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Mount Harbour

Guest once upon the time

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Guest once upon the time

Mount Harbor
First some data about the map:
Size of the map: 67108864 m2
Nod base:
PP, AS, Ref, HON, Airport, Port, Temple of Nod
GDI Base:
PP, WF, Bar, Ref, Airport, Port
Map Inland:
Factory, ComCenter, Silo, med center
Coast Page:
2 docks
more than 21000 trees

Vehicles / Aircraft:
Standard vehicles Nod and GDI
planned: T90 tank (if we get it running)
planned: APC with rockets (if we get it up and running)
A10 and Mig as well as Standard
SU-34 (if we get them up and running)
SU-25 (if we get them up and running)
F15 (if we get them up and running)



However, all planned new vehicles should not overload the performance or be "dirty" of the handling.
We will keep you up to date with changes to the status of the map.

PS: If you want to support us, you are welcome.


Map to download:


































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Looks really interesting, is this a map for a different type of game mode? i.e. not just about mutual base destruction, but has an objective? Is it realistic it can work or is it just an attempt to prototype or model something? Is it viable to be loaded and played or is it likely to lag and crash out?

The map feels so large, you would not want to run many places by foot, would you also still have Chinooks enabled as well as these new planned aircraft? Would you have hillside anti-aircraft Sam sites as part of an early objective to take down? I recommended dirt bikes for GDI in the vehicles thread, would be very cool on an expansive map like this for personal transport, one or maybe 2 people, faster and cheaper than a Humvee.

The drop ship and temple of Nod are nice touches.

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Guest once upon the time

The map should actually cover almost every game mode, for example Capture the Silo or ComCenter. Normal mode also, with this size a minimum number of players is required (5 against 5 would be determined only with agreement funny, otherwise not).
It should also be the same for events that we also play on Paradise (example AI War).

Well, good question with the performance of the map. At the moment we only test with a few people what it looks like with FPS, and other indicators, but only under "full load = many players" meaningful.

In planning (but only in planning at the moment) is an event where we are mainly concerned with the performance of the map. The players should still have their fun. Map must also be tested for bugs and so on. (Map is not finished yet).

It is to my knowledge the largest map currently and as Infantry only certainly very long-winded, so you should use vehicles. 😉

Chinooks, A10 and Migs are available from the beginning (but at the moment the Firerange of the Mig and A10 is too high). Furthermore, there are also other vehicles (currently Reconbikes) available for free.
Hovercrafts are also available, but still have the deficit too little HP, as well as against aircraft quite defenseless, but have too high a firerange (and when you leave they sink 😂).

For all new aircraft and vehicles planned, we definitely need help, models are available but we ourselves lack the expertise to implement them.

Mystic you can download the map see link in the opening post and also play/ look  in Skirmish (after successful insert into your game test).

Very important is that you play only with the 64bit variant, otherwise it crashes.

Of course bots do not go at the moment either, as I said the map is in an Alpha stage (but already a lot of feasible).
here you have to insert the map:
Default Path is 😄 \ Program Files (x86) \ Renegade X \ UDKGame \ CookedPC \ Maps \ RenX \
Shaden can take a while at the first time but is really not long.
It is best to start the game with Launcher and then F5, then:
open CNC-Mount_Harbour

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20 hours ago, j0g32 said:

love the Battlefield / ArmA vibe of it, almost feels like map design from the original RTS (or APB?) ... but I agree that default Renegade (X) gameplay might not be well balanced on this scale...

Keep it up - very inspiring :)

How did you do the landscape? WorldMachine?

Yep WorldMachine and auto material

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Guest once upon the time

As previously written, if UE3 coped with the map many new modes are possible (number of players and performance of the map itself).
Stanislav is working on the map and we are trying to bring in more vehicles. How the map is used afterwards / are no longer in our area.

We will definitely play events there as Team Paradise so we have 2 maps for events (MountHarbour and Paradise).

Call to people who have the knowledge to integrate Vehicles into UE 3 (Ren X):
We are looking for reinforcements for our "vehicle department" to bring the new vehicles, first on a mutator in the map (playing technical). It is about aircraft and tanks.

Who has desire / endurance and also the knowledge can contact us on Discord.

PS: The vehicles will of course be provided if accepted by the Devs. Well with the aircraft, the current map situation for jet aircraft is quite low, but in tanks we have 2 models in sight that would fit into other maps (if they work properly). Tanks would be a bit faster than the current one, since Mount Harbor is extremely large and a Mammoth felt eternity is on the way.


Team Paradise

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Just set the map up in a Battlefield way, [vehicles ready to take on the ground] it'd be like Planetside but limited :D but everybody spawns via paradrop and its last man standing. Paradrop spawn would be random, but just put players high up and let them fall until they hit space bar?

FFA or Last man standing, would be neat

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Guest once upon the time

At the moment I am flying with an Alphastage plane on the Map, ok alone , but with over 100 FPS.

Rowe is right too, with 32 bit its not /or few possible to play on this map. I do not try 32bit :)

RAM should be more the 4 GB.


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Guest once upon the time

btw, Server had no laggs and Maps runs well, what you see with the last Mig (the rescaled one) is acceleration 🤯

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Guest once upon the time

Today our little test shows that this map is very stable.

Good work Stani .

F15 and bigger Mig fantastic handling , weapon system needs adjustment but HiHi and Kira knows that, good work too.

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I've not had chance to look around this map yet, so hopefully I remember how to install a map. I just wanted to add that I like Madkill's spawn idea of falling from the sky, if it were easily done, I'd suggest the animation of a troop ship and the players either jumping out or off the ramp as it would look really good or maybe just start by showing either sides plane flying off to suggest this.

In terms of vehicles, with all that space maybe you can pre-spawn a determined set amount of each aircraft and vehicle type in a dock yard and then give each side a good anti-aircraft SAM site to make sure that the other team can't just fly a Mig across the map and troll destroy the other teams vehicle stock. i.e. 8 Stealth Tanks, 8 Flame Tanks, 10 Light Tanks, 15 Buggies, 12 Fighters etc. Maybe you have your own ideas, but this way the map would be more objective and action orientated rather than needing to defend the various purchase structures.

I enjoyed the test videos. So, given the huge distances between either side's base, is there a way to more quickly get back into play? I don't think the stamina bar is sufficient to run over these sort of distances and jumping form one forest to another is going to be painstakingly slow and long, feels a bit silly if you're shot down as a Sydney and you're expected to suicide due to poor positioning.

Play through: I installed the one I downloaded 6 weeks ago, so I'm uncertain if it's been updated since. I had fun exploring for a while...

My main criticism is how long, slow and boring it is to traverse the map - the only vehicles that feel fast enough are the jet fighter and the transport plane, the bike is okay, but even this feels slow and tedious if you're wanting to go from one side of the map to the other and anything else is a joke really, it would probably take an hour for a Mammoth tank purchased at the Weapon's factory to get in range of something like the Hand of Nod and assuming it doesn't get destroyed en route.

It's really uncertain how any base defence element might work, what is to stop Nod from just purchasing stealth tanks and picking off each building under the cover of stealth? Even something like a single Mobius/Mendoza or Sydney/Ravshaw feels like enough to destroy a building unless there's going to be Hotwires/Techs camping each one, and they're so far apart it's going to be difficult to respond to a building under attack alarm.

The GDI bomber aircraft doesn't feel anywhere near as fast or responsive as the fighter so I'm not sure how any balance of air battles work. It's almost as if the Orca/Apache and Chinook need a huge speed boost to take into account the scale of map you've made if they're doing to be useful for anything.

I still feel a main objective like capture and defend something for a set amount of time is going to be more enjoyable or feasible than destroying each others bases.

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Guest once upon the time

First excuse me, i am using google translate 😊

A lot of things must be implemented with an Mutator.

Unfortunately, we do not have a 3 D artist who makes us this type of troop transport to possibly spawn in the air.
I can imagine that visually very well, looks cool.
 Migs and A10 are automatically spawned consecutively in different places. Recon bikes are also free to spawn at every building (but that's the old model, but could be changed).
 Map is really too big for pure infantry, but there are points where vehicles are available again. 2 residents Beach side: one closer to Nod and the other closer to GDI (but still a distance).
Factory near the mountains also has vehicles (free).
Normally it is not a problem to create terminals (which must be conquered) in order to spawn faster vehicles for free.
Certain tanks would be completely useless for the attack like Flametank and Mammy, as you have spelled correctly would be too long trip.For base defense makes sense.
Some tanks would still need a "light speed boost" 😂such as: Light and Medtank
Unfortunately, we have only found a T90 model that would probably work 😟
The new aircraft are definitely better than the ones you know now. HiHi rescaled the Mig and has now a real boost, as well as the new F15. Weaponsystems must be made more accurate for both. Furthermore, we still have 4 models jets that could be brought into play and actually should.
Each aircraft should be balanced so that it has a certain strength against something and of course a weakness.
Technically, the big Mig and F15 are just cool and more fun.
All new things as well as old things must of course be adapted to the circumstances (AA must have faster rockets), etc.
General Info :
At the moment the project is suspended because HiHi is working on another project and Stani has to study again.
In the end, it's almost as if we were going to make a new game, but still we stick to Ren X.
Unfortunately, many of players also prevent downloading from testing the map even though it does not take years.

My personal opinion that does not reflect the opinion of Team Paradise:
The current players (not all) are not yet ready (mentally) to engage in an extended game mode. i miss a open mind ☹️

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Guest once upon the time

We are urgently looking for someone who knows the Harvester and the Bot pathing for Mount Harbor.
Harvester is still causing trouble.
The bots are supposed to move only in their own base, because the map is very large. So should more form a defensive unit.

The map should remain as it is because Stanislav is the mapper. When we want to change something else we need the permission of Stanislav.

Of course we want to host events on this map, but with these two "problems" is only possible to a very limited extent.
Bot votes cause server crash.
If anyone is interested he can send me a PM.

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