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  1. Firestorm does not exist. Developers have been promising one version or another for years…literally the definition of VAPORWARE…
  2. I’m having a different problem with the launcher…maybe 50% of the time I use it to launch game and…nothing happens… I use binary directly and it works…. help me NodSaibot—you’re my only hope—
  3. Firestorm needs someone who can finish…most players can’t finish…Shoetim can’t finish….roweboat can’t finish….Nod can’t finish…
  4. Repping is +-fun and generally easy—you’re helping without having to be responsible for any actual strategy…getting into the apc is a big risk—generally doesn’t work out—and you have to think/probs get yelled at by shpetim
  5. …has it been released yet? …is anybody out there? Does anybody care…?
  6. What difference does it make…#doughboat
  7. Ok, but like at least 30 of those players are bots……….
  8. I just assumed with all the hostility. The devs are a mean and cruel people...except you--you're ok--you feed me with responses.
  9. AshbyJones


    That makes so much sense
  10. Everyone wants the barn. The devs withhold it because they hate America.
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