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Beta 5 Full Changelist!


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  • Totem Arts Staff


- Pressing hotkey '7' will now be able to purchase smoke grenade

- Moved third person MRLS cam up a bit for a better overview

- Reworked crate logic. All Crate types are now separate classes, derived from "Rx_CrateType" This allows for us to easily add additional crate types in the future.

- Recreated all pre-existing crate behaviour in the new layout.

- Added Tiberian Sun units (Wolverine, Titan, Hover MRLS, Tick Tank, Recon Bike, and Buggy) via crates

- Added Suicide, Nuke(new), SpeedUpgrade, Timebomb, alien abduction, and Tiberian Sun prototype Units crate types

- Adjusted crate probabilities and set suicide to 0

- Added Speed upgrade multiplier to pawn, for the crate. This is multiplied by the final ground speed after it has been calculated. Also modified the character animation so that run/walk/sprint animations are blended based on the actual speed values of the pawn, and don't have to by kept in sync manually.

- Some modifications to the beacon class to have it handle low countdown times properly (used for nuke crate)

- Added special nuke beacon for nuke crate with a 3 second countdown.

- Removed "DeadVehicleLifeSpan" so that defences dont leave behind invisible collision when the they are destroyed

- GFxHud can show health when viewing a demo

- Fixed a bug in the missile launcher tracking code that could cause CPU spikes

- Speed Trees are now set to True on every graphics preset so that they are visible ingame

Editor / SDK:

- Fixed default editor settings to not crash on startup.

- Fixed game asset database settings in DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini to be set to offline mode, as we're not using an asset database server. Updating the databse will no longer crash the editor!

- Added a config sample to add custom maps. the custom maps will be shown in main menu once added the corresponding .ini file. in this sample, it will show the CNC-TestMap_MP map in frontend. However, map rotation with the custom map is still not yet implemented. will work on it soon.

- Added the weapons factory max file as an example asset

- Added wolverine's max file as an example asset

- Created base "Rx_Pickup.uc" class, to be used for common functionality for various renegade-x pickup items.

- Created 3 sizes of health pickups, 3 sizes of armour pickups, and an ammo pickup. Intended to be used for deathmatch maps.

- Updated foliage, and some items in RX_Nature.upk to use lower res lightmaps by default.

- Added an example mutator script package. Can use this to test our mutator functionality, and distribute as an example to the community.

- Added Rx_CapturableMCT as a sort of capturable MCT. Kismet can then be used to get its team number and do/restrict stuff based on it

- Fix to the GetCredits Kismet node

- Added Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface - adds tooltips to objects.

- Reworked the MCT to use Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface.

- Reworked the Purchase Terminal to use Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface.

- Added bAccessable to Rx_BuildingAttachment_PT.

- Custom purchase terminals with custom text should be easier with the above

- BuildingInternalsClass not a const anymore so that it can be changed with mutators

- Tesla Tank, HoverMRLS, Titan, Wolverine Tick Tank, Recon Bike and Buggy now have vehicle factory classes for mappers to spawn them in their maps

- Weapon/Vehicle/Death/Radar Blip icons are no longer drawn from flash file. They are now loaded and draw the image from the weapon/vehicle packages itself as a dynamic texture.

- Added deployable vehicle class which is copied over from UT3's deployable vehicle (press Jump to deploy)


- Player acceleration is back to how it was in Open Beta 3 for more snappy movement speeds

- Infantry splash weapons do self damage

- AirdropCooldownTime is now a configurable setting in the ini file

- Ref gives 50% less credits when dead

- Silo gives 0.5 credits per sec

- Increased the time between queued airdrops by about 20 seconds

- Increased infantry costs when Barracks/Hand of Nod are destroyed to be twice as much as the normal cost

- Increased vehicle airdrop costs to be twice as much as the normal cost

- Spies no longer show player names to enemies.


- Reduced base damage

- Reduced headshot damage multiplier

- Chainguns are back to projectiles but the projectiles are thicker streams using volumetric projectiles


- ADS spread reduction reduced to be more inline with default spread

- Base spread reduced slightly

- Rate of fire decreased from 1 shot ever 1.1s to 1 shot every 1.5s

- Range reduced from 1500 to 800 units

Machine Pistol:

- Increased base spread

- Reduced Max spread

- Reduced rate of fire

- Reduced magazine size down to 30

Missile Launcher:

- Locking time increased from 0.5 second to 1.0 second

- Locked on time limit reduced from 3.0 seconds to 0.5 second

- Locking on infantry should be nearly impossible

- Locking on range reduced from near infinity to range of autorifle

- Damage to heavy armour reduced from 75hp to 65hp

- Damage to light armour reduced from 90hp to 75hp

Rocket Launcher:

- Infantry damage reduced from 90 to 60

- Damage radius reduced from 300 to 125

- Heavy Armour damage increased from 40 to 45

- Building damage increased from 65 to 74

- Headshot multiplier increased from 2x to 5x

Ramjet Rifle:

- Heavy Armour damage reduced from 15hp to 10hp

Flak Cannon:

- Alt fire projectile speed reduced

- Rate of fire reduced slightly

- Flak secondary consumes two ammo

Grenade Launcher:

- Grenade projectile speed reduced

- Splash damage radius reduced

Proximity C4:

- Texture made slightly brighter

- Deployed mines now have a orange glowing light to make it easier to see when there is no lighting to make them visible.

Purchase Menu:

- Heavy pistol price increased from $75 to $100

- Carbine price increased from $125 to $250

- Tiberium Flechette Rifle price increased from $225 to $400

- Tiberium Auto Rifle price increased from $250 to $400

- EMP grenade details now say Disarm Mines

- Smoke grenade details now say Disable Target Info

Stealth Tank:

- Stealth Tank has next to no spread on its rockets


- Added "PLAYER" RCON log event "ChangeID;" to report when a reconnecting player's PlayerID changes in FindInactivePRI().

- Added missing check to disarm commands.

- Added "ChangeName" RCON command (doesn't seem to work particularly great for users using Steam though)

- Non-single-byte Unicode characters and backslashes (\) are now escape-sequenced in RCON output (\uXXXX).

- Added Kick reasons.

- Added "ForceKick" RCON command to kick administrators and provide fully-specifiable kick messages.

- Added "Reason" field to "Kick" and "KickBan" RCON commands.

- Added RCON "CHAT" logs "Radio;" and "HostSay;".

- "HostSay" RCON command now calls Broadcast() instead of BroadcastText().

- Added "serverinfo" RCON command.

- Added Rx_Rcon_Out, which will connect to a bot and dump RCON logs to a file for future statistic parsing.

- Added "Start;" RCON "MAP" log.

- Expanded "ServerInfo" RCON command to accept parameter inputs.

- Added "GameInfo" RCON command (similar to "ServerInfo" RCON command; different default outputs).

- Added "BuildingInfo" RCON command.

- Added missing SpawnCommand() for "GameInfo" RCON command.



- Lowered sniper vantages points to make them more vulnerable

- Blocked off GDI Refinery silo path so that nod infantry cannot sneak into the gdi refinery.


- fixed hole in the bridge

- fixed Nod harvester bug when it crashes into the turret


- fixed collision on a rock behind the GDI ref (could get out the map)

- fixed b2b artillery could hit the WF though the small hole

- added a hole in the Nod wall (like gdi has) for better access to the silo

- fixed a bug with the nod harvester path


- fixed silo wall collision

- made it so snipers cant climb the big rock on gdi side

- fixed a spot were you could get stuck (GDI AGT tunnel tank cross moved)

- Fixed snow particles not behaving like they should.


- Adjusted lightmap res on lakeside. Reduced to ~150mb from ~220mb

- added blocking volumes to the cliffs to stop people sniping on them

- fixed a collision issue (replaced a complex blocking volume with 2 separate volumes)


- made a copy the splatter texture to RX_Deco_Roads (was refracted to a UT package) and re-refracted the texture in the mat


- fixed Nod side ramp (was a hole)


- Updated CNC-Deck.udk, removed UT3 powerups and replaced with Renx powerups and crates. Also updated post-processing settings to be more inline with the rest of the game, and added some tiberium to the goo pools :)

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is there a way to summon those crate vehicles in singleplayer? (command console)

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_Buggy

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_HoverMRLS

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_ReconBike

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_TickTank

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_Titan

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_Wolverine


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is there a way to summon those crate vehicles in singleplayer? (command console)

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_Buggy

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_HoverMRLS

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_ReconBike

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_TickTank

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_Titan

summon RenX_Game.Ts_Vehicle_Wolverine



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Couple issues:

-My sensitivity gets reset when I die. I have my Input.ini set to 5.0 sens, it shows 5.0 in the ingame settings, yet when I die it often gets changed to 6. I think if you change your sens after entering the game, every time you die it will revert to that first new sens you set, regardless of what you set afterwards.

-The sprint bug. People firing in the opposite direction that they're moving is ridiculously annoying and makes the game borderline unplayable imo. It's near impossible to predict player movement in a fight.

-My FOV gets reset every game, and every time I press ESC or go to the menu. Pretty sure this is because the slider doesn't go high enough. The slider maxes out at 100, but the game hardcaps FOV at 120 so you can still go higher than 100 via the console. That's great because capping it at 100 in the settings is retarded and I prefer 110, but having to "fov 110" in the console all the time is not so great. Issue appeared in B4, I fixed with a setting in Engine.ini in B4, but in B5 it apparently can't be fixed.

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  • Totem Arts Staff
Mines themselves and the ridiculous limits servers are allowed to set already make the game beyond retard-proof

Somebody had suggested going the A Path Beyond / Reborn route and doing away with mines (I think Reborn may have had mines though, don't quote me). Honestly... i wouldn't mind trying out a separate mode for Ren that took the APB route and let all infantry damage buildings (mainly the MCT) and due away with C4 so that SBHs aren't nigh-unstoppable. It really did make infantry feel far more viable in those games... and I'll admit I completely stopped playing vanilla Ren back in the day to play APB once it got to a certain point; it just felt like it actually killed a lot of the dullness that original CnC mode brought with it.

Granted, I can't forgive APB for some of the sizes of their maps... Losing your War Factory on a map like A Path Beyond was X.x. Here comes a 5 minute walk that you hope you survive.

So yeah, still not perfect all around, but may look in to having a server-side mutator that changes enough rules to go APB style, sans the tanks doing like 1% to infantry.

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APB did make us question why Ren chose some of the things it did. It wasn't lore, C&C never mentioned infantry having c4 or being able to repair tanks or structures. While I believe it is in fact fair game to question or attempt to change some of those things, I must also point out that APB did have mines. They were attached to vehicles, 1 mine did the equivalent of 3, and they had neat perks between anti-veh and anti-infantry. Anti-infantry were "popped" by vehicles that drove over without damage, anti-armor weren't set off by infantry walking over, but anti-armor would 2 hit tanks and anti-infantry would 1 hit infantry. It also required a service depot to refill ammo, as did air units iirc, as did vehicle health in general. On these large maps, if you need sustainable repair without repairmen, put a service depot on each team's midway, sort of like the Silos on Lakeside, and make them capture it and then share it for repairs. Even retreat and come back every once in a while.

The downside to this, is it does play differently. To do this, you need buildings to be sort of sturdy, vehicles to be sort of flimsy, maps to have more infantry paths usually (be more open), and vehicles to do relatively low lethality to one another so combat between unrepaired tanks don't end in 20 seconds.

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