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Airstrike nerf and player count


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There has been a sharp drop in player count since the ridiculous nerfing of airstrikes, with a lot of players disagreeing with this decision. How is Nod even supposed to go against GDI on C&C_Field with the new airstrike? It takes more than four airstrikes to destroy a Mammoth Tank now.

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The patch didn't help, it split the community and makes old people go "hey wtf, this game is even more bugged" with being unable to get in servers and by now, thats no server at all. Which is awful. Old players will just be unable to enter the game if they didn't update and have now arning, etc.

The game will really just have to hope for a rerelease. Crashes and bugs makes people quit, nevermind some balancing issues. Actually, the crash are somewhat of a balance issue, too. Team with the unluckiest crashes can lose early game and it kills entire games.

People were also whining about airstrike is OP in game far more than they ever are now whining about airstrikes.

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The player problem is they used a brand new download rather then using a patcher. Most of my community doesn't want to have to download the game over and over again and I am having a hard time convincing people to redownload it.

I had noticed that too. I thought they had a patching system in place going into open beta :|

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