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    How did you get that version? Just download the launcher and open it. The game will download the latest version and you can use it to launch the game and connect to server. https://totemarts.games/forums/files/file/1-renegade-x/
  2. Of course. Now it's late but people are playing.
  3. The singer lived in my town.
  4. With the sims. the day to day life of a SBH going to work to earn credits in order to be able to afford a obelisk and getting promotions at work trying to reach Mendoza rank.
  5. I remember when I was checking cnc Reborn website almost daily. Renardin and the team released the infantry gameplay and then I lost the interest about reborn.
  6. I chose other as "Feeder, being unable to get a >1 K/D ratio" Thanks!
  7. Forget about K/D ratios. this is a stat that a newbie will follow but you can be usefull in your team without killing players as repairing, dealing damages and advising the team from incoming rushes.
  8. This map is amazing. Just 2 comments, I cant get the top of boxes and there are some windows i cannot pass through them. I don't know if this was intended or not but I tried.
  9. GREAT, I loved this map in CS. If someone organize a server to check this map, don't hesitate to mention me! There should be a permanent TDM server for people waiting for slot. EDIT: I have played with bots (8vs8) and I have a few comments: - Please, put the lamps higher enough to get stuck. - Reduce the number of weapons: I mean, this map could be great if you keep it 3 or 4 types of weapons. My combination would be raven gun, chem gun, sbh gun and maybe 1 doza weapon in the middle with high respawn time. If the idea doesn't fit with you, please remove rocket at least. Even with bots, I've enjoyed the chaos.
  10. Fuck I didnt remember the barn... Renegade is old
  11. Imagine a 3hr field when you got to destroy a building, they just rebuild it again...
  12. I have tested the maps and i like the concept. maybe infantry paths should be smaller or maybe include some rocks. The space for the base is also to big. In the other hand, I love how short is the vehicle path. Keep the good work.
  13. I'd like to play new maps. this one looks great!!
  14. This game deserve more players. If you can promote it in the right way, there will be better numbers.
  15. Good luck looking for good testers. I'd apply but my english is broken.
  16. But this answer will be kept here forever but on discord the answer would be lost as tears in the rain.
  17. Fully agree with point 3. The best original renegade maps are simple as fuck just see under, field, walls, city, walls, island. Those are almost simmetrical and easy to undertand. Where's city in ren-x? T-T
  18. NO MORE DONUTS HERE. You can close this topic :P
  19. Can the server show different vote list based on the number of players? For example if the server has less than 30 people in it, show field and small maps or if the server has more than 30 people, show only big maps including fieldx. I'm not sure if I explained it fine.
  20. Remove Mountain and make it isn't a base-locked map. Field & fieldx+ are mostly the same, just keep 1 of them. I'll only let you ban walls if you introduce cnc_city_flying. ;)
  21. Pic taken from duckduckgo.
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