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    Encouraging team based playstyles, discourage exploitative ones. It was the whole point of my original post before being attacked by the clique.
  2. DeadAccount


    We get it Agent. You are so blinded by your loyalty to your clique. You take jabs and search for any little detail to derail a point of view. Search Black Friday Search Hoppity In the end you shouldn't have too, and these details about the fun of discussing Black Friday shouldn't even matter, and I shouldn't have to painstakingly point out things like this. The problem is you're so desperate to protect actual toxic people in your life you'll do anything the justify the means. Like I get it, you're looking for little jabs at people because my overall point is still the same. It's what you all do very well. I tried to get at the core of why I think it's important to protect new players. You go for random jabs to protect people who are toxic. Sorry I said turkey instead of black Friday. Real tragedy. I tried being nice @Havoc89 I'm done with that now.
  3. DeadAccount


    @Kaunas nailed it. Thank you. I don't really feel like responding to any of the false equivalencies looking to simply gloss over the heart of the issue currently. I will say this, I get to play Renegade-X maybe twice a week on weekends. You have a squad of people who play this game 12 hours a day 7 days a week, which in it of itself isn't a big deal. The issue comes with how they exploit the community to fill-in the gaps of their boredom. Renegade X isn't about going 200-0 sniping from the impossible spot on Under for 3 hours. Who tf feels that's what this game is about? They don't push or pull. They sit and farm new players until they uninstall the game. And if the devs truly feel this is what they want from the game. Well, I was again verbally assaulted repeatedly by one of their smurf accounts yesterday. (literally hours after @Agent posted to cool things down) Attacked because: - We attempted an amazing rocket rush from silo (failed) - We stormed the Refinery, defensive buffing through mines in a desperate attempt to cause perm (failed) - We discussed the proper way to eat a turkey (success) - We gathered a group a stanks for a rush which were snuffed out by several meds and mammies (failed) - We made silo a priority to control - We stormed the back of infantry path only to be blown to pieces by MRLS fire (ouch) - We finally destroyed refinery with good timing and tank placement like a bank heist Ask the community (especially new players) who had more fun? The ones being sniped on Under in silence as they spawn in one by one, or the ones taking part in a great escapade discussing turkey? In the end, it comes down to what do the devs want from this game? Are they looking to expand the player base? Then be honest with how some in the community "play this game", including one of the devs. It's exploitative.
  4. DeadAccount


    There has never been a more diverse and exciting group of players joining this community. The passion I see from new players is contagious and has breathed new life into many of the social/community functions that this game thrives on. Discord is humming with all levels of conversation. New members like @Nexus51325 to Stagger Lee who not only join community events but also play consistently in public game throughout the week. It's so much fun seeing the diverse of old and new join the pug each week. Not only are new players playing the game but INVESTING in the game as well! Contributing dev time and creating new maps. I have met so many amazing people this year alone it's really exciting to see where this game is headed. You have to keep in mind the Devs do this for passion of the game. I imagine most of them are fans of CnC like you, and try their best in the free time they have to make the game as fun as possible for everyone. Most of the devs don't even have the time to play the game they craft, and I imagine after spending hours on a feature with the high likelihood of it going bork for no reason is very draining. The dedication @Havoc89 @yosh56 @Agent and company have put into the game is nothing short of commendable and I hope they are rewarded greatly for it one day. It's all about iteration and adjustment, and all the games with modern dev cycles now do it from Dota 2 to Fortnite . The fact the Devs are willing to continually keep things fresh by adding new features keeps people around. CQC is not perfect but when has a feature been perfect upon first release? It's weird to think now but that same Dev also developed one of the most layered and strategic mechanics in the q spotting/commander mod. Could you imagine the game without it? I remember a time when blowing up a med on walls meant crashing a server. HA! The game has never been more stable, and with all the new features in development, and a tight knit community that is invested and thriving, there has never been more exciting time to be a fan of Renegade X imo.
  5. What type of culture does RenX wish to cultivate? Four/five years ago there was a player by the name DrB0ng who was super passionate about ren and this community. Cultivating an engagement that was exciting and electric. A small band of rebels would stay up late, game together, keeping the NA servers going until early hours in the morning. Most are gone now, but they consisted of amazing people who i keep in-touch with to this day. They include the likes of heliumbunny, battlesausage, sunshine, McJohn, Drewwise, minji, yosh, etc. Back then, there was a culture that was building towards something awesome. Fun debates would play out like whether flechette should exist as a silo weapon, or what to do with the future of gold rush. We worked as a team. Building towards something. The scale was grander as well. Sporting a playerbase nearly three times the size it is now. Two clans even existed. TMX and EKT. They had this sort of fun combativeness in ideologies. Join TMX and you'd find yourself in a timed match in a race for points, join EKT and find yourself dodging mines in a marathon. When the DDOSing began B0ng took it upon himself to save the game, selflessly doing everything in his power to keep the servers going. I bring this up because B0ng was the closest thing this game had as a community manager. They haven't had one since. Who has filled that gap? Two devs, and the culture has changed with it. Their personal skills have granted them control of all the community tools in the game, and with it, have slowly enabled the range of frustrations you see mentioned over and over these last two days. Harassing dedicated players like Whistle from the community for good, pursuing attention seeking acts like deleting themselves from the community only to return with power enabling the behavior, targeting new players in servers and obfuscating the justification with modern day gaslighting. Their lack of maturity and transgressions go on and on in a role of authority. No one can do anything about it. They control all the tools. The other Devs have become apathetic to this issue. Allowing them to continue to pound the dirt to the point where now only weeds grow. Which ultimately gets to the point what do we want to cultivate in this community? For example, do you want the game to grow a playerbase? Beyond the shrinking violet it is now? Then you can't simply say the current situation where a certain dev takes advantage of their position and enables the targeting of new players with their clique is a healthy choice. Voice this concern and you'll be banned or branded as harassing others. As quoted by one of the devs themselves, 'I don't care about the community.' It's a nihilistic self-centered culture that continues to drive people away. They continue to pound dirt. It's sucks witnessing a game I enjoyed so much 4 years ago become a shell of itself. The only thing that has blossomed is the discord, but I don't want to bring up who actually pushed for that over the years. Trying to welcome new players into a community to something that once was exciting, fresh and new. Advocating to get it on the main page of the website for months just so others can join. Now I regret ever suggesting it.
  6. So between Apex Legends, Overwatch, Smash Ultimate and Dota 2 the one through-line you'll find is that they're always looking to add new characters to switch up the meta. Introducing new characters in the RenX is something that not only would hype up fans (as evidence by the response to Madkyll's custom character cards) but more importantly spice up the current meta. New characters would also allow for new strats and twists on classic strats. One new character that I feel should be added to the rotation is: The Spy. The Spy contains some of the best characteristics in Renegade and folds into the infiltration/stealth mechanics of the game. Unfortunately, currently, the only way you're able to enjoy this mechanic is by finding random crates across the map that offer a minuscule chance to obtain the hero. I feel this character could easily be more fleshed out and added to the Renverse roster for some exciting limitless possibility. Do you have any ideas for new characters? What do you think if the Spy was added to the roster? Lemme kno!
  7. What you need is a Sunday squad. A dedicated crew that runs the show much like the Saturday pug. This squad would recruit new people to join, host the game, separate teams in discord, and serve as a community liaison for Sunday. Any takers?
  8. Forget that. Do it by instinct and feeling. More fun that way. Bust that list out boi.
  9. with fully integrated seasonal leaderboards 😄
  10. Nice post man! Looking forward to the list! *air5!!
  11. I understand the desire to finish something you started. I'm sure what's cooking is fantastic and serene and I look forward to experiencing it! To me, I guess it's worth asking if the devs are only interested in RenX because of the CnC universe? If so, cool! But.. if the devs feel like they can take these embers of genius and craft their alchemy into something extraordinary. Something utterly unique. That's truly exciting. When the game does reach 1.0 release, i'm not saying shut down the shop. Just let RenX be its own entity, a hub, while you all expand onto bigger things. Treat RenX as your hub of operations. We can still pug, play, and hang out here until the release of the new game. As far as concerns of playerbase, even the most docile games garner support in this modern gaming landscape. I would be shocked if the game didn't achieve more than 64 concurrent players in a day. Especially with all the multi-platform options now. And the limitless freedom it would bring would be amazing. I guess it just comes down whether the devs wish to go on a new adventure? It would be long, and winding, with stress lurching its arms around every corner, but in the end it will be exceptionally extraordinary. I hope they consider it.
  12. As of 4pm CST there are only 5 people online. 5. At 4pm CST... How do we fix this? This is insane even for Western timezone standards. I love renX. How can we best support the devs and inject some life into this playerbase again? Here's my idea: Strip it and ship it. I personally feel the devs need to strip all the CnC content out of the game, keep the core gameplay mechanics intact and port it into a new project. New lore, new assets, same awesome gameplay. Benefits of this idea: - Monetary avenues: The devs will be rewarded for years of hard work. They would have limitless options from f2p models to cosmetics to battpasses, etc. We have been joking for years how cool cosmetics would be, but because of the IP and engine, it limits the devs hunger to explore those possibilities. - Public awareness: Doing this will allow the Devs to advertise on platforms like Steam. There is currently an arms race between Sony, Nintendo, Steam, Microsoft, Epic, EA, GoG, etc. These shops are looking for every edge to get a leg up on the others. They would love a community game like this with playerbase to boot. One of the biggest hurdles for RenX is the numerous barricades one must cross to play this game. First you need to hear about it, go to the site, download its own installer, and if you're lucky it'll run, and if you're even more lucky you'll be on when players are active. That's too many hurdles for people. - Endless growth potential: Stripping away the bondage of the CnC branding will allow the devs to form their own identity. They would always be able to expand on ideas that currently limit them with this mod. Like leaderboards, the risk style mechanic pitched years ago, etc. - Cultivate an Amazing Community With Awesome People: One of the amazing things RenX is above all else is that they are a welcoming community. It doesn't matter your background, as long as you are not a jerk you are welcome here.The devs and renX community is full of amazing people who are super supportive and passionate. The discord community is evidence of that. That's my idea. Lemme know what you think. Cause right now it sucks I can't play renX ever.
  13. Fun list! To me it's as simple as: The higher your skill level at shooters; the more likely those skills translate effectively in tanking combat. Pretty much the best shooters are the best tankers. Which is why the tier list echo's a lot in those two categories. Look no further than Apache combat on Walls as an example of this. The other group of tankers consists of full-time tankers who never play infantry and just tank. (xeon, danvik, etc) Also, I'm guessing the reason Crab can't be graded on your list is because crabs can't obtain a drivers license.
  14. Found out @Quincy and i are both kawaii AF polish models. Successful pug is successful. 😄
  15. One last note. If you wish to be on the tier list in the future there is only one requirement: JOIN THE RENEGADE X WEEKLY COMMUNITY EVENT!! (YOU DON'T NEED A MIC OR HAVE TO SPEAK) DEV INTERVIEWS! UPCOMING ANNOUNCEMENTS!! LOTS OF FUN! COOL PEOPLE! FREE CAKE!!! When? Saturday! Where? The Ren X Discord (YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO SPEAK, just a headset to listen!) copy/paste: https://discordapp.com/invite/renegadex Time? 11am CST ---- If you have any disagreements about the standings, feel free to share them here because i'll totally forgot if you message me on Discord. We'll take a look when i get back. Stay Awesome!
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