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Earth 2047


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The most destructive war to date.  With Tiberium infestation covering much of the planet and continuing to grow at an exponential rate* Kanes vision is finally come to fruition.

Where are you?  we all know what each of these zones represent and what kind of environment these zones hold.
Blue zones
Yellow zones
Red zones

Thankfully I'm living comfortably, snuggled up in my cozy bed in a blue zone.  


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Bavaria, Upper Franconia, Independent State of Milk, Honey & Beer

Yellow zone

We survive any Tiberium infestation with brewing technology -_-


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I'm sorry that I was born in Germany, I also apologize for what my grand-grand-grand-ancestors did to foreign people -_-
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3 hours ago, roweboat said:

I live on the boarder of a red / yellow zone D'=

how's the weather? ;) I guess it's still massive killer hurricane season D:

13 hours ago, limsup said:

Greetings Brother, from Red Zone R-1 (Sarajevo Red Zone)!

ah! where this whole mess started back in 1999.. and just when the liquid T bomb goes off D:

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Guest Gliven
18 hours ago, kenz3001 said:

white! I'm not silly I'm getting on a boat and living at sea no zombie tib monster going to get me 

Tiberium mutant giant squids, Visceroid jellyfish, and great white shark fiends. 

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so much blue in sweden, tiberium doesn't grow so well in colder climates hehe.
however in the very specific place of Gävle where i live there will still be some minor radiation, due to chernobyl fallout that rained down in high amount.

actually there was a news article last week about local wild boars being highly radioactive due to their diet.

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