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We want more game modes!


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Command and conquer Tiberian Sun is in the same timeline as Tiberian dawn (CnC1). And i was wondering since 2 years, what the "game mode" option is for. So i was thinking of a Tiberian sun mode in wich all Buildings are being replaced by the unique TibSun buildings, The infantry haves more advanced weapons and armor and all the vehicles are from tiberian sun.

The Buildings: 

The Tiberium sun buildings already exist in a Command and conquer renegade- mod called Tiberian Sun Reborn. You can see all of the models of tiberian sun buildings there, their functions and their Interior ( idk if i wrote that right).                Резултат с изображение за Tiberian sun reborn

The Infantry:

The infantry units already are in the game Tiberium sun reborn, have unique weapons and looks ( armor, health and so on..), costs for purchasing them and  different ways of movement ( for example jumpjet trooper and the reaper cyborg have their unique way of moving across the battlefield). But they still have to be rebalanced, and made again in the unreal engine. Things like recoil, resistances, rebalanced health points,.......image.jpeg.928340811bc4ba68e94ad2fd4f1e9a8c.jpeg

The Vehicles:

Just like the Infantry, the vehicles  are also aviable in the mod, But have to be rebalanced with hitpoints, armor, resistances and special functions of them. For example the "Devils Tongue" (Suberterran Flame Tank) for Nod haves the function to dig itself under the earth and appear almost anywhere on the battlefield ( accept near the enemy base)image.jpeg.26d33034bc199424e2fe1daf4feda97f.jpeg  Резултат с изображение за Tiberian sun reborn


I would be overjoyed if all of this would happen, but i know that it won't be soon. 

Also my other thaughts: 

-A football game mode.

-A Tutorial Mode (Showing you how to play the game)

-A bomb defusing game mode ( just like in Counter-Strike)

-A Capture the flag Mode ( everyone knows what that is)

-A Team Deathmach mode ( but without buildings and only purchase terminals for infantry)

- A red alert mode ( Same like Tiberian sun but created by using information and modelling from: Red altert: A path beyond)                       Резултат с изображение за red alert a path beyond


- A mutant mode ( just like the zombie mode from Call of Duty but you are set under the Temple of Nod in the Catacombs ( The catacombs from the original game)  and have to fight against the Tiberian mutants from the original game, while searching for weapons, weapon upgrades, armor, ammo and buffs like damage resistance or damage bonus)     image.jpeg.5adfc83667ec9372d143c571f39bad03.jpeg      image.jpeg.3be1f99205a5c735b3511e79b004afd8.jpeg

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DarkSn4ke because I wanted this post to get more attention and actually wanted to delete the other post but changed my mind. Also i didn't know there was spam alert

How do I delete It?


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Other than the win condition being different i feel that the standard renegade mode pretty much is TDM but with siege gameplay elements and maps.
Quite uncommon for players to actually care about KD and winning in unreal tournament TDMs/DMs (which i play alot), skills speaks for itself, everyone is just there to shoot stuff and improve themselfes without having a grotesque respawn timer to slow things down.

Without reworking the idea of connecting and leaving mid game with no strings attached, I dont think anyone would actually care in renegade X either.
If you join a deathmatch halfway through and someone already has like 30 kills, you aren't gonna bother with catching up, you just go out and have fun.
The win condition of having most kills by the end of the timer is mostly just a reason to change the map and shuffle players around, at least in casual games.

In my opinion Renegade X is built on a TDM shooter basis and play very similar to one if you focus on PVP.

If its one gamemode I myself would like to try out it in renegade x it would be "Vehicle CTF", like in UT3.
some rules would have to be changed but not that much really, like making buildings invulnerable and removing any kind of base defenses.
flags wouldn't be able to be carried from inside vehicles because thats too OP, drops upon entering vehicles.
A SBH carrying a big shimmering flag is quite alright though.
i think it would work ok with pre existing maps such as walls, just add 2 flag points at this point in each base, displayed by my random google pic.

however im really satisfied with just the having the default renegade mode to, no pressure intended.


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I think that C&C gamemode already offers a lot of variety and complexity, and incorporates elements of multiple other game modes.

RenX is developed in the Unreal Development Kit, and generally/natively supports game modes that are already in Unreal Tournament 3, e.g. Team Death Match, Vehicle Capture the Flag, Warfare etc.

Do feel free to experiment with that, there are plenty resources online.


I personally do like and support the idea of adding new gameplay elements and objectives on custom maps.

For example, we have a TechBuilding/MCT on C&C Reservoir which simply controls a set of doors. In doing so, controlling this MCT changes the flow of the map and the options available to either team.

I would love to see more clever use and level design with features like this.

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I think the c&c mode is great, I'm not sure if it's ever been mentioned but how about a mode where the idea is to take over the enemy base and not destroy it? With each building your side would have access to the enemy troops, tanks, additional harvester, etc. One of the best parts of c&c 95 was taking over buildings with engineers!

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On 24/03/2018 at 9:07 AM, vandal33 said:

I just want a beacon pedestal back. I enjoy games with more winning condition. Just played Renegade last week where a server enable the pedestal end game thing and it helped losing teams to come back.

I put the end game pedestal in Paradise, fully functioning. It is accessible from next to the security office after about 45 minutes, too bad nobody plays it!

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On 24.3.2018 at 10:07 AM, vandal33 said:

I just want a beacon pedestal back. I enjoy games with more winning condition. Just played Renegade last week where a server enable the pedestal end game thing and it helped losing teams to come back.

What about this idea:

In some maps there is a special tech building, for example the Temple of Nod. When you capture this building and hold it for about 5 minutes, you win the game.

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