. People said we couldn't do it. There were folks in the community who ignored us, then laughed at us, then hated us, but then we won. We did it (!). Make Something Unreal awards, ModDB awards, crazy download numbers. We were the underdogs in a new engine, just out of high school, coming from failed projects, and we struck gold. And it was all because of you. You weren't just a coworker, but a friend. We spent hours watching Arrested Development and Firefly together. We talked about anything and everything. We were bouncing off the walls, absorbing each other's energy, making jokes, playing games (RTS, Battlefield, you name it). After the 2014 release, I left you in charge practically speaking, and 7 years later, you've returned the trust in a better position than ever before. Look at RenX 7 years later. Full server every day, a nearly complete Firestorm, a great team and a great community. Renegade X was always bigger than one person - it is bigger than me or you, but if there was one person who this game could not have occurred without, it would have been you. All I did was some management, some PR, some audio, and checking in with the team. After I helped build a cohesive, constructive, self-subsisting team, I felt comfortable receding into the background to settle my personal issues. You spent countless sleepless nights, you spent untold amounts out of your own pockets, and you did so gracefully, with no negativity and with humility. You really are the model worker and leader - diligent, detail-oriented, approachable, respectful, giving confidence to everyone around you, creative, and competent (more than any person I know in the industry). You do leave a giant void behind, and I'm dedicated to seeing Firestorm through. It is our dream come true, our 360 degree return to what we wanted to do in the first place - a Tiberian Sun FPS. It's finally happening, and man is it awesome. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This chapter was the biggest chunk of our lives, and it isn't over. I'll go wherever you go, because everything you touch turns to gold. I'm just the charmer, the hype machine, the idea guy, but you are the merit behind it all. Thank you. The end is the beginning. Cheers to new beginnings, new games, new pathways, new friends. Just don't forget the old. Nostalgia is in after all 😁 But we got there first. - Bilal, FobbyGen
  4. 15 years ago, we started Renegade X as a passion project. Our only desire was to create a remake and a spiritual successor to the game we loved so much, C&C Renegade. We've had the help of hundreds of hands and millions of fans. We worked on an Unreal Tournament 3 mod, an indie singleplayer campaign, an indie multiplayer game, and now a new Tiberian Sun-based multiplayer game; all with original artwork, music, coding, and meticulous planning and coordination. Our players know best that we have skin in the game. We update the game regularly and we listen to our fans. All this time, we refused donations - so as to avoid copyright issues - and we spent out of our own time and money. That was a decision we consciously, selflessly made, because we love C&C Mode, and we love a community that has become a big part of our lives. Now... we and other C&C mods and indie games have been permitted by EA to receive donations from the community. We're not looking to be compensated for our work, because we all joined on as volunteers. But, we have server expenses, website expenses, hired freelancers, and we want to pool any resources we can to keep the machine running. So, to all you who have wanted to donate to us over the years, we ask for your help to keep the dream coming true. We're proud and humbled that we've been able to provide you years of free, triple-A gaming. That will continue, and you don't owe us anything. But, if you'd like to extend your hand and help out, you're now able to. We can "shut up and take your money" 🤪 Thank you so much, and please find all the donation information below. DevTalk #4 - Building The Endgame has just been released. featuring the things you've been dying to see, This is a good one! Fobby, Havoc89, Sarah, TK0104, Cynthia, and Yosh56 discuss the delay to 2021, donations now being accepted, Super weapons end Epic Units for end-game solutions, graphics and visuals, update on Renegade X community map poll, and the Renegade 17th Anniversary Community Event. Make sure to keep an eye out for more information in the future about the Renegade 19th anniversary community event! Learn more about the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CNCRen/ How to donate? You will find on the front page of the website a button that looks like the image below. Simply click on that image which will take you to our PayPal account. There you can donate what ever you wish to.
  5. 10 year challenge ... left: the Unreal Tournament 3 of Renegade X right: Renegade X today. The work doesn't stop, because we are Mechanical Men 🤖
  6. We will have to answer these questions in full at another time. Keep your eyes peeled!
  7. Welcome to the forum. This will familiarize you with the game a bit: ObDKswJQq0I
  8. I've tried messaging the official C&C page, but no luck.
  9. Renegade X: Open Beta 5 has been released! x6loeCpRBZ4 Renegade X is a free First/Third Person Shooter with RTS elements. Players fight for two unique teams, manage their own economies, choose from over 30 weapons, 20 vehicles, and call in nuclear strikes, Ion Cannons, and airstrikes, and much more. Renegade X is for all players - lone wolves, team-based gamers, tankers, snipers, rushers, turtlers, and all others! The Renegade X SDK allows you to create custom levels, mutators, and mods on the Unreal Development Kit using our framework. You'll have access to all of our assets and tutorials for free. Download Now! Those who have Renegade X Beta 4 will simply need to open the Launcher, and you will receive an auto-patch that will download the full update. If you do not have the previous Renegade X beta, then you can download Beta 5 in full right here: http://renegade-x.com/download.php Changelist The new version will include: • 6 new vehicles: Hover MRLS, Titan, Wolverine, TicTank, Recon Bike, and Buggy. These vehicles are only available in crates, and they are not purchasable. The vehicles are also available on our SDK. • Improved auto-patcher for quick and easy game updates. • New crates, including alien abduction, Time bomb, Speed upgrade, and more. • Oodles of SDK upgrades and fixes. • Configurable air-drop times for server hosts. • Spies no longer show player names to enemies • A destroyed Refinery now gives 1 credit per second to players, and a captured Silo gives 0.5 credits per second. • Tier one characters (Officer, Rocket Soldier, McFarland, and Chem) are now purchasable and doubled in price when the Hand of Nod and Barracks are destroyed. • Secondary weapon upgrades price changes. • Map fixes and changes. • Tons of balance changes and fixes! You can find the full changelist here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=75347 What's up? We are happy to announce that Beta 5 will be the final Renegade X beta. This is the last phase of beta testing. The next version of Renegade X will be the Full Version! It's been a few months since our last beta version, and we've been tinkering around, polishing up, and planning for the future. Totem Arts has been developing this game for about nine years now, and it is almost ready for that One-Point-Oh. We will be announcing its final release date soon. That being said, Totem Arts will still be supporting the full game upon release. The SDK allows our community to build their own server mods, total conversion mods and custom maps. The autopatching system allows us to make easy and continual upgrades to the game. We have also appointed a group of Community Developers who will receive the support and direction of Totem Arts. We plan on making one more big community announcement in the very near future, and hosting a cash-prize Renegade X clan tournament upon the release of the full version. Although we have a pretty stable playerbase, we are looking for ways to increase our exposure. If you have any ideas, go ahead and post them on this thread. You can do your part by sharing our updates with your friends, uploading videos, e-mailing gaming websites, and messaging popular YouTube gamers. We're doing our part, but keep in mind that this is a free project, and we can use any help we can get from our community! We and our community have been actively discussing ways we can improve the RenX experience. Join the discussion, we're listening and involved: viewforum.php?f=13 Our SDK has thousands of downloads, and we are already seeing some cool custom maps and mutators being developed. Check those out here: viewforum.php?f=165 For aspiring developers, check Kenz's Renegade X SDK tutorials to learn how to set up your own RenX level: For those who want to rig custom vehicles into the game, check out Havoc89's tutorial: Keep an eye out for more updates... we've got a lot more up our sleeves. Time to rock n' roll! #justdoitup http://www.renegade-x.com https://www.facebook.com/CNCRenX https://twitter.com/RenXGame https://www.youtube.com/user/NEfobbyGEN/
  10. General: - Pressing hotkey '7' will now be able to purchase smoke grenade - Moved third person MRLS cam up a bit for a better overview - Reworked crate logic. All Crate types are now separate classes, derived from "Rx_CrateType" This allows for us to easily add additional crate types in the future. - Recreated all pre-existing crate behaviour in the new layout. - Added Tiberian Sun units (Wolverine, Titan, Hover MRLS, Tick Tank, Recon Bike, and Buggy) via crates - Added Suicide, Nuke(new), SpeedUpgrade, Timebomb, alien abduction, and Tiberian Sun prototype Units crate types - Adjusted crate probabilities and set suicide to 0 - Added Speed upgrade multiplier to pawn, for the crate. This is multiplied by the final ground speed after it has been calculated. Also modified the character animation so that run/walk/sprint animations are blended based on the actual speed values of the pawn, and don't have to by kept in sync manually. - Some modifications to the beacon class to have it handle low countdown times properly (used for nuke crate) - Added special nuke beacon for nuke crate with a 3 second countdown. - Removed "DeadVehicleLifeSpan" so that defences dont leave behind invisible collision when the they are destroyed - GFxHud can show health when viewing a demo - Fixed a bug in the missile launcher tracking code that could cause CPU spikes - Speed Trees are now set to True on every graphics preset so that they are visible ingame Editor / SDK: - Fixed default editor settings to not crash on startup. - Fixed game asset database settings in DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini to be set to offline mode, as we're not using an asset database server. Updating the databse will no longer crash the editor! - Added a config sample to add custom maps. the custom maps will be shown in main menu once added the corresponding .ini file. in this sample, it will show the CNC-TestMap_MP map in frontend. However, map rotation with the custom map is still not yet implemented. will work on it soon. - Added the weapons factory max file as an example asset - Added wolverine's max file as an example asset - Created base "Rx_Pickup.uc" class, to be used for common functionality for various renegade-x pickup items. - Created 3 sizes of health pickups, 3 sizes of armour pickups, and an ammo pickup. Intended to be used for deathmatch maps. - Updated foliage, and some items in RX_Nature.upk to use lower res lightmaps by default. - Added an example mutator script package. Can use this to test our mutator functionality, and distribute as an example to the community. - Added Rx_CapturableMCT as a sort of capturable MCT. Kismet can then be used to get its team number and do/restrict stuff based on it - Fix to the GetCredits Kismet node - Added Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface - adds tooltips to objects. - Reworked the MCT to use Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface. - Reworked the Purchase Terminal to use Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface. - Added bAccessable to Rx_BuildingAttachment_PT. - Custom purchase terminals with custom text should be easier with the above - BuildingInternalsClass not a const anymore so that it can be changed with mutators - Tesla Tank, HoverMRLS, Titan, Wolverine Tick Tank, Recon Bike and Buggy now have vehicle factory classes for mappers to spawn them in their maps - Weapon/Vehicle/Death/Radar Blip icons are no longer drawn from flash file. They are now loaded and draw the image from the weapon/vehicle packages itself as a dynamic texture. - Added deployable vehicle class which is copied over from UT3's deployable vehicle (press Jump to deploy) Balance: - Player acceleration is back to how it was in Open Beta 3 for more snappy movement speeds - Infantry splash weapons do self damage - AirdropCooldownTime is now a configurable setting in the ini file - Ref gives 50% less credits when dead - Silo gives 0.5 credits per sec - Increased the time between queued airdrops by about 20 seconds - Increased infantry costs when Barracks/Hand of Nod are destroyed to be twice as much as the normal cost - Increased vehicle airdrop costs to be twice as much as the normal cost - Spies no longer show player names to enemies. Chaingun: - Reduced base damage - Reduced headshot damage multiplier - Chainguns are back to projectiles but the projectiles are thicker streams using volumetric projectiles Shotgun: - ADS spread reduction reduced to be more inline with default spread - Base spread reduced slightly - Rate of fire decreased from 1 shot ever 1.1s to 1 shot every 1.5s - Range reduced from 1500 to 800 units Machine Pistol: - Increased base spread - Reduced Max spread - Reduced rate of fire - Reduced magazine size down to 30 Missile Launcher: - Locking time increased from 0.5 second to 1.0 second - Locked on time limit reduced from 3.0 seconds to 0.5 second - Locking on infantry should be nearly impossible - Locking on range reduced from near infinity to range of autorifle - Damage to heavy armour reduced from 75hp to 65hp - Damage to light armour reduced from 90hp to 75hp Rocket Launcher: - Infantry damage reduced from 90 to 60 - Damage radius reduced from 300 to 125 - Heavy Armour damage increased from 40 to 45 - Building damage increased from 65 to 74 - Headshot multiplier increased from 2x to 5x Ramjet Rifle: - Heavy Armour damage reduced from 15hp to 10hp Flak Cannon: - Alt fire projectile speed reduced - Rate of fire reduced slightly - Flak secondary consumes two ammo Grenade Launcher: - Grenade projectile speed reduced - Splash damage radius reduced Proximity C4: - Texture made slightly brighter - Deployed mines now have a orange glowing light to make it easier to see when there is no lighting to make them visible. Purchase Menu: - Heavy pistol price increased from $75 to $100 - Carbine price increased from $125 to $250 - Tiberium Flechette Rifle price increased from $225 to $400 - Tiberium Auto Rifle price increased from $250 to $400 - EMP grenade details now say Disarm Mines - Smoke grenade details now say Disable Target Info Stealth Tank: - Stealth Tank has next to no spread on its rockets RCON: - Added "PLAYER" RCON log event "ChangeID;" to report when a reconnecting player's PlayerID changes in FindInactivePRI(). - Added missing check to disarm commands. - Added "ChangeName" RCON command (doesn't seem to work particularly great for users using Steam though) - Non-single-byte Unicode characters and backslashes (\) are now escape-sequenced in RCON output (\uXXXX). - Added Kick reasons. - Added "ForceKick" RCON command to kick administrators and provide fully-specifiable kick messages. - Added "Reason" field to "Kick" and "KickBan" RCON commands. - Added RCON "CHAT" logs "Radio;" and "HostSay;". - "HostSay" RCON command now calls Broadcast() instead of BroadcastText(). - Added "serverinfo" RCON command. - Added Rx_Rcon_Out, which will connect to a bot and dump RCON logs to a file for future statistic parsing. - Added "Start;" RCON "MAP" log. - Expanded "ServerInfo" RCON command to accept parameter inputs. - Added "GameInfo" RCON command (similar to "ServerInfo" RCON command; different default outputs). - Added "BuildingInfo" RCON command. - Added missing SpawnCommand() for "GameInfo" RCON command. Maps: Field: - Lowered sniper vantages points to make them more vulnerable - Blocked off GDI Refinery silo path so that nod infantry cannot sneak into the gdi refinery. Mesa: - fixed hole in the bridge - fixed Nod harvester bug when it crashes into the turret Canyon - fixed collision on a rock behind the GDI ref (could get out the map) - fixed b2b artillery could hit the WF though the small hole - added a hole in the Nod wall (like gdi has) for better access to the silo - fixed a bug with the nod harvester path Under - fixed silo wall collision - made it so snipers cant climb the big rock on gdi side - fixed a spot were you could get stuck (GDI AGT tunnel tank cross moved) - Fixed snow particles not behaving like they should. Lakeside - Adjusted lightmap res on lakeside. Reduced to ~150mb from ~220mb - added blocking volumes to the cliffs to stop people sniping on them - fixed a collision issue (replaced a complex blocking volume with 2 separate volumes) Goldrush - made a copy the splatter texture to RX_Deco_Roads (was refracted to a UT package) and re-refracted the texture in the mat Walls - fixed Nod side ramp (was a hole) Deck: - Updated CNC-Deck.udk, removed UT3 powerups and replaced with Renx powerups and crates. Also updated post-processing settings to be more inline with the rest of the game, and added some tiberium to the goo pools
  11. I had gone to Renardin asking for permission, assuming he was still a part of Reborn. He sent me the assets without clarifying. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Anyway, our assets are available to everyone interested in taking advantage of them.
  12. ZHUACIssxG4 We are proud to release the long-awaited Renegade X SDK! With these mod tools, you will be able to create custom levels, mutators, and modifications for Renegade X. You will have full access to our assets, our source code, and the support and guidance of Totem Arts. We will do whatever we can to assist aspiring modders and level-designers to mentor and direct them accordingly. The release of these tools have great implications. Not only will Renegade X have a sizable fanbase, but in the future, we can develop a self-sufficient community that develops new, refreshing content. We hope to inspire a new generation of developers and support existing and emerging C&C FPS mods and games through this initiative. A download link to the SDK version can be found below: http://renegade-x.com/download.php
  13. The long-awaited Renegade X: Open Beta 4 will be released on March 22nd 2015! Renegade X is a free First/Third Person Shooter with RTS elements. Players fight for two unique teams, manage their own economies, choose from over 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, and call in nuclear strikes, Ion Cannons, and airstrikes, and much more. Renegade X is for all players - lone wolves, team-based gamers, tankers, snipers, rushers, turtlers, and all others! After months of hard work, Totem Arts is ready to put out one of its biggest releases ever: Open Beta 4. After over 5 months of testing and development, we're excited to give you all a renewed revitalized revamped Renegade! The new version will include: 3 new levels: Under, Canyon, and Complex. Auto-patcher (!) Modding/mapping tools (!!) Ingame Jukebox (!!!) Smoke Grenades Vehicle drops Optimization for better performance and crash fixes Vehicle kill messages (seeing what destroyed your vehicle) Timed C4 countdown (audio and visual indicators) EMP grenade changes Pawn and vehicle movement adjustments New vehicle locking system Idle-player kicking system (with warnings) Improved spotting system and radio visuals New Havoc/Sakura specific explosive arrangements New C&C-mode themed loading screen Oodles of fixes, balance changes, and more! You could read about the changelist here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=74428 System Requirements Minimum: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista 2.0+ GHz processor 2 GB system RAM SM3-compatible video card 4 GB free hard drive space Recommended : Windows Vista 64 SP2 2.0+ GHz multi-core processor 4 GB system RAM NVIDIA 200 series or higher graphics card Plenty of HDD space We are especially excited to be finally putting out our mod tools. Aspiring game developers will be able to create their own custom Renegade X levels, mutators and mods with access to our content and code. The sky will be the limit! We hope to shake up the C&C community a bit with this. We will be releasing more information on the Renegade X development kit in a video next week. Spread the good news, people! Renegade lives. Keep your eyes peeled for the glorious news on Sunday. If you want to help get Renegade X trending, tag some RenX news, Ren-friends, pictures, videos, jokes, and one-liners with #justdoitup http://www.renegade-x.com https://www.facebook.com/CNCRenX https://twitter.com/RenXGame https://www.youtube.com/user/NEfobbyGEN/
  14. To clarify about the Havoc/Sakura changes: they have two timed C4s in Beta 4, which is not enough to kill a building, but enough to change the way they are played. Right now in Beta 3, I think we can all agree that the ramjet is broken. It instantly kills free infantry from unlimited ranges without any required skill - even if it's a body shot. It also rapes Orcas and light vehicles. In RenX, there are more anti-aircraft options than in the original Ren, so the ramjet needed to be adjusted vs. light armour accordingly. So in beta 4, a body shot with a ramjet takes down most of the health of a free infantry , but not all of it. This would actually give losing teams and new players more of a fighting chance, rather than being shot from halfway across the map as soon as they pop out of a building. Renegade is an arcadey game, and insta-kills with little skill are out of place. Now if we just nerfed the ramjet, making it weaker against light vehicles and infantry, it wouldn't be worth two deadeyes. The deadeye can still headshot infantry at the same rate as the Ramjet, doing the same damage, and its projectile is far more discreet. The timed C4 idea was a way to improve this class without making it as cheap as it was in beta 3. It changes the way that the game is played, in my opinion, for the better. Instead of making the ramjet just a better, pricier sniper, it makes it a different class. It means that Havocs/Sakuras will be able to do more risky base-infiltration commando tactics rather than just stay perched far away from the action until its ammo is depleted. In situations where a losing team cannot fight against the ramjets that are raping their bases, some of those ramjets would actually be moving up, making themselves more vulnerable. If they succeed, however, they can take out most of a building. They'd still need outside help to destroy it, so they're not as powerful as hotwires, but it's an alternative that I will use. There will be moments where base infiltration will get me killed, and there are other moments where I will be rewarded for my risk-taking tactical work. The damage against heavy vehicles and the spread are more WIP changes that we'd like to see tested. We're testing Beta 4 more than any other beta since Beta 1. If we find that EKT and Matrix don't like those changes, I have no problem with removing them. But you can understand why those changes are there. Ramjet spread doesn't mean you won't be able to shoot from the hip - it just means that you won't be able to do it from halfway across the map. As for heavy vehicle damage increase, I think it may have been nerfed slightly since this changelist was created, but we shall take feedback on that as well. As for EMP, we like the idea of having it damage mines over time. This would mean that it would take 10 seconds to disarm a group of mines - a defending team would certainly notice its effect. Remember that the EMP is a C4-replacement, which means that SBHs would need a few friends before destroying a building. The idea behind this would be to effect mine-clusters. When the entire mine limit is being used to defend one building, it's OP. Again though, the EMP changes will be tested and potentially removed if it is not well-received. We are throwing around other ideas as well.
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