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  1. Jurassic Park continues to grow! After many years, another veteran who is known to many has now thrown in the towel. Try-Out wasn't just a pub player until beta 5, when hardcoding started, but ran 3 small servers. There many mappers had the opportunity to test their alpha versions with several players or on their own. We also organized some events there as Team Paradise. He offered Sniper Server, Custom Map Server and a standard server. He was a valuable bug-finding support that was / is highly valued by many who know him. So another Dino leaves Ren X. I thank you for the great Paradise Events that we put on your server. For once, I am speaking on behalf of Team Paradise. Not to be forgotten when we have tested the supposedly great balance after a patch. See you in the Muppet Box😉
  2. A great track from Sabatons new Album
  3. Attention Wall of Text!!!! Reading breaks are recommended for people with short-term memories After a great thread had to be closed, rightly, the question arose: Why do others have such a problem respecting other opinions? You don't have to have the same opinion, but you should be able to discuss it objectively. Facts have been twisted, half-truths announced; some readers deliberately took things out of context to place others in a bad light. Here is the view of a veteran who was very active at the time (attention for the context killers) from Beta 2- B4 at the beginning of 5 At that time there were 2 larger "communities" that operated servers. One of the two crumbled something because the server operator withdrew more from Ren X for private reasons or for whatever reason. The others temporarily no longer had access to restart the server (this also happened when the DDoser was active before). At that time there was AOW (time limit with lower mine limit) and marathon with a higher mine limit. There was variety where each player could freely decide what he preferred. No trace of technical problems, only that an operator had more or less withdrawn. The Ddoser still exists today and will probably be the same. Never really could have stopped us from playing. At the same time players appeared who wanted to make a bad mood against marathon and the mine limit (was higher) on the marathon server. They even became devs later, congratulations. Then the hardcoding began (even if some have forgotten it). We're still not talking about OG Renegade here, in case it becomes too much to read for some. Mines, vehicles were written unchangeably and certain devs reached their destination, abundantly stopped as diversity had disappeared. One of them was even praised as the savior of Ren X (because of Ddo's protection, such nonsense) but it was forgotten that he was a co-founder or even the founder of a new "community". In addition, there was always plenty of massive advertising for PuG on other servers Interestingly. A statement on the other thread was the one that should move creative to the devs. They wanted everyone to play "the same" game (that is, feel that way) and not different ones. Another point was also mentioned there: only small changes were made. Many small changes result in a big one !!!! CP, VP attack buffs, defensive buffs and blah blah blah For today's gamers, it is normal for these things to be implemented. For me it was the death of diversity and the argument to prevent stalemates is only partially correct. The gameplay has been massively changed and PuG has been more and more aligned. Another reason was to set the number of players to 64 (no dev decision), for me only for selfish reasons. The maps of the time were much too small for that. My final point: UE 3 is not necessarily the best engine for 64 players. Of course, you can't expect this game to be written on a modern UE version, which I don't do either. That would be asking too much, even in my eyes. Just staying stubbornly to 64 players despite technical deficiencies is unique This is almost my entire rationale for quitting. Lots of text and if anyone should read it, read it right and please don't take it out of context. I live in Jurassic Park now anyway. I respect and accept other opinions, but the past also has two sides, not just the one that is often told nowadays. Nevertheless, I wish all active players a lot of fun. Have a great time with the game.
  4. Agent, you are following the Thread, right? I wrote why i stop and Madkill felt direct offended. Madkill did not write anything about "Which mode do you play". Only offending and telling things against my personal choice why I stop and other things. So you find it's rude to write "refresh your brain". He compares the old Renegade with B2 and following Betas. So sometimes it's better to read not only partly like Madkill did. But , thats OK. I still don't know (he must not write) which Gamemode or all he like. And your Hardcoding was a no Go for me and you must accept it. Doesn't matter if that count or not. Survey to answer is aloud. Have a nice day :)
  5. Madkill, refresh your brain please. B2 -B4 or start of B5 was the minelimit free. EKT had an higher minelimit and TMX a lower one. TMX was AOW and EKT was Marathon. You must learn to read my stuff correctly too Vehicle Limit was the same (possibility to change in maps), I never talked about Alpha or eventually B1 (if this ever exist) . I start playing at 2. Do me a favour don't tell stuff what isn't true. thx. PS: It seems like you live in your own world.
  6. In memory of Team Paradise Trailer of 2019 from Murica with a complete new soundtrack. Enjoy and it was really a nice time with you guys.
  7. Minelimit ,Vehiclelimit was hardcoding too, but looks like my memory is a bit better . Madkill. Regards from Jurassic Park PS: btw, here ppl can write which playstyle they play with comments, or when the stopped why?
  8. NOxid, relax, there's still plenty of room in my Jurassic Park 😁
  9. NOxid , Beta 2 to end of 4 (could be first 5 too not sure ) was 40 players. Don't know the Beta (or Alpha) before. and discussions and trials after the 64 players everytime end up in Nowhere. but that's the past and now we have 2021. Dinos are also extinct (I'am a Dino)😀
  10. Perhaps some stopped playing for similar reasons. "In the old days" there were only 40 player servers and both TMX and EKT were well attended, even a third server from time to time. But it was a long time ago in the age of the Internet. I will not go into further development in the past, as this is about who plays which (or all) modes. Positive and negative things are part of it.
  11. Unfortunately, bots are not that special in many games. I know that Handepsilon tried to improve the bots, but it's extremely difficult. No idea whether the mappers neglected the bot routes. Usually players who only play single-player report very seldom. But it's good that you did it. In multiplayer, this is also noticeable when teams are filled with bots. I think that one or the other active player can post nice screenshots for you. Bots do crazy things every now and then.
  12. @kiraNot everyone speaks English and there are some who do not want to use voice chat. Furthermore, the pub (even if teams were random) would then go even further in the direction of PuG. Many can also use TS or Dis with friends without X additional players in there. Pub is a completely different mode than PuG, believe it or not.
  13. Quit Ren X Pub Games after some "hardcoding" changes. PuG never played because I played without voice chat and I don't need any commander stuff either. Tried again later and it gave me too many PuG changes in public games. Quit quickly. Also set the number of players to 64 by the CT server (no dev decision) was an absolute no-go.
  14. What should I play? Ren X or FS? I played Ren X until these changes came and tried again for a moment. No thank you. FS? If I liked a genre like that, I would definitely prefer Battlefield or Planetside 2. Better engine and even more players. My personal taste. On the actual topic, only making weapons buyable for all characters, would simply be another disharmony in the balance. Hottie could get away from the "air pistol" again.🙂
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