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What kind of music do you hear?

Guest once upon the time

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Man, if this was a decade ago, I'd be one of those kids posting the cringey youtube comments about being "born in the wrong generation."I used to listen almost exclusively to classic rock. I'm still a rocker, but thankfully my tastes have expanded much more since then.

Spruke is a lesser known EDM artist, each album of his is influenced by a specific subgenre. Though he's more well known, at least in the MtG community, for the MtG rap album he released with Pro player Patrick Chapin back in 2011.

Soul Chef composes instrumental chill/jazz-hop and has various people on his tracks to lay down some lyrics. Pretty similar to Nujabes.

Ben Folds, famous for "Brick" by Ben Folds Five. His solo career after the breakup in 2000 though lead to him doing a lot of tracks with much more humorous tone to them.

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