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Who is the new USA server? Select and Start.


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Who is running the new USA server?   It is always GREAT to see a server with a good Ping.

( as some of you may know i worked with NEC to keep a usa server going, but they have taken a break from that. )

Anywho...   Thanks to who ever is giving us options and let me know if i can help.

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Host is Giygas, but as much as i know hes been having some weird issues with it. Not sure will it stay but i too am glad to see a server located in NA that somewhat gets attention.

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Guest once upon the time
Hello Isupreme,
a question.
Why (maybe you already have) you do not make an additional Discord server for the players 
in US region?
Discord is free and you can win even more special players from the region. 
The players themselves have the opportunity to be on as many discord servers as they want.
For you that would have the advantage that you can also see who is interested and you can 
also arrange for games.
The process is slow, so you should bring some patience. 
Most of our discord ppl are also present on most other discord servers.
But it's a chance to get more players.



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Thanks Kaunas for the Info.☑️

SilentKnight you raise an interesting point.  I haven't used Discord much (  eye rolls understood )  but  i will give it some thought, Thank you.



The official Renegade X server, hosted by devs, is now online. It should be maintained indefinitely. It is hosted in Chicago.

Well, Hot Damn!  That is great!  


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