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New Characters?


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So between Apex Legends, Overwatch, Smash Ultimate and Dota 2 the one through-line you'll find is that they're always looking to add new characters to switch up the meta.

Introducing new characters in the RenX is something that not only would hype up fans (as evidence by the response to Madkyll's custom character cards) but more importantly spice up the current meta. New characters would also allow for new strats and twists on classic strats.


One new character that I feel should be added to the rotation is: The Spy.

The Spy contains some of the best characteristics in Renegade and folds into the infiltration/stealth mechanics of the game. Unfortunately, currently, the only way you're able to enjoy this mechanic is by finding random crates across the map that offer a minuscule chance to obtain the hero. I feel this character could easily be more fleshed out and added to the Renverse roster for some exciting limitless possibility.


Do you have any ideas for new characters? What do you think if the Spy was added to the roster? Lemme kno!




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The spy is pretty useless unless its an sbh spy or you don't have access to advanced infantry and you get a mendoza etc.

Its really easy to spot unless your team is brain dead, so they would have to redesign it to make it harder to detect, the only thing i would like to see is some mutants like the visceroid or maybe the technician  from the rts which was basically useless but could be a nice joke character.


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all i can think that would be good in renx are is armored mobius, gas tank + glasses doza, epic sak/havoc with their different clothes. renegade x is still based of from renegade so it makes sense to only really have those characters in the game (maybe logan, lock, petrova and that navi woman)

16 hours ago, vandal33 said:

A mutant Sydney would be good, Nod already have mutant Raveshaw.

there already is the equivalent of armored sydney though.


alright guys this is not TF2 ok

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Spy would be a useless class because the disguise ability is already an established feature in Renegade.

If there was going to be a new character/unit, I would say that it should have something to do with Tiberium.

Better yet, instead of a new character, I would say Visceroids would be a nice addition (or in the case of RenX a re-addition since they didn't carry over from the original Renegade yet). Granted it wouldn't be a playable character/unit but, its would add something actually new to gameplay and actually make Tiberium fields more involved outside of being a cash field/no-go zone.


It IS a major factor behind why Tiberium is dangerous after all.

Also, its worth noting that Chem.Troopers would have something they can't destroy (at least not effectively).

Maybe flamethrowers could even be more effective at eliminating them.

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Would have some ideas just not sure if people would like that:


GDI / Nod Pilot: Available only on Flying maps of course and nowhere else, the Pilot is giving some slight flight speed and agility bonuses to the flying vehicle he controls, he is equiped with a machine pistol for defense (instead of the normal pistol) and also posses a repair gun for his Piloted Air Crafts maintenance (the one you can buy as item, giving him the choice of having an Ion / Nuke Beacon instead with him). This could maybe encourage Orca / Apache Players to sometimes suicidal rush inside enemy bases and placing nukes, instead of avoiding enemy bases entirely, because the strong Defenses (like Obelisk and AGT)

So they are like some hybrid of Soldier and Engineer basicly. They are not having the firepower of the Soldier, not having the durability of Repair gun of an Engineer, yet they can reinforce troops in both situations and assist (if they arent flying around in Orcas / Apaches or even Chinooks)

Price: Free Class

Faction: Both Factions can use this Character


Saboteur: Able to temporary deactivate buildings for just a minute maybe, or boobytrapping purchase Terminals with explosives next time the enemy wants to use it, the Saboteurs strength is not in direct destruction, but in sabotaging the enemy base in the right moment as his team for example starts their real attack. A Powerplant beeing offline for 1 minute can be more then enouth time to start a rush inside the base, infiltrate with a stealthed black hand or do whatever it takes to enable and advantage to your team. With the usefull skill of mines ignoring the Saboteur this unit allthought only armed with a silencer pistol and no additional C4 like the Engineer can be a nightmare for the enemy team. However the Saboteur doesnt got much health and armor at all, he is also missing the stealth abilitys of the Stealthed Black Hand troops, but at least doesnt show up on the radar at all for the enemy team.

Byside Power Plant Sabotage, he can Sabotage the Refinery to give his team all the money the enemy would get for the next 60 seconds, stop the enemy from buying vehicles for the next minute  , or confuse the AGT into target ALL units friendly or not for the next 10 seconds, even buying an enemy teams vehicle is possible (to bring it back in one piece to his team is another story however...)

Price: 850 Credits

Faction: Both Factions can use this Character


GDI Scout: With an Advanced version with more Projectile Speed, Range and firepower of the normal Marksman Rifle, the scouts main purpose however is not to do a Snipers work, his strength lies within the experimental Camouflage suit which changes its camouflage colors to different variations (used by pressing x, he doesnt got any grenades) which can be cycles through to adept to the territory surrounding him. The GDI Scout is equiped with special target Designators which search for weakspots in enemy infantrys armor or enemy vehicles armor which automatically does a scan as soon as the Scout is spotting and marking targets for his allys (meaning that everytime he marks an enemy that enemy is more vulnerable to damage as long as the target is still in vision range)

Additional to his Camouflage, his suit also prevents any enemy lock on (meaning you wont have a red dot when aiming at him... for example)

Price: 425 Credits

Faction: Only GDI


Nod Heretics Hunter: Seeing all that is not part of the Brotherhood and must be cleansed in fire, the Heretics Hunter is armed with a modified M32 Grenade Launcher possessing Napalm Grenades, having an incendiary rounds machine pistol, and also throws Napalm Grenades to burn down all those Heretics not faithful enough to join the Brotherhood of Nod. Instead of normal timed C4, he is equiped with flaming S-Mines and are perfect infantry counter weapons. However his Anti Tank abilitys are weaker then the ones of the GDI Grenadier, at least if it comes to direct damage. His fires burn on the ground for several seconds long causing damage to all infantry and tanks beeing to close to the fire over time and his Napalm Grenades stick to targets such as infantry armor and tanks and remain burning the target for seconds after sticking to it.

Price: 375 Credits

Faction: Only NOD

Would have some ideas just not sure if people would like that:


Edit: corrected that i copy pasted it 2 times in the same message (always copy pasting in case it logs out on forums)

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